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  1. sorry for the perhaps trivial question, but, "bayou two cards" also be used for damage flip? (i haven't played for a long time) thank you.
  2. game situation: kentauroi attacks lord chompy with inhuman reflexes (butterfly jump), kentauroi declares "rear up" trigger: enemy models within pulse 2 must each pass a tn 13 df duel or suffer 2 damage. i this case i assume that "rear up" happening before "butterfly jump" because are after succeding and after resolving triggers (same time) so, active player (kentauroi) resolve first his triggers, is it correct?? other question, just a clarification, when a model with terrifying declares a disengaging, enemy models have to do tn for terrifying? thank you in advance
  3. Hallo, is it correct to say that at 4 poison or burning stacks the affected model suffer 2 damage at the end of the turn? At 7 th stack of these conditions will it suffer 3 damage? If not,could you please explain to me?
  4. I misspoke, my doubt was: if i could (with that trigger of chiaki) attack ancestor upgrades without waiting ancestor die, and while they are in game. But it seems so.. Thanks for answers
  5. With spirit flute's trigger can chiaki attach for i.e. her upgrade or another reliquary upgrade even if she or another ancestor model are still alive? Reckoning: how does it work now? By chance in every round,do i have to kill more models than the score i made? Thanks
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