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Johan and Upgrades


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Johan is an MS&U mercenary in an Arcanist crew - can he use the MS&U specific "Bleeding Edge Tech" upgrade? 


Reading the rules I can't see why not (page 72, "A model may only have upgrades of the crews decalred factionj, regardless of the models faction"), however it's not an option in the online Crew Creator.  



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Johan can take any upgrades that aren't restricted for him regardless of his declared faction / crew. If he was with Neverborn he could take their upgrades. So long as he meets the restriction requirements on the bottom of the upgrade card and is part of his crews declared faction he can go to town with any of their fancy kit. I usually give my Johan Imbued Energies or Bleeding Edge Tech when he's with my Ramos crew. It's always been pretty effective for me although I use him in his proper faction more often than not. 

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