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  1. Just wondering if TTB is considered a live system at Wyrd. No real releases in a while and nothing on the schedule. Has the new Malifaux release and TOS killed off TTB or shoud I keep checking in the hopes of updates?
  2. Just a quick question on what people would like to see from the next expansion. With Guild, Arcanists, Ressers, Gremlins and independents (main book) sorted. Do we think it will be Neverborn or 10T in the next book (assuming we get one). I have been after a neverborn book almost since 1st ed came out and therefore suspect it will be 10T but I'd like to hear what other people would like to see added. Also pursuit ideas for both factions.
  3. Final reflections. So…. That was…. fun…. As you can probably tell from the first couple of lines “The problems with justice” has been indefinitely suspended. This is down to one player dealing with birthing complications and another who simply put hated the TtB systems (or possibly my fatemastering but was too polite/cowardly to say) or what I will refer to as 50% player loss. For myself I enjoyed the experience of running the system and setting I hope one day to be able to have another pop. That said TtB was not a system that could easily fit itself around what people easily wanted from my group. Below I will detail a few issues that my own game ran into. -------------------------------------------------------- Problem area - Cash. As I mentioned in the earliest section of this report actual gains in guild script were difficult to work out. I understand that every game is different and that actual script earned will very much depend of what you are doing in game at any time. That said with fated starting with undefined starting resource (as appropriate per fated) it became a question of what is there to spend script on other than food and bullets. Recommendation. Harder and faster rules regarding how much players should be earning for the type of work. I understand the section that states script should be a flowing currency holding value at whatever the guild decides it is worth today but a typical set of incomes for tasks would really help starting fate masters. -------------------------------------------------------- Problem area - Shop. The breakdown of the shopping section is awful. Unapproachable and filled with questionable inclusions and omissions. 12oz drinks (maybe this is a standard in the states) All alcohol from whisky to cider are sold in 12oz measures there exist no rules for how alcoholic any of the drinks are and for a wild westish environment I feel that getting bar mechanics correct was kind of important as bars seem to be a great place for fated to start or end an adventure. Food is similar. Again it is very thematic to have a listed price for bread and another for cheese, and another for beef, and another for pork etc etc. However actually using that system is very time consuming and my players simply didn’t care what their fated were eating they just wanted this to be simple. Other criticisms include price scaling, obvious omissions,. Chief amongst the omissions (at least for my group) was throwing knifes honestly having a thrown skill in a fairly limited skill list and then having then having the only thrown weapons being custom blades (expensive) and prestige class based caused a few questions from my group especially as the pursuits section features an image of a guy with a bandolier of throwing knives. Recommendation. Overhaul the shop. Fewer sundries, better measurements. A general list of prices rather that specific items. I worked out life in Whitehaven cost 7-10 script a week depending on things like paying for food and board over just paying for food and how often the fated were getting drunk or visiting the brothel. A collective page for the weapon tables would be a lot of use as flicking from the page for custom pistols to find to page for normal pistols then the page for upgrades on guns is a bit of a pain. ----------------------------------------------------------- Problem area - upgrades/magic. I know a lot of people have expressed problems with the magical theories and I will be honest in that I never got the opertunity to attempt to use either the originals or the reworked rules that people have posted in the forums. My issue came more from the powers side of this again the problem seemed to be about scaling and options. Powers and their attainment became the direction all fated wished to go, improving an aspect seemed to be very much a secondary concern and scaling the utility/damage of powers takes a lot of time and fated that really want a specific thing. Also unlike Malifaux proper synergys are lacking from immuto eg. There is no way for a power to only effect a person with the burning condition or even manipulate a condition outside of the 5-8 pre-built conditions. Recommendation. I think this is one that is probably already being looked at by greater minds than mine. I will say that getting to yes position took more than a little fudge from myself. One of the first requests from a fated was to have a construct limb with changeable hand attachments and I was left with no way to really get there other than to wing it. Honestly a book of magic spell/immuto/constructs/status effects is probably the cure. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Problem area -Fated construction. Ah this is an old problem for the rpg generator. I personally am a big fan of the tarrot system and the balance of stats when creating a fated. That said the balancing is a little off on speed, defence and willpower. Indeed creating a fated is not an easy task as far as getting the right balance, which for a system designed for balanced fated is a problem. Toughness, Centering, Evade seem to be nigh essential skills and creating a combat charater without them my well be doomed. Though I accept that we are discussing real people and that a real person is at least as likely to be interested in history and music as developing a dodge reflex the fatemaster really has to work to make one work as hard as the other without suspicious interpretation of the power rules. Aditional problems come during the selection of cards for the twist deck which requires a better explanation of what the four aspects really mean. Being asked to select which suit best fits your ascendant personality sounds grat but what does it mean? Speed and charge distances seem very much one rule for the fated and one for the rest of the world and because a fated is generated out of 4 phsyical stats and 4 mental/social stats it is quite easy for a scrapper type character to wind up unable to charge if he has used his positive aspects on hitting ability and wounds. In addition the starting 10 script is confusing as hell as mentioned above the shop is not an easy thing to naviagte and starting gear is more than a little etherial leaving the 10 starting script for rounding a fated out even more confusing though most of my players used it as character starting savings because fated don’t begin the game with cash otherwise. Recommendation. Again I’m pretty sure that the solution to this exists it just needs expanding. Talents seem a great way of taking negatives in a fated and making them less awful or at least more interesting. Making movement tied to a skill as well as a stat could really help out on that front. Problems with the cash covered in an earlier section. -------------------------------------------------------------- Honestly I feel I have done nothing but whine in this post which is a shame as 4 of 5 players (myself included) came back with very positive feelings. The 1xp point system and end of session epilogue was very well received in the most part and fated/Twist deck for fated vs leveled npcs is a work of genius though lends itself to a little confusion for those used to dice based system and pure randomness of an rpg. I look forward to attempting to use the system again though I lament the loss of the rest of this tale. Thanks for the time of everyone who read any of the posts on this thread and to the guys on the development team for TtB. I hope one day to conclude this story though I accept that it is unlikely.
  4. Rumjock takes a job from Deputy Wilson involving arresting a group of miners who had been stealing from Van Cliffe. On-route Wilson attempts to persuade Rumjock that the Miners in question need to be made an example of and reveals that he (Wilson) is more than happy to do the Unions dirty work. They arrive at the stead to arrest the miners but the miners beleaving that they cannot get a fair trial in town (Van Cliffe owns the town judge apparently) attack Wilson and Rumjock. During the subsequent fight Wilson manages to shoot a member of the miners through the window from a lying position at 30 yards demonstrating both his skill and the curious range of his pistol. Evaline with a bee in her bonnet about the attack on Andy visits Van Cliffe. On route to town the burning in her hand causes her to gaze at it in wonder as a burn mark in the shape of a pair of mans lips has appeared on the back of her hand. Cliffe denies sending the construct to attack and positing that one of the mines being audited sent the peacekeeper to steal from Andy to replace something stolen before it was discovered missing though Eva does not believe him. Van Cliffe when asked about the audits lets slip that the union are searching for ruins buried during the last breach opening. Cliffe claims that the entire of Whitehaven runs so that he can locate these ruins for the union. He also instructs Eva to be more ruthless with the children under her care as he wants every one to grow up fearing authority figures and that this is Evas job to provoke. He demonstrates the type of power he has/wants by making his son kneel down and bark like a dog pointing out that his good and obedient son is the result of Evas teaching and also the reason why Cliffe does not believe his son owned the three headed tiger. Eva is less convinced seeing the resentment on Henry’s face and is set to argue more but the burning in her hand is now so extreme that she is forced to leave. Checking her hand she discovers that the burn has spread and now the entire hand has gone black she quickly heads to the bar to hire Rumjock to check out the mines. The Fated manage to force open the door in the mine. A quick examination of the corridor on the other side informs the fated that this location has moved in the last 100 years as some of the corridors end at rock faces and in places the ceiling is collapsed. The murals on the walls of the first chamber depict the gods of Greek legend and seem to be telling the story of the birth of Zeus and the death of Chronos. The fated are so intrigued that they initially fail to notice the enforcer level insidious madness lurking near the ceiling and it ambushes them. Defeating the madness the fated head deeper. The murals now depict fire being stolen from the gods by Prometheus followed by a depiction of Zeus’s wrath. Zeus constructs a trap, a mystic box (Pithus normally but lets keep some Malifluff) and a beautiful red haired woman who owns it. Zeus gifts the box and the woman to the brother of Prometheus who marries her believing that the she and the box are true gifts from Zeus. Prometheus knowing that Zeus cannot be trusted instructs his brother that he must prevent Pandora from opening the box. The Murals end at a door on the other side of which is a wide open room filled with the corpses of a dozen men and an ancient death marshal. The marshal who’s sanity has slipped from 100 years of being buried alive re-animates the corpses and attacks. After his defeat he is lying bleeding out, he explains to the fated that he and his friends were tricked. 100 years ago during the first opening of the breach 4 trueborn (neverborn) became the groups patrons. The Trueborn wanted a trap constructed to bury the essence of Epimethius. Epimethius had held Pandoras power in check for many years but the 4 trueborns decided that his (Epimethius) control was no longer required. The four (described as the mask, the dreaming child, the crone and oblivions vessel) persuaded 4 fated (because fated) so that the box of Pandora be finally opened for undisclosed reasons. Realising he has wasted his life and vows the Marshall dies from the damage caused by the fight. Causing his coffin to burst open freeing the essence of Epimethius to escape and head deeper into the tomb to re-unite with his body. The Fated pursue only to run into the other things buried by the four trueborn in the following chamber there stand the statues of 4 men so beautiful as to be unreal. These are the Elpis, the sons that Pandora and Epimethius both wanted but could never be. The Elpis (lit hopes) who are more of concepts than individuals have gone mad from long imprisonment and separation from their “parents” and attack the fated badly wounding Andy (who has the worst luck with defence flips but the best luck with remaining conscious checks in part due to his Drudge pursuit). The fated moving past the shattered dreams of the Neverborn arrive at the entrance to the tomb. Andy hearing a noise from inside rips the door from the wall. Epimethius is not in a good way inside. Having his soul separated from his body for 100 years has left his form ruined his robes have long since rotted away and the body beneath them barely resembles anything living any more. Round his neck and wrists jewellery still shines bright (all the brighter for the presence of soul stones) in his hand he has a cruel rod as thick at a mans thumb. The fight with Epimetheus is the hardest one my Fated have taken place in. Epimethius is constructed as a master but one whos physical aspects and talents have withered to the minimum but who is still functionally a master (3ap, 12 on all flips etc). Eventually the fated succeed in defeating Epimethius. Evaline whos hand has been burning non-stop all this time seizes the rod as if it was her own. The fated manage to grab Epimethius’s jewlery as they flee from the tomb which has already started to collapse. The fated end the session back in the mine. However they now have 2 sightly powerful soul stones and one extremely powerful soul stone as well as a member who seems to be channelling the rod of a dead neverborn master through her now entirely black hand. The soul stones seem all that the fated want up until the moment that the players realise that they have what Van Cliffe wants and that the soul stones if sold will only lead the union to them with questions about where they were found. Authors note. I envisioned most of this session right at the start of writing this campaign. Indeed when I started writing this commercial copies of the rules for through the breach did not exist. I am myself a bit of a Greek buff and decided to include Epimethius in the story as he had links to an existing Malifaux master. I am aware however that Pandora in Malifaux is not the Pandora of Greek myth and that Epimethius is said to have failed without input from Neverborn masters. That said I myself have probably opened a bit of a Pandoras box here as rules for transforming fated into neverborn don’t really exist yet. I ask only that you endulge me for this one tale as it fitted well with my themes of justice subverted.
  5. So a couple of gameless weeks later. Rumjocks player is now well (yay) but Marshals player has just had a baby (or at least his partner has) meaning he was absent from this session. Chapter 2.1 started with a recap of events for Rumjock who has spent his time arguing with Decker over the running of the merc crew. Decker and Rumjock thanks to the double cannon wielding bar manager Miss Va-Voom agree to a shooting contest that took place shortly after the events of the sorrow attack on the Sunday school (detailed last session). Rumjock with some amzing flip managed to defeat Decker and took over leadership of the merc group. Time moved on slowly. Marshal excusing himself to his friends maintained that he was following a leed but actually excused himself to find out more about the shadowy group running out of the Me Rove You Rong time brothal who turned out to be ten thunders (more on this at another time). Tuesday. Andy waking from sleep desperate for a leek discovers (on his way back from the privy) that Evaline is missing from the house after a quick search he heads to the mine. There he discovers that Evaline is sleep digging and has mostly uncovered an underground passage. Full of Curiosity Andy decides he will clear the area over the next few days so that Spelunking can occur (too much minecraft for that player) Rumjock becomes aware of the guild staff running the sherriffs office before the sherriff (Bill hall) reveals that he has been summoned back to Malifaux city. The Attack on the Sunday school seems to have just been part of the expanding operations of Pandora who is still running amock in the city. This leaves the deputy in charge (Stan Wilson). Wilson reveals to Rumjock that anything with the Van Cliffe name involved in it is to be left to him as “Guild or no Guild Van Cliffe runs this town”. Rumjock also becomes aware of discontent from the S&MU workers who frequent the bar. Apparently Van Cliffe has been having auditors pokeing around a lot as if to search for something. Petty thefts which would normally be ignored are being harshly punished as the auditors seem more and more impaitiant to find whatever they are looking for. Wednesday. Evaline becomes aware of a new skipping rhyme the children are using:- Once a Maid Freed the sin Never to be locked agin. He husband week stupid sod He should not have spared the rod. Now we pay for both their crime We shall know the test 3 times. One….. But the children seem unable to get further into counting the tests as each time afterr the first count they trip and must beging again. When questioned the children reveal that during her one day presence at the school Candy taught this rhyme to them and it has really caught on. Thursday. Andy is attacked by a Construct waiting for him near his mine. The foe is too much for Andy who is shreded by the viccious claws on this clearly a mineing robot. Andy is saved by Big John the town blacksmith (who happened to be somewhere he had no business being and did something utterly out charater) who stepped in and finished the badly damaged construct before dropping Andy back at the cottage and departing (without mentioning it to anyone in town). Meanwhile… A young wife runs into town screaming about bloody murder having taken place. Rumjock and Evaline who both witnessed he entry into town decide to investigate. The woman reveals that the men are the other side of Rumjocks gremlin fight competition and that there was blood everwhere. Wilson not wishing to go somewhere dangerous sends Rumjock to investigate and Evaline tags along. They arrive at the mine to discover the miners are all dead strangled with barbed wire. The word JUSTICE is writen in large bloody letters on the wall. Deeper into the mine they discover that the Miners had been upgrading their fighting gremlin with cheep shody tech limbs and poor surgery. The Gremlin is still alive but in so much pain that all he can do is utter the word jutice whilst begging for death. Rumjock freed from the Gremlin fight decides to keep his own gremlin around for a while longer (still rigged to explode) he names the gremlin Goblin (because he is always goblin whiskey). Arriving home Evaline repairs Andys wounds before hiding the evidence of a robot attack at the mine. Monday. Andy is finally back on his feet. He spends the day clearing the passage. He finds a cave with a strange sealed door. The text on the door is beyond Andy but he manages to identify it as a tomb sealed by the Trueborn. Evaline has a meeting on her way into town with Candy and a strange silent figure who appears to be guarding her. Candy tells Evaline that Pandora is coming. She is coming for Evaline. She is coming because “He” marked Evaline. Evalines only chance of passing the other two tests is to aquire power as “He” intended her too. Candy reveals that Pandoras madness is a problem for “Him” and is the reason why she (Candy) is hiding out in whitehaven. Evaline must find the power before the union or all is lost and so Evaline must concentrate “lost children and the rage of the dead” are not Evalines problem.
  6. 3 days!?! Really? I may be missing something. Given the skill growth system not to mention that each fated has 5 steps to their destiny it seems obsurd to think that it could all take place over a three day period within game. I assume a small group so lets say 3. 5 destiny steps each allowing for crossovers without being too contrived about their meanings (and assuming they all fit nicely into the pre-written story) lets say 7-9 sessions minimum and that also means 7-9 skill growth opertunites power obtains etc all over a three day period. I must have missed something as that sounds really silly.
  7. At least Canada is the right continent. Perfect looking job. Boy how I envy those who don't have an the Adlantic between them and this one.
  8. Session 4. Alas Rumjock is still ill. Send good thoughts to his pc as she has now been unwell for two full weeks. Alas as Marshals pcs partner is 8 ¾ months pregnant the game has had to continue to tie up his future. Rumjocks actions are therefore of more of a group decision as to what has transpired. So, during last sessions timeframe. Rumjock argued with Decker the head of the local mercs. Rumjock joined the Merc troop early on and the first rule that Decker gave him was that he could take any job provided he was being paid as working for free creates a bad impression of the merc troup and Decker is attempting to catch the eye of the Freikorps and thinks that being a pro will achive this. Buggy Rumjocks (close friend) lets slip about the gremlin wager with the M&SU causing Rumjock and Deckers argument to escalate to the point where Rumjock expresses that he would make a much better leader for the merc troop. Decker reaches for his gun but the bars cover singer (revealed to be Sue) blows his left ear off after an altercation about firearms in the bar. Decker and Rumjock grudgingly agree to a contest of skill with the longarm to determine who will lead the mercs. During the weeks build-up Andy begins a relationship with Becky a toothless hillbilly girl packing a mean shotgun. Becky is a member of the merc group with her brother Gobbah. Also during this time Marshall arranges a funeral for Happy Flowing Reed which will take place on Sunday. Evaline decides this would be a good time to confront Van Cliffe as the discovery of a collar of the dead cerby from last session (he was called Mr Miggins) leads them to believe that the animal was owned and that maybe the Van Cliffes know something. Friday Evaline encounters a new pupil at the school. A dark haired pale child named Candy. Evaline used to new pupils greets Candy and teaches the day as normal despite the intimidating stares she is getting from the new girl. As the day finishes Evaline returns to the classroom to clear the board and write-up Mondays lessons. She is greeted by the words “THREE TIMES” scrawled over and over again on the board and in the centre the words “SHE IS COMING”. Saturday. Evaline awakens feeling unrested, sweaty and dirty. She has no memories of dreaming but she does have a burning sensation on the back of her right hand. Following a hard weeks work the Fated decide to unwind and make plans before church on Sunday as they know that Van Cliffe Senior will be in attendance. They get very little way into planning when the monthly “drunken darts” tournament distracts them and all the fated save for Marshal participate and get very very drunk. Marshall ensures that Evaline gets back to the homestead whilst Andy hires a room at the bar to spend more time with Becky. Sunday. Marshall and Evaline arrive early (though hung over) for church. Evaline talks with Van Cliffe Senior who makes it clear that he would like a town where everyone knows their place and does what he wants them to do. They name Mr Miggins seems to genuinely mean nothing to Van Cliffe and mentions of pets leaves him cold. Van Cliffe makes it clear to Eva that despite her intimations that Henry (Van Cliffes son) would never own an animal as Henry is a good boy who knows his place (and it would shed on the furniture). As the two stand talking Marshall notices that something strange is happening around the Sunday school building. He investigates but too slowly and the high street and the Sunday school are quickly surrounded by two dozen sorrows. Some Sorrows begin to beat on the Sunday school door to the sounds of terrified screaming coming from inside. The rest of the sorrows begin to head towards the terrified townsfolk, the fated and Van Cliffe. The Towns folk flee and Van Cliffe temporarily retreats to get his big gun. The Fated fight the sorrows and are victorious though the exchange is not without cost. Marshal is badly injured. During the fight Rumjock and Andy exit the bar and join in. Andy charging still drunkenly at the sorrows. Rumjock begins to pick off targets but a moment of terrible choice. He notices that the sorrows are about to break through the door into the Sunday school but at the same time a group of new sorrows appear from the ally behind him. He is forced to choose between the suffering innocents within the Sunday school and his own life. Rumjock elects to flee saving his own life and get into position to pick off the sorrows without danger to himself. (fate resolved) The Sunday school children are badly hurt by the Sorrows but more from the terror caused by their presence than by their claws. However the town midwife Red Dewitt who was teaching at the time has been slain. The Fated take charge of the situation when they quickly realise that summoning the town doctor has only added to their burdens when Soans goes into shock at the sight of his slain co-worker. It takes many hours to resolve the emergency before the funerals of Happy Flowing Reed and Polly Butler can take place. During the service Marshal notes that Bishop Bly appears to be unwell and suspects he is detoxing badly. After the funeral Flowing Reeds will is read out. It reveals that a small sum will be paid to whom ever brings her slayer to justice. This was to be passed over as her slayer was an animal but Andy loudly lets the entire town know that the Cerby had a collar and therefore an owner. The Will also reveals that Flowing Reed was searching for her sister who disappeared in this town 8 monthes ago and that a large sum is banked as a reward to whoever can locate her. Sunday Night. Marshal is finds a card for the brothel has found its way into his jacket. He visits and is approached by a recruiter. The 10T offer him assistance with his task provided that he attend training and come to work for them as a man hunter whilst keeping the entire thing from the other fated and reporting on their activities. They let him know that he will be required to excuse himself from daily life for a while to come and train with them. And so with the Merc and S&MU gremlin fight 2 days away and the shooting contest between Rumjock and Decker postponed. I bring an end to the first chapter of The problems with justice. Whilst between chapter 1 and chapter 2 if anyone is intrigued by advancements amongst the fated let me know and I will try and get that stuff onto here as well. I’m getting good reports from my fated and I hope people are enjoying these write-ups
  9. I found that structuring a sub sect of the environment helped. By removing my fated out to a nearby location I have been able to give them the flavours of Malifaux with a hint of the familiar. I created Whitehaven by using a few online guides to the various proffesions found in an old west mining town. I combined a lot of this with census papers from 1905 to get most of the names. Hey presto its a virtual WoD City book. Next apply factions and figure out what brings your fated into the location which will encourage them to stay. Next figure out who has the power in your location? Who wants the power? Who are their bosses (this will tell you about the levels of resource)? To flesh out the environment figure out three big secrets and who knows what. These secrets should help you figure out where the campaign is going to end. An exciting gun battle with a resser requires that resser be a thing and that isn't done in a single session. If you figure out what the movers and shakers in your environment are planning on doing then the less important characters become more functions of their job or the story. On a personal level I have found the existence of the normal malifaux masters a great tool. Again like WoD the knowledge of the characters that have risen to the top makes writing quite easy. For example Whitehaven was introduced to the fated by Lucius and Whitehaven itself is well known as a town connected heavily with the union which brings all kinds of influences to the story. The intention of this was perhaps slightly subversive by placing my players malifaux adjacent I have provoked interest in fate mastering from my fated and because of the general length of a TtB campaign is fairly short it's easy to bop around the environment for 15-20session stories.
  10. Ok third session. Rumjocks player was sadly indisposed and absent from the session he (Rumjock that is) spent the week in the bar drinking. Evaline began by teaching class, interrupted by the whispers of her pupils she enquires about the problem only to learn that the house in which she lives as well as the mine she purchased for her brother were previously owned by a man named Armatige. One night about 2 weeks before the fated arrived in Malifaux (though after the letters inviting them were sent) the Armatige children failed to return home one night. Armatige and his wife went looking for their missing child. They were seen late at night being strangled to death by Ol Billy the town drunk. Billy was hung for the crime and no more children have disappeared since. A few of the children in class claim that the witnesses lied and that Billy wouldn’t hurt a fly. They will claim Billy was a kind old man who couldn’t work because of his half rightus. Meanwhile realising he had not recharged his arm since coming through the breach Andy wandered into town to look for someone capable of doing this for him. He visits the local store to discover that the only official person capable of doing this in town is under contract to the M&SU. Andy creates havoc and misery around him until it is pointed out that there is another individual in town capable of doing this and he lives beneath the Antwhiler Kip house in his own lab. He visits and after much shenanigans with the insane doctor gets his arm recharged and also pockets a grimoire. Andy decides it has been a while and visits the brothel next. Marshals brother-in-law Magnus returns home from his mine. The two quickly get into an argument about Marshals presence. Magnus seems exhausted and has lost a leg and a lot of weight since Marshal last saw him. This however does not excuse Magnus not seeming to care that his son is missing. He seems more concerned with Marshal living in his house and consuming the food paid for by his work. Marshal decided to head down to the school and see the teacher. On route he observes deputy Mayor Henry Van Cliffe in an altercation with Happy Flowing Reed (a member of the merc group). Reed breaks Henrys arm when he places it on her and Henry is carried away by his friends Belch and Victor for medical aid swearing that his father will pay Reed back. Over at the Brothel Andy is having fun. Once he has finished however he feels a sharp pain in the back of his neck and everything goes black. He awakes in a plain room tied to a bench. A tall attractive woman with a featureless disc shaped mask roughs him up and attempts to ask him questions which he largly ignores. She then gets a set of pliers and proceeds to break each of the bones in his hand which still doesn’t stop him from being insolent and refusing to acknowledge he is being tortured. The Woman eventually beats him unconscious and he awakens in the brothel completely unharmed and with the hooker swearing he had never left. Even though the other fated keep referring to this as a bad dream he refuses to believe that the event occurred. Evaline meets with Marshal as school kicks out but after a short chat they notice one of the children in the bishops class sneaking off toward the bayou. They trail the girl to discover that she is harvesting brightly coloured ( and hallucinogenic) mushrooms. Her tracks lead the fated back to the school but the only person at the school (the Bishop) claims she returned for her forgotten coat though Evaline refuses to believe him she is forced to bite her tongue as the Bishop is a man of great influence in town. As the fated meet up on the street towards the end of the day they are approached by members of the Butler clan (horse and cart purveyors) apparently their daughter Polly has not returned home. The fated spring into action and working with other citizens from the town head out to look for the lost Polly though as the light fades hope begins to fade too. Marshall is the first to hear the screaming and runs towards the noise he arrives at a small trappers hut the entrance of which is drenched in blood. He enters with the others close behind (resolving the first step of his fate) and finds that Reed is mortally wounded inside with a triple-headed tiger standing over her. The fated battle and defeat the tiger though not without taking reasonable damage. After the battle a quick doctoring flip reveals both the Reed is beyond help and that hidden amoungst all the animal wounds is a bullet hole from a long arm that passed clean through her leg. As Andy and Marshal are standing outside the hut recovering from their mauling they see a dishevelled and terrified Polly Butler running towards them but she is cut down by a shot from an unseen person. Examining her body reveals she was shot down by a pistol bullet but those who saw the flash claim that it came from at least 150-200 yards away (at night on a running target). The fated are quickly (suspiciously?) joined by the Sherriff and soon after his deputy they briefly believe the fated responsible but are convinced that the fated could not be responsible. End of part the third. Thoughts or comments perhaps even ideas?
  11. 2nd session We pickup with Andy heading back into town he meets up with his sister and after appealing to Van Cliffes house (he was absent) and the sheriffs (suspicious deputy tells them to secure their own land) they hook up with Marshal and Rumjock both of whom offer to help (one for a favour and one for cash). They all head out and clear the mine seriously injuring but not killing the workers. Time move on by a week. Players earn income for their weeks employment. (If anyone had any advice as to how income should work please let me know I'm fudging it at the moment) All of the above was scheduled to take place in session 1 but char gen time and new systems slowed me down. Onto a new week. With Evaline now working at the school Marshal manages to learn that his missing nephew had been seen walking out with a local girl (also missing) and that they were often seen by a copse of trees down by the creak he investigates to discover a message carved into a tree "Goldy for you I would remake the world" he also finds loose soil and after digging a box with a running away fund all in pennys. Meanwhile Andy is working away only to be approached by Van Cliffes problem solver who insists that he come to a meeting with Van Cliffe himself. He arrives and ignoring the projectile lawyer exiting the office he enters. At the school Evaline has her first confrontation with the schools head bishop Bly. Bly is a true blood and thunder individual advises Evaline to beat the children more and as far as the Van Cliffe children go even for imagined offences as Cliffes is known to be extremely in favour of people being susceptible to orders. Evaline dislikes the idea but agrees to Blys face with the intent of reserving the cane only for serious offences when he isn't watching. Rumjock (miss typed as rumjim last session) has been working with the other mercy and whilst between jobs is approached by three of his "friends". They have been arguing about fighting with some local miners and the argument hit upon the training being what makes the fighter. To this end both sides have kidnapped some local gremlins with the intent of training them and having a gladiator match. Rumjim is disgusted but upon learning he is already committed to the bet takes his gremlin to make his plans. The meeting with Van Cliffe tKes place. He makes it clear that he is unhappy with a non Union member owning land in the area. He also makes it clear that Andy is surviving based entirely upon the fact that Van Cliffe is happy with the presence of his sister. Marshall meets with the deputy and discovers that whilst people have gone missing the only action taken was to hang the town drunk who had been seen strangling the previous owners of Andys mine whilst they searched for their missing children. The deputy is dismissive of the missing people blaming the local fauna. Rumjock decides that training the barely sentient gremlin is a waste of time purchases the required kit to rig up an explosive belt for his gremlin an proceeds to try and instruct it in how to get drunk and have fun. Pulling the black joker proves that the gremlin is better at getting drunk than Rumjock and he is drunk during the final scene. Evaline is disturbed after school by outraged parents. After a race argue don't between children results in a bloody temple parents are outraged. The bank owners wife demands that her children were assaulted the cartier maintains that his children will not be the subject of race hate as this is a land of free men. Evaline reluctantly takes control and after placating all parties is forced to open the box containing her cane to dispense justice to all of the children (resolving the first step of her fate). As each of the characters exits onto the street at the end of their business they notice each other and remember the journey together and the strange women on the train who told that their fates were intertwined. As they approach each other across the currently empty street all hell breaks loose. A group of gremlins riding war pigs charges onto the high street to rescue their kidnaped and brothers. The fated enter battle and quickly scare them away. And so the second session concludes. Thoughts anyone. Stuff I'm struggling on include wages and keeping my fated from wandering off and into their own personal stories without involving each other though this is becoming less of a problem I think.
  12. Honestly I probably can but in this case I'm working with the maxim of always appear more stupid than you actually are. in this case the 3 kingdoms building might well be a cover for something else.
  13. Old kinderhook. So I ran my very first session of through the breech yesterday. My group are an older group 35+ and mostly experienced in traditional RPGs like WFRP, D&D & VtM. So a quick breakdown of the situation before the details of the session. I first encountered Malifaux whilst looking for a challenge to get me off of cigs and back to painting (hands need keeping busy) Malifaux had some of the nicest sculpts and despite not wanting to get back into war gaming (I’m more of a dedicated role player and GM) I couldn’t resist the Dark debts and Relic hunters boxes. I have ended up with a lot more. This in a natural fashion led me to reading as much of the fluff associated with the product and I loved it. Hard as it was to penetrate the details without the original books (we were between 1.5 and 2.0 at this time) I wanted more. I saw Through the Breech was coming and I resolved that I would get a copy as soon as I humanly could. Alas (or possibly yay) my groups GM at the time stood down just as the books arrived. To this end I had been tasked with running a new game with a new and exciting system as well as getting all the fluff I was missing to do it with but not a lot of time to do my writing. A problem? Not for old hats. To this end I became familiar with the systems of through the breech (Unlike anything else) and am catching up on the fluff as we go. So onto the Game. We begin out story with four individuals aboard the train to Malifaux they include:- Tarquin ‘Andy’ Bubbles (A disgraced Miner) - Drudge Evaline Bubbles (A respected educator) -Academic Marshall Gets (A former US marshal) - Scrapper Rumjim (A hired gun) - Mercenary Each has been sent a letter from someone Breechside asking them to come to the small mining town of Whitehaven a couple of days North-east of the city herself. The Miner and the Educator have been summoned by Lucius Mattherson who seems to have an agenda in supplying an educator known to the Mayor of Whitehaven and ensuring that her brother was able to buy a plot of land in what is known to be M&SU territory. The marshal was send a letter by his sister informing him that his nephew had gone missing and begging for help. Rumjim’s letter came from an old friend informing him that the emerging town had a lot of work for hired guns as the guild had only limited agents in the area. So after a train journey featuring a strange fortune teller (who gave each character a worrying prophecy) the players arrived at the station in Malifaux where Rumjim was nearly recognised as a deserter from Little big horn. Pausing for the night most of fated went to find booze and women to keep them company. Evaline meanwhile went and met with Lucius who thanked her for coming and helping with the expenses for this most difficult move. Andy (the Miner) had run into a man named Honest John (a M&SU rep) who tried to persuade him into debt so that the recently vacated land for sale around Whitehaven would remain M&SU however the Educators signing bonus allowed the Bubbles brother and sister to purchase the only mining plot available near Whitehaven. The mail coach journey the following couple of days was uneventful and the fated arrived in Whitehaven. Upon arrival Rumjim went to visit his friend Buggy who introduced him to the other mercs in town and encounted the “Me Rove you Rongtime” brothal. Marshall visited his sister (Sissie) to learn his nephew has now been missing for 6 weeks and information is hard to come by he concludes that he needs to learn who his Nephews school friends are and resolves to get better acquainted with the new school teacher to aid this. Evaline visits Mayor Van Cliffe and accidentally drops the information that the land has been purchased by an outsider to the M&SU causing him to end the meeting appearing upset. Andy visits his claim to discover that there is already a mine and homestead on the land and that people are working in what is now defiantly his mine. He goes to confront the men but after a brief fight which resolved the first step of his fate one of the Miners pulls a big iron from his hip and Andy is forced to retreat. There we end the first session. I understand what I have done here may not be of interest and possibly lacks what it is people are looking for from through the breech. If anyone has any thoughts or wishes to hear what takes place at the second session let me know.
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