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  1. Hi all, have the same problem on android... try to multi reinstal... but nothing happen i have this grey screen for all my games (and no possibility to change faction, or select something... just a grey screen when i go to "game") just notice : I download all pic but if i chose in setting "automatic" i can't download "abomination"... even if "abomination" is already in the app. Maybe it's the origin of the failure for "game" bug ?
  2. I try to use fire fox instead of chrome and have the same problem
  3. Dear Dzlier, do you know when you can fix it ? It's very sad to can't use the app on a computer.
  4. Dear Dzlier, I have the same problem, i try to clear my cash only for the app, but doesn't work And i don't wan't to clear All my Cash ( i need it for my work). Do you have an other issue ?
  5. Sure... like i said she's good... " but " I'm a little sad because for me "public ennemy" is the only strat i can see her actualy ( maybe in some recover ? ) but globaly they re a lot of other choice for master. ( i test the gunsmith with her and they are fragile for this strat, you must be very carefull with them ) certainly we must continu this advice on the tony topic instead of here One last things, i m sure they re a way for sandeep in "Public Ennemy"... next game i certainly test him With the strange new reading on SVG' riccochet... they become better beatter ... and the return to stacking focus and other things on replace made very strong golem... IMHO according to interesting scheme for accademic i m sure he can be good at this even if he is a summoner and not a tanky boss
  6. My 2 cent's after about 20 games in GG1: Recover Evidence - It's hard for me to don't put any SS miner... but: Hoffman is good at that, test it and win the game easily. The important things is too have enought guys with transfer power... Colette can make good thing's too... with a duet and some external aid's like the emissary Marcus with a good team not too glas canon one make good things too... SRM is realy good at that ! On paper Sandeep can make a good job but don't test him on that... The shastar seem really interesting in this strat but maybe a bit fragile ? Meifeng make a good job too, but like Colette you must choose somme tanky model with her DHM Ramos make good job too... Don't like tony on this because you can't run after enemy... Don't test KaerisSymbols of Authority - Nearly the same team as recover evidence but with more mobility and less tankyness and you can use SS miner ! Kaeris can do it easily... Sandeep is really interesting in this place if you are not too away from the enemy line...Corrupted Leylines - For me the best team is Sandeep because you can easily summon guys near the marker... Marcus have the laught off guys and an incredible speed to cross the map... The ridder is a diamond in this strategy with all our master... SS miner can be interesting if you make a strategy with 2 off round... I try the concept with Raspy... and it's clearly too hard to deny corectly this strategy... it's a dream to think you can struggle your adversary even with 20 pilar... One other things in this 3 first strategy: I alawy's wan't to take amina... if you have some LOS she look a very good model in each of this 3 strat even OOC...Public Enemies - WTF... for me it's the hardest one... because Tony can be good but not good as she can in Reckoning... A majority of his model cost more than 9. And it's the best way to give point to enemy... And clearly it's maybe the only one we can use Tony, i'm a little sad... I try Hofmann and he make good job... Try marcus with 2 SRM and a lot of healing... it work good I think you can play Colette with a strategy "under 6 cost models"... (our construct are realy good... and 2 coryphée with good upgrade are interesting...) Rasputina is an other way... but you must find a solution for corectly protect her if ennemy contact her... Mobile toolkit seem a good choice too because he is insignificant... I try mecharachnid with SS cache and if you can protect her a little she is incredible for is cost precise onslaught at !!!
  7. Please, before post that can we have the result of your last post ? And maybe use a good app and not a closed one like survymonckey ? It s impossible to see result on it...
  8. Completely agree with this. Actually waiting for test this formula + SS cache since start of the year but don t have the good Strat & sheme in my last games... Seem really interesting and at list: fun
  9. +++ Steam Arachnid Swarm: +1 SS... or melee 5 SS Miner: Actually too good, certainly because of the actual scheme pool... but the other side is: if every body play them at least one on majority of list it's certainly because the arcanist faction is designed for have one SS miner in each crew (and 1 Magical training) for be corectly balenced... so if they ve been nerfed... the entire faction certainly need something else. One way for nerf them is simply to make them insignificant when they unbury... (and remove the stun) For me Arcanist made good result at the release but clearly if you know how to play against our good bot versatille + itemed models it's more easy to counterpick our crew. Because we are near obliged to use our good versatil bot (and god... they are good !)... we don't take time to use our other models... --- ACADEMIC: Globaly alway's take Sandeep / Bana's and Kandara (beacuse they are all synergic)... the rest is completely hazardous... Alway's wan't to take him with an other boss... so it's certainly because his main team have a lack of somethings... Ox Mage: 1 can be ok (only play it one time on 5 sandeep games)... But maybe they need something if they are 3 (a balenced one no't like in M2e ) Shastar vidya gards: They need something... Actually you clearly prefer majority of our versatil bot instead of this guys... real armor... can multi focus... DECEMBER: Nead a little bit of draw... Grimfeast: for all models it's in the lore... but generaly useless... Sacrifice to december: the same... maybe this abilities can prevent slow... Snowstorm: How poor he is for me... even in a December crew i prefer payd +1 for have the captain for a same but better job... at list give them a december global push, a 2' attack, a tome in is "ice tornado"... CHIMEBEAST: Really love to play them but... The team need something agains't a Ulix team... and certainly some other things more generaly... like a real beast scheme runner... Moleman: maybe just a "hard to kill" and he can be cool to use... because actualy never heard some one take them in a team... Hoarcat: no interest in a Marcus crew... maybe they need a up on they're tundra hunter... ( + on ice pillar AND other beast) and an other zero like amnush Cojo: cost is little too expensive in my opinion... you alway's prefer play some one else... Order initiate: actualy they are just useless... they need something like a limited lamarkian evolution (+ 1 for 2 mutation or maximum limited to +1) AUGMENTED: Medibot: never need it in an hof crew (or ramos) where majority are not living... you alway's prefer toolkit... actually i really think the medibot is useless M&SU: Fitz: For me really no't need to make somethings for Fitz.. genrealy he do nothing exept protection. He's gread but fine... and he's certainly an autocinclude in a MSU crew... so... Mouse: He is really the one who dead (too) quick... because you globaly need him in a bubble... and you'r adversary never hesitate between all MSU and him (and generaly you take MSU in Reco or turf)... so maybe an up for him his to become "insignificant" ^^ Steamfitter: don't work corectly... Simply gave back them they re own capacity: tool for the job... and remove Power converter (they alway's have an other use for them...) WILDFIRE: Globaly the team need more way to have pillar (not just carlos who become an obliged auto take for that...) Firebranded: read someone call them trash... i'm ok with that... They really need something to be at least ok... (lot of post speack of them so...) FOUNDRY: No a familiar boss for me, seem ok exept i alway's find the GOlem a little bit under the other one... PERFORMER: Seem ok for me VERSATILE: Saboteur: Find them good but effectively they are really squishy and stealth can be a solution...
  10. Last two time i play raspy it was has a second boss with Sandeep... Win my 2 games, Idols VS Tarra and Reckoning VS molly. The reckoning was in wedge and i put my gunline near the edge... really surprises may adversary... My list (3SS): Sandeep Banasuva Essence of power Kandara 1x ice gamin 1x S. Miner OOK Raspy 1x Silend one + Mag. Train. Concept: Pillar at turn 1 (2 from SIlent and some times 2 from raspy for cover the map with 3 of them and 1 near raspy) Use banasuva mantra for put more of them (1 from gamin 1 from banasuva) Use Kandara for card draw with mantra (take car to sumon new elemental at 6' from Kandi) Sandeep (via guru) + raspi + Silent has gunline (with the EOP) Protect this gunline with a transformed ice golem... if needed. FInaly with the miner i have just the SS i need... for some + onslaught when really need them
  11. Sorry made another mistake between master and leader status
  12. Oki ^^ miss this rules But ... if i m right you can apply this " reactivate strategy" with a second leader ( because he s not a master ) For exemple, sandeep master and raspy as a second leader... with a rider + ss cache... for you can reactivate raspy untill turn 2 ?
  13. Do you ever test to take Marcus as a secondary master ? For put all mutation on myranda and then maybe transform her in others beast like SRM ? ( very interesting with is 2' )
  14. Ok for me just anoying because never have time to clearly finish them
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