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  1. Just wondering if TTB is considered a live system at Wyrd. No real releases in a while and nothing on the schedule. Has the new Malifaux release and TOS killed off TTB or shoud I keep checking in the hopes of updates?
  2. Just a quick question on what people would like to see from the next expansion. With Guild, Arcanists, Ressers, Gremlins and independents (main book) sorted. Do we think it will be Neverborn or 10T in the next book (assuming we get one). I have been after a neverborn book almost since 1st ed came out and therefore suspect it will be 10T but I'd like to hear what other people would like to see added. Also pursuit ideas for both factions.
  3. Final reflections. So…. That was…. fun…. As you can probably tell from the first couple of lines “The problems with justice” has been indefinitely suspended. This is down to one player dealing with birthing complications and another who simply put hated the TtB systems (or possibly my fatemastering but was too polite/cowardly to say) or what I will refer to as 50% player loss. For myself I enjoyed the experience of running the system and setting I hope one day to be able to have another pop. That said TtB was not a system that could easily fit itself around what people easily wanted fr
  4. Rumjock takes a job from Deputy Wilson involving arresting a group of miners who had been stealing from Van Cliffe. On-route Wilson attempts to persuade Rumjock that the Miners in question need to be made an example of and reveals that he (Wilson) is more than happy to do the Unions dirty work. They arrive at the stead to arrest the miners but the miners beleaving that they cannot get a fair trial in town (Van Cliffe owns the town judge apparently) attack Wilson and Rumjock. During the subsequent fight Wilson manages to shoot a member of the miners through the window from a lying position at
  5. So a couple of gameless weeks later. Rumjocks player is now well (yay) but Marshals player has just had a baby (or at least his partner has) meaning he was absent from this session. Chapter 2.1 started with a recap of events for Rumjock who has spent his time arguing with Decker over the running of the merc crew. Decker and Rumjock thanks to the double cannon wielding bar manager Miss Va-Voom agree to a shooting contest that took place shortly after the events of the sorrow attack on the Sunday school (detailed last session). Rumjock with some amzing flip managed to defeat Decker and took
  6. 3 days!?! Really? I may be missing something. Given the skill growth system not to mention that each fated has 5 steps to their destiny it seems obsurd to think that it could all take place over a three day period within game. I assume a small group so lets say 3. 5 destiny steps each allowing for crossovers without being too contrived about their meanings (and assuming they all fit nicely into the pre-written story) lets say 7-9 sessions minimum and that also means 7-9 skill growth opertunites power obtains etc all over a three day period. I must have missed something as that soun
  7. At least Canada is the right continent. Perfect looking job. Boy how I envy those who don't have an the Adlantic between them and this one.
  8. Session 4. Alas Rumjock is still ill. Send good thoughts to his pc as she has now been unwell for two full weeks. Alas as Marshals pcs partner is 8 ¾ months pregnant the game has had to continue to tie up his future. Rumjocks actions are therefore of more of a group decision as to what has transpired. So, during last sessions timeframe. Rumjock argued with Decker the head of the local mercs. Rumjock joined the Merc troop early on and the first rule that Decker gave him was that he could take any job provided he was being paid as working for free creates a bad impression of the merc troup
  9. I found that structuring a sub sect of the environment helped. By removing my fated out to a nearby location I have been able to give them the flavours of Malifaux with a hint of the familiar. I created Whitehaven by using a few online guides to the various proffesions found in an old west mining town. I combined a lot of this with census papers from 1905 to get most of the names. Hey presto its a virtual WoD City book. Next apply factions and figure out what brings your fated into the location which will encourage them to stay. Next figure out who has the power in your location? Who wants the
  10. Ok third session. Rumjocks player was sadly indisposed and absent from the session he (Rumjock that is) spent the week in the bar drinking. Evaline began by teaching class, interrupted by the whispers of her pupils she enquires about the problem only to learn that the house in which she lives as well as the mine she purchased for her brother were previously owned by a man named Armatige. One night about 2 weeks before the fated arrived in Malifaux (though after the letters inviting them were sent) the Armatige children failed to return home one night. Armatige and his wife went looking f
  11. 2nd session We pickup with Andy heading back into town he meets up with his sister and after appealing to Van Cliffes house (he was absent) and the sheriffs (suspicious deputy tells them to secure their own land) they hook up with Marshal and Rumjock both of whom offer to help (one for a favour and one for cash). They all head out and clear the mine seriously injuring but not killing the workers. Time move on by a week. Players earn income for their weeks employment. (If anyone had any advice as to how income should work please let me know I'm fudging it at the moment) All of the above
  12. Honestly I probably can but in this case I'm working with the maxim of always appear more stupid than you actually are. in this case the 3 kingdoms building might well be a cover for something else.
  13. Old kinderhook. So I ran my very first session of through the breech yesterday. My group are an older group 35+ and mostly experienced in traditional RPGs like WFRP, D&D & VtM. So a quick breakdown of the situation before the details of the session. I first encountered Malifaux whilst looking for a challenge to get me off of cigs and back to painting (hands need keeping busy) Malifaux had some of the nicest sculpts and despite not wanting to get back into war gaming (I’m more of a dedicated role player and GM) I couldn’t resist the Dark debts and Relic hunters boxes. I have ended up
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