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  1. We started using hazardous terrain on most tables a few months ago. By now I think most of the acid pool terrain pieces have more kills then a lot of the models in my bags.
  2. My thoughts Brewmaster... there better then most of his old upgrades I guess. Also having a pocket Wesley is nice. Don't think there very impactful. Mah, Manifest Destiny is a big quality of life upgrade for both Mah and bushwackers. Be nice to just have that built into mahs card. Reserving opinion on pitfall trap. mandatory fix upgrade on a upgrade hungry master is sad times Ophelia, potentially interesting stuff, seems to be undertuned, not enough oomph to make upgrade shenanigans a strat. Somer: Insectophile makes me just want to spam out mosquitoes and fart at people, which is cute but not better then normal somer stuff. Higher proof seems like a nice upgrade to pick against low wound higher defense schemers. Ulix: Throw your voice: meh. Pig Midwife: Yeeeeessssss Wong: Ill take behold just for the off chance of 4 plus shots. The other one I'm still considering but its interesting Zipp: Dread Pirate Zip: I like it, it adds an interesting change to Zipps play, I think its the best upgrade we got design wise. Supply drop is a no. The emissary upgrade is actually good, its plays up to the speedy hard hitting in your face nature the model wants. Zoriada Powerful Control: Yes always Poisoned Fate: Depends on build
  3. I'm more excited for this book then "Lets give Mei Fang Gremlin stuff" the book. Which all telling isn't a lot of excitement but ill actually buy some stuff from this book.
  4. I'm in the its very underwhelming pile. It doesn't hit spectacularly well or hard for a ten point melee model, and roosters can do ricochet charges for less points. slow gun is meh. Its kinda tanky, but we cant heal it with our most efficient healers. upgrades are okay but not enough to carry the model out of mediocrity. just all around disappointing considering how good some of the other emissary's are
  5. We might not even be painting to much more then other armys depending on your unit preference. Bringing back your own dead add a nice endless swarm feel to an elite Gibbering Horde..horde.
  6. ehh close enough. Models look great. really like the egg clutch and karkinio sculpts, along with the armored whelks. I like my melee horde to have some armor on them. Now if only the alpha crawler looked a bit more Godzilla-y
  7. two gremlins in a kimono would be a great Miss model for the two gremlins in a trenchcoat model.
  8. All I want is a Taxidermist Master and a book full of new stuffed animals for him to summon and blow up.
  9. I was daydreaming the trenchcoat gremlins during work. Something like a manipulative, from the shadows model with a 3 inch push whenever its targeted (representing them swaying around in panic). When it dies it becomes two bayou gremlins of course.
  10. I haven't played brewy in a while but my two cents. 1) He hates condition removal, super badly. Johans a merc, and a lot of factions have it sprinkled around to the point that it might be in their list even without your opponent soul reading that brewmasters coming. 2) Killing is still the best crowd control and we do that pretty well.
  11. Fat and elite is my first guess, minimum models, maximum power. Mancha and Gracie, Burts hard to take down, Trixie as well. Give your opponent the hard choice on what to make the fake parent. Gonna be hard to do schemes, unless they come up murderfest fun fest or similar.
  12. another new session is up. Kids gremlin path is kinda amusing, pig mounted brat with a pet murder teddy. Otherwise kinda boring stuff. Guild trial is kinda interesting on the scenario front, the rest are a bit bland this week. Another session of probably sweeping Neverborn and Resser wins, with a less then surprising Guild uprising for the man. Let it never be said the more boring shooty faction doesn't appreciate a good joke now and then.
  13. I'm a big advocate of First Mate with Hovering Airship. Hes got a free movement so you can leap 7 focus and drop the piano. You can also soulstone for the positive damage flip or movement triggers. Ill take Where the Captian cant See just as an anti scheme safety valve. Doubleing up on treasure map just feels like wasting slots on a potential pay off you cant guarantee.
  14. It feels like it should be a good match up. Zipp gets to her easy enough, but its sealing the deal that's the issue. He doesn't do enough damage to chew threw her health pool quickly and shes fast enough and has a teleport to ignore placement shenanigans and smoke walls with minimal ap loss so she can continue to lob min damage three nukes at whatever she wants. She can also just try to eat Zipp if she wants though its probably more likely she'll just ignore him and murder things that are trying to earn points. I'm very aware bacon bombs a may. I was deliberately detonating my stuffed piglets to deny detonate the charges.
  15. Played the tricksters encounter yesterday. So far the least amount of fun ive had during the campaign Played against ressers, so they got bonus corpse markers as easy as regular scheme markers. Also played against Reva who in two games has reached the top of my "Masters I Don't Want to Play Against " list. He also had a Carrion Emissary, which kinda just automatically annoys me. Min three damage non projectile cast with blasts and a free shot trigger plus shards of "fair and balanced" (sarcasm quotes) as a zero that makes a free activation at the end of turn. Yet the lucky emissary did to much melee damage. Sure..... Obviously lost. zipp tried to pester Reva but she just soulstoned the damage away and ate the rest of my crew with the carrion and shieldbearers help (min threes or positive damage flips blehh). About the only fun moment was when Reva corpseported into the center to turn mindless zombies into scheme markers for detonate the charges, only to have all the stuffed piglets nearby blow themselves up, killing all my models nearby and Reva herself.
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