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  1. OK. Huge thank you to everyone. Great stuff here. First off, somehow I've missed using the "On Your Heels" trigger for Candy on turn 1. This will help her to get where she wants alot earlier than usual. Would probably have to be careful about positioning her though as I've found that she goes down pretty quickly as well without stones. I am realizing another mistake that I have been making because of the lack of mobility in the crew. I basically "group" certain models that might work well together during deployment. Like Kade next to Teddy, Poltergeist close to Pandora, and for som
  2. Thank you all for the replies. I realize now that I have been doing it all wrong. Usually do have Pandora & Candy using Self Loathing as a main attack. The other issue I have had with them is they have no melee range. So even if in melee range of anything, the other crew is free to move away from them & prevent any scheming or strats nearby. This is tough combined with Von Schill & most of the crew being able to charge & not take a melee attack if they come into melee range of my crew. Along with all the Armor buffs & healing, making it difficult to do any damage, the
  3. So, I am a returning 2E player from a long time ago and got back into the game a few months ago. I have been spoiled by Lilith in 2nd but am now playing with Pandora. Now, I have played 10 games with her against Von Scill, Hamelin, & Parker. I am 0 for 10 so far in 3E, pretty discouraging. So I'm wondering if there's something about Pandora that I've missed? Most in my crew are melee heavy, but by the time they make 1 move, they're getting gunned down. 2nd turn, unless moved out of position, they're either dead or close to it. Schemes & Strats are out the window by turn 3. I
  4. My version of the Aversions.
  5. Just wanted to let my fellow Oklahomans know that Pandora is well and feeling right at home!
  6. Awesome to see another Malifaux player here in Oklahoma! Can't wait to meet you & get some games in hopefully soon. In the meantime we've all just been assembling models & painting away.
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