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Sisters in Fury


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Hey guys,


I've noticed that many times people recommend to give Sisters in Fury upgrade to Vanessa so she could buff other Sisters.


Is it legal to give her this upgrade as on the upgrade's card itself under restrictions says: 'Viki of Ashes or Viki of Blood, Rare 1' which would mean only one of the Vikis can get it.


I'm I correct on that? 

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Keep asking away.  Lots of people will be happy to help, so never feel like you have a stupid question if there is something you might not understand.   Enjoy the game, and if you are playing the Viks, I hope you enjoy them.  They are my personal favorites, lots of really fun tricks and I always feel like I am riding the edge of a razor until the end of the game.

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Yep, I've made this mistake on the boards a few times too. I blame it on the fact that I'd only done Theoryfaux on Vanessa at that point - now that I know it's not possible, I see even less reason to take her. :P

I know the person who has interrupted your mistakes on the boards :lol:

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Vanessa isn't bad IMO.. 

2 action heal, but heals a higher amount than the libby. Another sister, which means she's relatively survivable, good casting action that gets better once she's on the centreline, and a decent melee, so she's no slouch if something runs at her.


Wanna go stupid healing crazy, run both her and the libby, means you can get angry with the Viks, and heal her with the libby.. Survivalist would be fun as well :)



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The biggest difference between a Libby and Vanessa is range and number of models affected.

The Libby has to been in range and LoS of her target to heal it. One targets gets 1/2/3 and while it will probably be a Sister and they all benefit fromit, the Libby certainly isn't.

Vanessa on the other hand can be on the opposite side of the table, away from all the nasty action that the other Sisters have gotten into, and toss out 2/3/4 to everyone including herself.

Not to mention that she is a Sister, which is very important for game effects and upgrade selection.

So I always choose Vanessa for a stone more...

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The caveat there is that the Librarian can heal any model, whereas Vanessa can only heal Sisters. If you've only got Sisters to heal, Vanessa is probably more efficient, but that's not the only situation in which healing would be useful. Being able to heal Ronin, for example, makes them much more valuable.

In a scenario where you felt you needed to heal the Viktorias and you were also bringing a ranged-combat Construct of some kind (ie Lazarus, basically), Vanessa seems like a solid choice. If you're not bringing Lazarus, a Librarian is probably a more tactically flexible choice.

But the Viks still don't require constant healing. :P

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Agree with Kadeton.


Libby is very nice but she needs to be where the action is.

Vanessa can stay away and heal her Sisters if necessary. Additionally she brings decent shooting/melee and nice combo with Lazarus.


And this is what is sweet in Malifaux - you can customize your crew as you want and 9/10 times it will work :D

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