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  1. Just had a look at this because I know it's a strain-point for a lot of players. WOW. Just a couple of clarification questions, what are 'unrealistic expectations' and 'Bleeding Edge Tech'? I'm sure they're rules from the books but I can't seem to find them
  2. Hi all, Of course we aren't even at the release of 'From Nightmares', but I feel like it's worth bringing up the question on what our 7th full expansion book will contain. We know originally the plan was to focus on Avatars and a 'big game' for the high-level Fated. But of course, this is likely to have changed slightly as Avatars became very much a thing of the past. As far as what we might want to look forward to seeing? For me it'd be inclusion of The Other Side and the Tyrants. We have modules popping up now referencing events Earthside, so how about some Abyssinian Tech, or maybe/definitely the Horomatangi. We could even have this used as the introduction of one of the, as of yet, veiled Tyrants. Open discussion commence! What do you want to see, supported with official content, in your games?
  3. Tbh I was in the same position until recently, and it only dawned on me last week what contract towns are! Like I'd heard them referenced a load but didn't know what to call them or anything. There's only actually about 4 named towns as far as I know, most other places are numbered contract towns (unsure how many there are total but think I've seen as high as #37) or districts. It's pretty expansive and these spill out into the Badlands and Northern Hills so feel free to throw a town in where you need it to pop up.
  4. Plus maybe we could have Nytemare (or Misery introduced, a guy can dream) as the FM named character stat block? Would be incredible to get a Tyrant added in as a faceable enemy
  5. Just my wishful thinking. Even if it's bundled into the M3E app as downloadable files it would serve as a fantastic advertisement - Loads of people will create characters for fun on D&DBeyond before committing to playing, feel like we could generate the same type of excitement in a place that people are already looking at and downloading.
  6. Thank you for these sheets! Incredible work and my fated loved them! Shame about the pdf as we were hoping to move to online and a form-fillable version would be everything, but understand it's not quite in the cards!
  7. As above, so excited to see some Doppelganger characters (I live in hope) to add some gorgeous RP storylines. I did a session for my other half where we came up with a temporary version of this but it'd be wonderful to see if this is possible!
  8. Hi all, Looking at Through the Breach again since M3E's app came out and can see that we're still a bit behind on a couple of things. 1.) Obviously the cost of the app is heavily reliant on demand which there may not be a chunk of. But looking at even a character sheet with only the core rules creation options built in, and expansions costing some $$$ would be wonderful for players. 2.) The character sheet is still a little lackluster, I can see there have been some great advancements but there's definitely some room missing for magic users, and trigger explanations. Maybe even if we just have an additional page that had a bit more free-text space for more expansive writing of how rules work rather than just having room for the title and having to look it up elsewhere. 3.) For the love of all things...please can we get a full index page? With so many rules referencing others, and combined with the above point to not have somewhere to write out individual rules it causes pauses at almost every rule to scour the book for the reference. Even if it's just a printable sheet we can slip in the back of the great tome I think every player either side of The Great Breach would appreciate it. (Also you are loved, by so many and so much)
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