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Wrath of the Bayou: Slow Growing Mischiefs of the Gremlin Horde in Helsinki.


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So I was inspired to try the same as Math did with his Guild McMourning on our last League and here goes my trial on that, we have double masters this time around and I have chosen Ophelia and Som'er. I haven't played them before so we shall see how this goes. :D I am doing a small summary of my last game:
Som'er stood on the edges of the Bayou hearing about an enclosing Neverborn threat. Alongside him was his loyal Lenny. He looked at a Gremlin that was about to receive orders on what to do with a growing shame, he had never understood why this idiot had sawn-off his rifle, but he guessed it had something to do with the old Lady in the Ortega family, oh how he hated any resemblance to that family and here he was looking at an idiot who seemed to worship them.
"Go get the Girl." Som'er said. 
"Which one?" asked Bob the Gremlin.
"Whic.. You know who I mean you moron!" 
"Oh okay." after that Bob left. 
Som'er looked at Lenny. "You better tag along my friend, so we have someone in there with half a brain." 
1st Game: 
Ophelia vs. The Dreamer, 35ss. 8-7. Gremlins lose. 
Gremlins Crew - 35 - Dustup
Ophelia LaCroix -- 3 Pool
 +Liquid Bravery [1]
Young LaCroix [2]
Bayou Gremlin [3]
Francois LaCroix [7]
 +Stilts [1]
Lenny [9]
Raphael LaCroix [7]
Slop Hauler [5]
Not much went on, Teddy got killed turn 2 to Ophelia, Ophelia got killed by Lord Chompy Bits on turn 3? 4? Francois got Paralyzed due to a Black Joker on a terrifying flip against Chompy. Francois got killed the next turn after oneshotting Chompy on a negative flip of two severes. Lenny kept throwing the Dreamer out of the area for Turf War but he kept on coming back. Bob got killed on turn 3? Much to Som'ers liking, too bad his brother Rod is coming about the next game! 
Pretty much my whole game went on being Paralyzed due to Widow Weavers markers and Daydreams auras and Dreamer shooting everyone and Paralyzing them as they were under or on 4 WP. 
Bad day for the Gremlins. The game was weeks ago, so I can't remember it all that well, but I intend to do a bit of a better and more detailed ones on the upcoming games. 
My favourite Gremlin of the game: Lenny, hands down. Man I am digging Lenny. He makes a cute couple with Ophelia. 
Next up: Outcasts! 
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Ooh, I'll be following this with interest.  Any chance that you and Math Mathonwy will both run these logs and post about the games you have with each other, so we can see how things look from both sides of the table?


Well done running the Dreamer so close in a 35 point game.  I think that summoners (and especially ones who don't have to worry about resources) can get a big boost in smaller games.

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Most definitely we can put up thoughts from both sides with Math.

Today was supposed to be the Outcast game but it turns out when your girlfriend calls you and asks you what time are we going to see today and you are at the gym with Gremlins packed in the same bag you realize that your forgetfulness will ember the flames of something bigger than the Wrath of the Bayou. You just gotta call it a missed game.

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Som'er walked to the hut the girl was in, he had heard she'd gotten better. He saw Raphael and Francois guarding the hut on the outside. He walked up to them.
"Move." He said. 
They moved out of the way without saying a word. They looked at each other and knew they had another mission coming. Som'er saw the girl lying on the bed, two guns resting on the chair next to her and a Slop Hauler walking around the room cleaning the many buckets that were in the corner.
"The Sackman is coming." Som'er said. "He wants my hat. He ain't gonna get my hat. I want you to get back out there. You need the exercise. You got fat." 
After that he left the hut. Walked back to the outskirts of the outpost they had built where he found Lenny. 
"The party is leaving soon. I need you there to make sure they do their job." He watched as Lenny left toward the hut that the girl was, Som'er took his hat off and whispered to it.
"You'll be fine my dear, you'll be fine.." 
The Sackman Cometh. Game was: Guard the Stash, Alits, Assassinate, Bodyguard, Cursed Object and Plant Evidence
Jack Daw vs. Ophelia 35ss. 
I had:
Ophelia LaCroix -- 3 Pool [Assassinate, Cursed Object]
 +Liquid Bravery [1]
Young LaCroix [2]
Bayou Gremlin [3]
Francois LaCroix [7]
 +Stilts [1]
Lenny [9]
Raphael LaCroix [7]
Slop Hauler [5]
My opponent had:
Jack Daw (Twist and turn? + the Curses) [Assassinate, Cursed Object]
2x Guilty 
Turn 1. 
Pretty basic stuff, everybody moves forward. Hannah with Ligeia and a Guilty take the right flank, Jack Daw, Librarian and a Guilty take the left. Ophelia and Lenny take the right to go after Hannah, The rest move to the left to go after Jack Daw. Young Lacroix attaches My Threatening Gun to Ophelia. Hannah gets cocky, Lenny Tosses Ophelia forward, Ophelia takes two shots and hits double weak damage on Hannah and walks once to get into a position to be swung to Jack Daw's direction when he comes out next turn. Not much else happened. 
Turn 2. 
Guilty gets cocky and moves forward. Francois recklessly charges the Guilty killing it with some Dumb Luck Love and hoping to do some Master Baiting. Jack Daw walks out slaps the Drowning curse on Raphael who is on range and starts wailing on Francois giving him the Firesquad curse. Young attaches Jug Rocket. Ophelia gets Tossed to Jack Daw's direction, walks once, Your Turns Francois out of combat and near the Slop Hauler for some Fat Buckets. Shoots Daw twice with 2 stones to Thinking Luck doing double weak damage. Raphael shoots the Librarian in cover and that was about it. 
Turn 3. 
Librarian starts healing Daw, succeeds once. Ophelia goes next, shoots three times at Daw taking him down to 1 wound. Jack Daw remembers he left something in the deployment zone and triple walks behind a house in his deployment zone. Raphael and Francois takes Penance and turns the Curses around. Rod the Gremlin runs around like an idiot doing absolute nothing but swing around his Fishing Rod. Lenny gives a Guilty the Cursed object. 
Turn 4. 
Hannah starts wailing at Lenny but misses due to some horrible flips on my opponents side and good ones on my side. Francois gets Reckless, walks and charges Hannah dropping her down but at this point he is around 4 wounds. Lenny gives the Guilty the Cursed object again and decides it's a good idea to do some more Master Baiting and Tosses the almost dead Francois forward to the building that Jack Daw is hiding behind. Jack gets pretty damn mad and comes out of hiding and kills Francois. Ophelia walks once to Raphael Your Turns him to range of Daw and walks twice to get closer to Jack just in case. Raphael Recklessly double Focuses and takes a shot in hard cover and hits Jack Daw killing him. Young Lacroix gets cocky and takes a shot at the Librarian and with a cheated ram he Dumb Lucks her to death and kills himself with a gun print in his face. 
At this point the Jack Daw crew has Ligeia and one Guilty left with 0 VP and they decide to flee the scene with no counter arguments from the Gremlins. Gremlins take the game at that point 7-0, which would have been 9-0 had we played it to the end. 
Som'er looked at the returning party. Raphael and Ophelia carrying Francois who didn't move. Som'er had a gut feeling that Lenny who walked behind them with a big grin on his face had something to do with this. 
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Ah, awesome report! Thank you for sharing once again. I need to get a move on to try and start keeping pace.

As for comments, I thought that Ophelia was supposed to come out only against evil people (Myyrä)? Though she is rather good if one wants to Assassinate Jack Daw, I guess...

Why didn't Librarian heal Jack one turn four before he exposed himself?

But go go Young LaCroix! Nicely done, for sure.

How did you find that Strategy? Was this your first time playing it?

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Librarian was too far away. She was close to Jack before he decided to find that thing he forgot.

This is correct. Jack ran and left Libby all alone to Ophelia, Young, Bayou trio.

Also Ophelia is okay. You can take her against everyone! Not just evil Myyrä people. Though you need to fight filth with filth is what I always say. :P

But there is no escaping the Wrath of the Bayou! Next up. Neverborn.

Edit: also yes. First time at guarding the Stash. I have played all 4 now and I must say I am really digging them. They are such a fun twist to the original strategies we have beaten to death. Beware of push / lure effects though. :D or the Gremlins.. I suppose.

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Ah, makes sense on the Librarian.

As for Ophelia, she is OK, that is true and an indisputable fact. I, however, think that she might be a bit overwhelming in small games... ;) OTOH I blame mostly Myyrä for everything, so I suppose it's his fault somehow. Which is sorta surprising when you think about it.

Edit: Wait, wait! I got it. It's Myyrä's fault because he began the arms race by choosing Dreamer and Pandora. That's why you had to compensate with Ophelia and that stuck and Daw got the short end of the stick as well. Myyrä's fault.

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Well now that I do think about it. It was Myyrä who initially started this whole Gremlins are okay campaign? It was that one faithful day of Lady J vs Ophelia and a Red Joker on minus flips that he just said there is nothing wrong with Gremlins. They are okay and we need more of them in our meta.

Edit: War touches us all. It's horrible when the collateral damage hits on the innocent. Poor Jack.

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Edit: Wait, wait! I got it. It's Myyrä's fault because he began the arms race by choosing Dreamer and Pandora. That's why you had to compensate with Ophelia and that stuck and Daw got the short end of the stick as well. Myyrä's fault.

In my defense: Pandora isn't a strong master.
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  • 4 weeks later...

This was played a few days back already so I'm a bit hazy on how it went down, but it was something like this:


Som'er had heard rumors of a Nephilim gathering in his part of the Bayou. He didn't really trust those rumors, they had come from a Bayou with a fishing rod after all. But he couldn't account them for nothing. So he walked over to the hut where the girl resided. 


"I need you to run an errand for me. The Nephilim are coming for my hat." Som'er said. 


Ophelia sighed and stood up from her bed. Without saying a word she took her Rough Riders from the bench near her. She walked outside to find Francois and Raphael having an argument outside. She walked over to them.


"The Big Hat is getting paranoid again. We have a job to do." Ophelia said.

"As long as the tree sized moron isn't tagging along this time.." Francois replied.

"I ain't getting tossed anywhere, I saw what happened to Francois last time boss!" Raphael hastily added.

"We can only hope for the best.." Ophelia said knowing that Lenny would surely be tagging along. 


Som'er walked out of the hut and saw the three Lacroix talking. He couldn't but smile to himself knowing they wouldn't like what was coming up next. 


"Lenny!" Som'er shouted. "Lenny! Get over here!" Som'er heard three loud sighs from the direction of the Lacroix. 


Game was Headhunter with Assassinate, Plant Evidence, Protect Territory and Make Them Suffer. 


The Battle For the Bayou. Game 3 Lilith [Protect territory, plant evidence announced] vs. Ophelia [Make them suffer, Assassinate].


Turn 1. 


Everybody moves to position. Lilith takes the left flank with Mature Neph, Terror Tot, Cherub and Barbaros. One tot takes the right flank. 


I send to the left flank Ophelia, Slop Hauler, Lenny, Francois, Bayou Gremlin, Young Lacroix and Raphael. One Bayou goes after the tot. I was feeling reckless and just wanted to pick a fight with Lilith and her crew that's why I picked the killy schemes. Also I can't win the league like last time since I'm organizing it so I'm just there to have fun. First turn starts with Ophelia taking a few shots against Barbaros who came a bit too close. Lilith making a forest and that's about it. 


Turn 2. The Fight begins. 


Lilith wins initiative and pulls Ophelia to the forest dealing damage to her and giving her that condition that she can't walk or charge. Gladly Ophelia doesn't really mind if she has to spend her activation shooting. 


Lenny noticed a big Mature Nephilim looming behind the rocks, the instant Lenny started laughing and pointing to the rocks. Francois heard the laughing and felt a shrudder go through him, he knew something bad was about to happen, before he could run away from Lenny he felt a firm grip take him by the back of his clothes and a yell "BIG FISH!" then he was flying through the air. Francois stood up and looked at the Nephilim snarking at him with the sword in his hand "I can handle that" he thought to himself and the he saw one of the biggest Nephilims he had seen and realized what the "big fish" was and that he was the bait.. 


Francois gets tossed forward near Barbaros in the hopes of baiting out the Mature Nephilim and pick up the head of Barbaros. Ophelia Companions and shoots Barbaros dead. Mature Nephilim charges the poor Francois who survives. Hits the Nephilim back but he doesn't die. Neither does Francois. Raphael runs to position to take a shot at Lilith next turn. Bayou runs after the Tot alone in the other table side. The other Tot and Cherub move forward. 


Turn 3. The fight must go on!


Lilith wins initiative and pulls Lenny forward dealing damage to him. Moves and drops a scheme marker I think and takes defensive? I activate a Slop Hauler and run to heal Ophelia and Lenny and a Bayou Gremlin. Mature activates and murders Francois. Ophelia activates and shoots Mature very dead, shoots the Terror Tot dead and also takes out the Cherub (yeah she is very ok). Raphael changes plans and goes to turn after the Tot on the other side as the Bayou Gremlin gets drunk and reckless and shoots at the Tot but doesn't kill it leaving the Bayou on 1 wound. 


Turn 4. Guessed it. Fighting. 


Lilith wins initiative again I think and moves to attack Ophelia who Squeels away, hits at Lenny I think? Slop Hauler moves forward and heals Lenny and Ophelia. Raphael runs after the Tot still. The tot kills the drunken Bayou. Not many models left at this point so the turn is pretty much done here. 


Turn 5. The Grand Finale. 


Lilith wins initiative once again I think? Attacks Ophelia but she Squeels away with one wound left, Lilith attacks Lenny twice leaving him one one wound as well. Then begins the most glorious of battles..


Ophelia felt the blood rushing to her ears and the adrenaline pumping in her veins, she knew she came in contact with death herself and just barely survived, "there's no time for thoughts like this" she thought to herself "load the guns, get back, kill her, kill her good.." she started loading her guns when she heard Lenny laughing and swinging around the log he carried, she heard as the Nephilim woman yelled in agony as the log hit her, then she saw her fading into the woods and Lenny scratching his head as he was hitting thin air. "She ain't getting away, I'll get you good lady.." Ophelia thought, then suddenly she saw movement on her right and through all the adrenaline and blood she couldn't be sure did this really happen but she heard a loud yell "The wrath of the buckets is upon you!" and a mad Slop Hauler running buckets flinging around on each side to the forest. She ran after that vision but when she arrived at the forest there was nothing but a laughing Lenny wailing the poor Slop Hauler in the air by his leg chanting "Bucket bucket bucket!" and the Mother of Monsters dead on upon their feet. She picked up the head and walked away in silence.


Game ends 5-3 to the Gremlins with the most glorious of end results. Slop Hauler taking down Lilith. I think I scored 1 from Murder Protege, 2 from Assasinate, 2 from Headhunter. My opponent got 1 from Headhunter and 2 from Plant Evidence. It was a brutal game. 


Next up, tomorrow, Arcanists! When finally the Big Hat makes an appearance on the field. 

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Hail to the buckets!


And so begins the next tale on the Bayou mischiefs. My part in the league is drawing nigh and I have only one game left. 


Som'er had heard of an Arcanist party dwelling in the outskirts of the Bayou. He was sure they had come to get his hat. He wasn't about to part with his hat just yet. After getting Francois nearly killed multiple times Ophelia had refused to do his bidding anymore. She had taken Raphael with her and the two of them had left the camp. Som'er knew he needed some reinforcements to take on the Arcanists and he was waiting for Lenny to arrive with them. He had sent Lenny to seek for the Pigs. 


Few hours later Som'er heard the party drawing close. He walked out of his hut and saw Lenny walking in with two of the biggest Pigs he had seen. Lenny pulled through, he had somehow gotten Old Major and Gracie to join them, he wasn't about to ask how this happened, he had no idea how Lenny came along with the Pigs. Som'er walked over to Lenny.


"We need to go immediately. Get the Bucket and a few or our Boys. We are heading off." Som'er said.


As they were heading off, Som'er noticed Lenny carrying something. He was sure this would get them both in big trouble with the Girl but he couldn't but laugh at the conceits of the big lug. Lenny was carrying the unconscious Francois with him. 


Game 4. The Constructs Attempt For The Hat. Mei Feng [No announced schemes] vs Som'er [Deliver a Message, Breakthrough both announced]


Game was Interference, Alits, Deliver a message, Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Plant Explosives.


I had Som'er with Gracie, Lenny, Francois, 3x Bayous and a Slop Hauler. My opponent had Mei Feng, Kang, Joss, Metal Gamin, Arachnid, Large Arachnid.


Turn 1. The Boomer In The Night.


Everybody moves forward. I have one Bayou taking the left flank to my opponents one Arachnid. Everyone else starts near the middle or the right flank. Lenny tosses Slop Hauler forward, Francois Reckless runs near the Slop Hauler, Gracie takes 2 wounds for Reactivate and double walks near the Slop Hauler with Som'er in the Saddle. Slop Hauler activates and heals Francois and Gracie to full. Som'er double focuses and takes a shot at the Large Arachnid that is in the Vent Steam aura of Mei Feng, gets the shot through and does a severe to Arachnid and double blasts get Mei Feng and Joss on turn 1. 16 wounds in. :D 


Turn 2. Fight begins. 


I lose initiative, Slop Hauler gets charged by the Large Arachnid takes in 2 wounds a burning and Squeels to safety. Francois charges the Arachnid harassing my Bayou flank, gets on hit in and black jokers the other attack leaving the Arachnid alive. Joss walks near the middle to work as a Railwalk point (At this point I have 13 rams and the Red Joker in hand and Joss near enough to blast Mei Feng as well, my opponent is a new player so I ask him does he want me to play as I should or should I let him Railwalk, I explain why it was a bad idea to drop Joss there and activate a Bayou Gremlin instead not taking the shot.) Mei Feng Railwalks from Joss to the Arachnid and starts wailing on Francois. Who gets Red Jokered for damage etc and drops down (great job Lenny 4 out of 4 games). My opponent thinks he gets the Interference now but my other Bayou runs near enough to Lenny, Lenny activates and tosses the Bayou to the Arachnid and Mei, Lenny postal delivery system at your service (I'll win the initiative, this can't backfire). Not much else happens I think. Som'er takes a shot at Joss later on the turn a few times doing 4+4 on him. Gracie charges Joss, does a few wounds in, fails to reactivate Slop Hauler heals some models, I think Gracie and Som'er this time. 


Turn 3. Nobody takes the hat! Nobody!


I win initiative! Bayou activates, takes a few swigs of a hidden bottle I had no idea he had, does a little bit of d & d (drink and dial), delivers the message and kills the arachnid. Mei Feng activates, hits the Bayou three times, missing the first 2 (Bayou Two Card is sweet) then kills the drunk dialing Bayou. I keep on wailing Joss with Gracie, who doesn't dare to take reactivate if she doesn't get to kill Joss. Well she ends up killing him anyway. Kang charges a Bayou killing it, I walk Som'er once and take a focused shot at Kang dealing 8 damage which gets prevented down to 5? Then I realize my opponent took Bodyguard and decide not to kill Kang after all to give him some points. Slop Hauler gets tossed by Lenny near Gracie for next turn scheming. That was about that turn. I get plant explosived for 1 VP.


Turn 4. Give life a shot!


Mei Feng wins initiative and takes down my Bayou on the left flank. Kang runs to hiding. Gracie takes reactivate and saddles along with Slop Hauler to do breakthrough. Slop Hauler takes reckless, heals them both and drops a marker. Gracie reactivates and drops a marker. Som'er decides he wants to shoot Mei Feng a few times the last turn and triple walks. That's about it. 


Turn 5. The Legend Continues...


I activate Gracie and do some master baiting, Mei Feng charges Gracie and kills it, Railwalks to attack Som'er who Squeels away. Takes a double focus and shoots Mei Feng for 8 damage? Which gets downed by armor and imbued protection. Then.. The Legend makes an appearance. 


After killing Lilith and seeing another chance to take all the glory the Slop Hauler known as nothing but Bucket for all his life, sees his chance. Som'er took his shot, he needs to reload, Lenny is too slow to realize he is in the place to take the head of the enemy leader. Bucket gets reckless and decides he has a calling. He throws a bucket at the jumping Lady. Hits her, throws the next bucket which also hits her. "She's still alive, I have no more buckets.. I'll have to throw the carrying rod.. This has to succeed.. I'll be a legend.." 


Slop Hauler shoots last time, missing. Damn it! Wait, wait! Bayou Two Card. It's a hit! Slop Hauler kills Mei Feng. :D Game ends something like 10-4. I love the Slop Haulers. Healers? Hell no! Master killers those things are! 

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