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  1. Is there any chance that you let armored whelks spit mucus on the rhino? Loosing the tokens and turning them from glory?
  2. Up to now I ve been playing only 1 Commander Games and therefore might not have had enough tactic tokens for buying cards. But is anyone really buying? Or are you also playing without hand cards? I play regularly against Abi and they just have a full hand at the end of the first turn. I feel GH is just missing the card draw element completely even though we have abilities which need to dicard cards for activation. How are you tackling this issue? Same like my early approach just no cards or spending precious tokens for em?
  3. Definetely read up on the game and allegiance mechanics. I went full GB and honestly I am slightly regretting the decision. Most of the stuff is rather underwhelming performance wise.
  4. As an aby Player maybe, I do not see an GH player having that many cards ever. But Karkinoi with enough tokens might also just do the trick. If they get a 5er margin going. But it will still be hard when the rhino has shaken tokens and toughness. Having the qdjunct spit mucus on the rhino might be worth it though.
  5. Hmmm. Probably I m Not playing at maximum scenario. But up to now it was my experience that my opponents always had enough tokens to disengage. And Disengaging killing the whole unit and scoring the next turn is no issue for them. I just did not feel, that the tokens were a limited resource.
  6. I might Not be too familiar with the rules. But can an extra attack generate another one? I thought not. So maximum 6 attacks or am I mistaken?
  7. How r u pining it down? 1 tactic token and it moves out of combat. I honestly hate that rule. I feel that you just cannot tangle up anything. Maybe yarazy can once they are in glory and only after loosing their first fireteam. And it is only 1 per unit and not fireteam. So it seems you r seldomly able to entangle the opposing forces continiously. Worst i have seen was engaging electrocutioners. 1.21 gigawatt just grills everything. Plus a shaken token for each affected fireteam. If you opponent bought the cheat a 15 stratagem you will be hit quite hard. Abyssinia hit so damn hard.
  8. That is true. But a table with 25 to 30% of terrain will leave some openings. And not all of it will be blocking. Yeah. Blocking terrain will give the sharks quite an advantage. The next Question I have is Siren and Sharknado or Godzilla and Siren or Rather boys club with Sharks and Horomatangi?
  9. I have the slight feeling that damage wise, the siren outpaces the Frenzy easily. Luring 2 Units into a pool results in maximum 12 penetration flips (assuming all 6 fireteams move into and activate in the pools). I ve seen her destroying whole units. Power wise the tide pools hit at 3 sometimes 4 str depending on how many pools are touched during a lure. I just cannot see the sharks doing anything similiar at a range of 24 inch. And at 8 vs WP she is also more likely to hit the enemy forces with her lures. At the same time you will also be closing the gap between your critters and the enemy enabling melee which is where your troops will be able to tear em apart. Where the sharks are better is at keeping your hordes alive. Siren gets 2 heals off whereas the frenzy can manage up to 6. Relics of ancient malifaux is an awesome combo with the shark tooth necklace.
  10. The funny thing is actually w e get 3 of these markers and need all of them. Whereas KE and Aby get 4 of their respective minefields or gas markers and do not really need them at all
  11. Am I wrong or is the theoretical maximum for healing magic 8 with the Frenzy? I mean if you are able to get off. I just played that and it felt a little over the top. But then again I was using my commander almost exclusively to heal. My opponent voiced concerns that this interaction was overlooked in the field test.
  12. Is there any other card draw mechanic I have not noticed until now?
  13. That is true. I just feel loosing her will cost you a lot. The shaken tokens and knowledge for the hand might however be interesting. When coupled with bingh, I however agree that we want to have some hand to discard for damage prevention
  14. Is there really any good reason to not take the horn? Loosing the Siren is costing us too much. Pools go back to being difficult only and no control of enemy forces anymore. I might be wrong but up to now she has felt like the workhorse of my force without the squads doing that much, except minor damage and objective grabbing.
  15. Though he has exceptionally high armor I find him not as durable as the siren or the frenzy. Low def and no champion rule make him a good target. And your opponent always only needs 1 hit passing the armor. So 7 hits and the big Lizzard is gone. Against Abbysinia he seems quite fragile. However all of this is only theory crafting.
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