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  1. What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? 2/14/19 Strategy Reckoning Scheme List Corner deployment Strategy Reckoning Schemes **README** Vendetta Deliver a Message Take Prisoner Power Ritual Hold Up Their Forces Time & Rounds Played 5 rounds, 6h (played quite slowly !!) Final Score 4/3 Forum Name Hemgath Leader Toni Ironsides Crew List Toni Ironsides + Magical Training (2) Mouse Howard + Soulstone Cache (12) Joshua Fitzsimmons (9) Amina Naidu (9) Gunsmith (8) Soulstone miner + Magical Training (8) Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Deliver a message : 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Power Ritual : 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Maybe the captain rather than Amina. Gunsmith went a bit too deep and died early from its bravery. MVP model (and Why?) Soulstone miner : Because it's the perfect Magical Training bearer model and it scores Undenyable VP each game. It's not possible to prevent it from living/scoring. Forum Name Bedjy Leader Jacob Lynch Crew List Jakob Lynch + Silent Protector Hungering Darkness + Silent Protector Gwyneth Maddox (9) Kitty Dumont (9) Beckoner (5) The Lone Swordsman (8) Illuminated (7) Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Deliver a message : 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Vendetta : 0 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Be a bit more concervative and lure/push his models out of the bubble. Play Gwyneth accordingly, with her targets being at - rather than +. MVP model (and Why?) Huggy, because his bonus action is a bit too much. Also Kitty was quite powerful. Concerns and/or Confusions? Concealing is quite weird in relation with Cover. Why Cover has this Shadow range restriction while counceal is too large ? The restrict of 1" size on top of crates & bench is a bit too large or too low. And a model with a 50mm base can stand on 1" size... Stackable focus is still the same, too powerful. I don't understand the restriction of Concentration action. Additional Feedback? Toni has a few difficulties to get adrenaline. She also has some trouble keeping people in her bubble. Staggered could be a solution. Fitzsimmons could do with one less conditionnal action or bonus action. M&SU could do with a very little more movement shenanigasn Lynch is a bit too slow, he doesn't ignore friendly fire/cover/conceal, his ranges are a bit short and he has to be commited if he wants to do anything. But he is not bad ! I think he could do with a very little boost.
  2. Play ironside yesterday (my opponent post Basic BR asap)... With amina... in reckoning and it s seriously the only models who i wondering if she is ok in this game... (play amina, fitzimon, soulstone miner, howard and gunsmith)... She is ok but the duo fitz + amina cost a lot... and you need beater models so if i remake my game i certainly play captain or a big beater like emissary... For the rest: the ironside motor is really too hard and not fluid... i was alway s in lack of adrenaline... and waste all the party to run after ennemy... She really need more adrenaline and something to block enemy in his area...
  3. Very happy to see all change and find them interesting... A little bit sad to don t see real change on Toni but... It s now time to test for two weeks
  4. Maybe you can combin all in "Unionized": Unionized: While within 3 of another model with this Ability, this model counts as having half of its maximum Health or less for the purpose of Grit Abilities and receives a + to its Df and Wp duels.
  5. Gave "inferno" to the fire golem can be a good way... now kaeris loose it ? For the firestarter i think he s right now...
  6. I m personaly ok with both models... firestarter since a long time and carlos since last change who make him a very good model ^^ Don t really imagine an other change for them
  7. And he is no longer the "terifying " Howard of my youth
  8. Personnaly think the concept of the emissary is breack since last weack (1.31)... Ok for a nerf on mv but with his actual 1' range for me he lost all his interest for enter in a team... this range reduction completelly change his utility. I think he can have rush+1 instead of lost of range...
  9. Globaly ok with all change. Majority of them seem really ingenious and accorded with last test and advice. Even if i think Toni need a little bit more ^^ Otherway i m really surprised don t see a change on wind gamin... he really need some adjustment for is cost... And continue thinking Emmissary need to return at a 2' range for can have a chance to be recruit in a team again...
  10. I think we are a lot who regret the old "emissary item" for focus on they're team... particulary in this edition who focus on team ^^ I think in M3e dev team really don't wan't too many item... but when i see the design for the item in the core rule book i'm sure they're is an easy solution for give our little guy some afnity with keywords... because they're a lot of space on them... In only one item, for both models... more over i try the exercise on Aracanist faction (because she's the one i know better ^^) and it's very easy to find coherence and balanced synergy ^^ because of the M3e faction style -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARCANIST cost 1SS This model gains one of this Ability depending of the keyword of his leader : Academic: he gain the ELEMENTAL keyword Chimera: he gain the BEAST keywords December : gain the ability: Frozen Conduit: This model may be treated as an Ice Pillar Marker for the purposes of the Ice Mirror Ability. Wildfire: gain the ability: Df/Wp () Ignite: After resolving, the Attacking model gains Burning +1. Foundry: gain the ability: Ride the Rails: If this model is within 1" of a Scrap Marker when it takes the Walk Action, instead of moving normally, it may place itself into base contact with another Scrap Marker within 12" (even if this model is engaged). Ms&u: gain the ability: Unionized: While within 3 of another model with this Ability, this model receives a to its Df and Wp duels. Performer: gain the ability: Don't Mind Me: This model may take the Interact Action while engaged or if has taken the Disengage Action. Machina: gain the ability: Creative Salvage: Enemy models Killed by this model place a Scrap Marker in addition to any other Markers placed -------------------------- LIMITATIONS : Restricted (Effigy, Emissary) Plentiful (2) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make a quick photoshop and with the new item cards it's easy to pull all on it on left the Core rule book exemple, on the right my exemple...
  11. Sure when i read 2 last marcus report i'm a bit scary... When i remember marcus mutation is certainly the more powerfull team of the start of the CB... it s hard to read this reports and remember me since this change i never win a game with the beast master... I think too "adaptative evo" is really meh... even if we can hypotheticaly use them instead of discards... this capa seem definitively not good enought Marcus really do nothing by himself and effectively maybe some of his actions can be transform to be used on ennemy... I think some tweack on mutation can help ( like put a +1mv on feathering wings... augment the range of adversary... Jackalhope: remove the once per turn on his demise... Ps: I just remember marcus can t whin against a ullix team... because he can t do nothing on beast... and ullix can do what he wan t agains t them ^^
  12. hemgath


    Use the ridder in a lot of game... and he s really a good scheme runer who can travel alone and make is job... but because of that he is alway ... alone with not many friendly models arround him... so use inovation instead of mooving seem expensive with this 10ss models... by the way i never used inovation and insight, and never have an opportunities in about 5 / 6 game... maybe i m wrong but : Generaly i keep my fate token for protect him and or for make a last turn come back and reactivate all i can...
  13. On the upgrade you can read it at the end and only one AR can work at the same time "Arcane Reservoir: Crews containing a model with this Ability increase their Maximum Hand Size by 1." It s by 1 and not +1, but effectively at the first read you can make a mistake ^^
  14. Maybe "feathering wings" can gave a +1mv...
  15. Certainly time to create a carlos topic ? Or a miderator plit this topic ^^
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