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  1. This has been deleted off Facebook?
  2. Enemy masters are good fast targets
  3. Not sure of timing but they only suffer 1 age of nothing as you can't stack same named aura affects? This is correct ?
  4. Hoping to come to this but booked up for faux at the forge 4 day after so need speak the better half
  5. Can get effectiveness out of Hans with tara and I pay better. Give him fast, drop card and his 0 to focus.. is focus 2 and 3AP left. Kill something weak as a delivery system for NB
  6. Yeah I was at Cow Wars , what a great day. That was my first tournament, what a great community Malifaux has in UK. See you at Warrington
  7. Sadly I have a 2hr drive home and work at 6am xD
  8. Paid - declaring outcast. Forum name : KohrinSoulez Name : Jon Cooper
  9. Gonna put this on now
  10. Payday is 27th I will be paying then if any free spots. 😉 after listening to Welsh GT podcast need me some malifaux sh*t's and giggles. Jon Cooper Aka KohrinSoulez
  11. Just listened to it at work today Great podcast to check out
  12. Is there a event pack for this ? Just found this from the podcast Good to find a UK based cast
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