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  1. I really hope wyrd does not follow other companies in using power to sell new models....
  2. I actually really like Kirai in that pool now that I think about this. Kirai is actually fine on movement and bad on schememarkers. So sure go for it!
  3. So regarding your Reva comment, I kind of agree, but based mine on a different premise. I dont really take many Key Word Models with Reva. And Reva + Versatiles + some very few Keyword models is very tough for Kaeris to deal with in my opponent. You only read Reva to invalidate alot of what Kaeris wants to do and Ressers have one of the best versatile crews in the game in my opinion. Regarding Molly. I agree that the Judge would have been good, but I see my oponents point that it is hard to make him work. I also agree that the Marshal is very strong, I dont agree that he just wins against Archie though. I still think that it is very hard to point efficiently deal with Archie, especially for Marshal actually. A lot of what you say - of course - is theory crafting though and often assumes flawless mobility/placement and terrain oppertunities. This is were a lot of games are won and lost, especially for the type of crew my opponent brought. In general I agree with your assesment though. @Maniacal_cackle When is your game my man? And when are we starting the next pool?
  4. Both yes, models are withing range of itself always. Remember that pulses specifically mention that the model is excluded from its own effect. Not out of range of that effect.
  5. Lay your Mark and Breakthrough. Thanks man! Considering the opponents side of things is always great, I like it. My opponent and me had this exact conversation after the game. So I think you already hit the nail on the head, he totally played into my very telegraphed game plan. He should have realized that my list has no way of being proactive, but that it is totally overtuned on being reactive. Instead of running against my defensive composite armor, he should have send lady j on the other side of the field to kill archie and claim a flank by herself. I have pretty much no way of stopping this. I agree with @Maniacal_cackle that probably, secretly, breakthrough was his best choice. After claiming a flank lady j could have scored breakthrough pretty much by herself and killed anyone to try and stop her. After this the rest of his crew only needs to worry about getting strategy and using the obeys to disrupt me. Using Obeys to make me pass the loadstone stupidly is especially evil. After that he should have probably taken hidden matyrs and force me to let him score at least one point. Could have made a very hard game for me. (In general I often feel the best way to play against summoning heavy crews is to try and avoid the fight.)
  6. Well Dead Rider is super super strong and great (I especially love his displacement - much more than this bonus action). That being said, I can see the pale rider being good. But this matchup seemed not for him. His bonus action was not really that relevant to his crew and I did not care about his stagger at all.
  7. Yeah - if you remeber our Grave Golem Discussion. This is basically why I think the grave golem is fine, but love toshiro. I too think he is criminally underplayed an there is no resser master I would not play him in. With the possible exception of Jack Daw. But I could see him there as well. Yeah - if it makes you feel better - I proxied the night terror with nicodems vulture. And yes I had plenty of card issues. Molly/Nurse Combo did impress me though. But in general I believe that if a crew does not feel like its struggling with ressources, it is likely undertuned. Crew did definitely feel like taking a WW1 tank to bumper cars though. I absolutely crashed, but the whole thing was shaking, the engine made horrible noises and I was worried about the whole thing breaking down and exploding in my face
  8. Yeah - was about to write a report. So I won really really hard. It was kind of nice, but I also felt kind of bad. Anyway, what was so nice that I felt that all the prep we did payed really off. So my idea of having a tanky pulk of models worked great. The Nurse and the Ashigarus distrubiting hits accros my models really was impossible for him to deal with. He also had a really hard time bringing his models into position against me. After Lady J did eventually jump in, she killed nothing. Was disabled by poison and necrotic machine and killed withon one round. Mollys 3 irreducible damage really is amazing, especially with the injured from the emissary and the ashigaru. I could use the terrain quite well and gave him bad obey targets, which also worked really well. His Pale Rider was a huge dissapointment I have to say, expected much more form that guy. Archie handled a domodore and an excorcist by himself quite well. The ashigaru and rabble risers were a great thread to his squishier models. (Rabble Risers with Toshiro can quite easily one shot excorcists!). Another Highlight Play of which I was quite proud was seeing the 13 of masks in my hand and keeping it. I activated the Night Terror Last and Charges his model standing by an strategy marker, using the 13 of masks to pull him off it which really messed up his tempo big time. Also Archie easily won his flank against an excorcist and domodore. So by turn 3 he hadnt scored a single point and had almost no models left. I already had 4 points - so yeha. One of the most one sided games I have had. Big learnins: - Night Terros awesome. - Nurse MVP, her tools for the job can enable multiple summoners. Her Bed Side Manner keeps models alive, she has lots of super efficient actions and combos really well with Ashigarus (Toshiro actually), making her tanky and make it super awkawrd for the opponent to focus down models. - Archie still great. - Ressers can defend really well against Alpha Strike Crews. Makes me wonder if anyone tried this strategy when Shenlong was so dominant against Ressers.
  9. Super cool! Glad you i did so well. Sounds like you played it really well. The only thing I wonder - how did Vincent do? Againt Kaeris he seems like a weak link to me. Interesting that you say that. I have never ever lost with Reva against Kaeris and honestly the matchup feels one sided to me from the Reva perspective. I just can use his burning more efficiently than he can in most of my games. Also Revas Bonus Action suddenly is super duper great. Although I agree that this is too little Soulstones and Vincent seems like an odd choice against Kaeris. Yeah I also told him that the Judge would have been great. His reponse was that he is too immobile and not tanky enough for his cost. Which I kind off agree with, as Lady J really has few movement tricks. The Pale Rider can move both him and her. My list - I think - underwent quite a bit of tinkering and it is not quite obvious how it plays. So corpse Markers come from the emissary, and Molly finds the cards for toshiro and forgotten Marshal, whereas I try to time everything so the Nurse can use tools for the job to cycle the summon cards if I need too. I also disagree about Archie being bad versus Marshal. Nothing except for Lady J can take him if I play him as a flanker - and she cant be everywhere. I also need to play him as a flanker, since I can have him around to be obeyed. Your Comment about the pale Rider is spot on - he felt really awkawrd and could really do much. Also the shooting was not nearly as bad as I anticipated for the reasons you stated. The Range is kind of mediocre, they are quite vulnerable when they go into shooting position and it is very action intensive for them to get into position.
  10. Wow super cool, thank you for that perspective. In my Mind, as long as I get one summon before that, this is a losing play for the guild player (if I cleverly used distances and ranges as you said!!!). But I am super interested to see how it will play out.
  11. Thank you, so much good stuff in there. I have similiar thoughts, although I think I will play this game really really defensive, as I dont see him scoring if I do. If he moves up, going for his weaker model to make scoring inefficient is a good call! I also think Rabble Risers the Forgotten Marshal summons can one be launched at the excorcists and domoderes and possible kill them straight up. Lets see. Ill keep you posted how the game goes!
  12. Hmm okay I am interested to see how this plays out. I have to say, I dont quite see it. I build about as an defensive List as I could think off. How would you go about removing Forgotten Marshal and Toshiro with all my healing/Nurses Bedside Manner/Ashigarus Take the Hit/Probably Nightterror giving concealment. I mean it is not like I will play them frontrow.
  13. Okay Lists are in, in the end I was unhappy with Asura and changed her plus the whisper on the forgotten for an Carrion Emissary, for more killing power and more reliable zombie generation. So my final List: Molly + Necrotic Toshiro Forgotten Marshal Archie Carrion Emissary Nurse Crooligan 3SS His List: Lady Justice with Lead Coat + Scales Pale Rider The Jury 2 * Domador 2 * Excorcist We are gonna play tommorow. So how would you guys play this? What Schemes do you think he is gonna pick? What Schemes should I pick? One thing is sure to me, with so much shooting, first summon will be Night Terror and Carrion Emissary is gonna create some cover
  14. Yeah I totally get that. But keep in mind, as MrPieChiee correctly said, both Toshiro and the Forgotten Marshal need 10s of Crows to summon a good really good Minion. Which is still pretty tough. That being said I think the empithany finally came to me to make the crew work enough in theory that I want to see it on the table. Instead of Sloth, taking the Nurse OOK. Both heal pretty well, BUT the Nurse has three significant properties that make her perfect for this in my mind: 1. Most importantly she can recoup important summoning cards with tools for the job, which is just amazing! 2. With Bed Side Manner she can prevent Lady J from focus killing models 3. She profits from Toshiro and actually has a pretty decent attack where she can stun Lady J so she can heal up with defense counter attacks against cheap minions!
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