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  1. Can somebody change the first topic list... ? he is complately out of date... really don't understand why Wyrd mix m2e and m3e in a same topic... it's very iritating... and raise some old post with false information is not really cool.
  2. hello, a problem with my provider... the page must back in a few time (but they are not all finished and have lot of little mistake in) and really don't have the time to corect them for the moment
  3. Like lot of people sayd... models who can become beast are: Poison Gamin seem the best for become a beast... Maybe wind Gamin (because of his tail ^^) After the other models who look like beast are: -Snowstorm - The 3 arachnids (but seem too much mechanised...) That all ^^ (don't count the wendigo ^^ but he really looklike a beast )
  4. Just take time to read all of our 72 models... and exept Poison Gamin... the only other model i can imagine become a beast is: Snowstorm... ( and wendigo... but just impossible ^^) And maybe the 3 arachnid models... but just because insect is near beast... but i don t think they re is something living under this mechanical models
  5. Magical Training ^^
  6. Play it several time on guardian... and it s seriously a damn good option ^^ Like Franchute generaly have one on a guardian and MT on an other For peacekeeper and emissary... prefer attach them SS cache
  7. If he had a boost... or at +1ss he only became like majority of the chimera... too expensive ^^
  8. And for the space on the card... you can simply put this "merge the element" on the Upgrade: Sandeep Desai gain this tactical : ......
  9. Long time ago i suggest the "replace 3 gamin for a golem" and 3 month later new dev team make it... But originaly (the closed beta topic is certainly lost) I had suggested that this replacement be a Sandeep action... not an auto from item ^^ For exemple : ------------------------------------------------ Merge the element: Rg 12", Stat6, TN12 Target an elemental, if it is within 4 of at least two other models with the same name, it may Replace itself and two such models in range with an Enforcer model with the exact same Keywords as all three Replaced mosdels. ------------------------------------------------ Other things i'm completely agree, with the fact of "no interact on the first turn for a new summon..."
  10. hemgath

    Coryphee duet

    Suggest that in an other topic: Duet: A way for healing or maybe juste change they re healing from to 
  11. Globaly : Joss: play him last night with Ramos and he is really not at a good level for 10SS (certainly need a return to a big but flat range of damage like 3/4/4 or 3/3/4) Moleman / hoarcat / cojo / rathler / Initiate order: certainly too hard for make change* and the only way seem to lower theyre price or smally up theyre stat... -------------------- Ironside: Too late for change Imho or this change have too much impact Or maybe an auto 1 damage +1 adrenaline gain if you attack her, and a back to a df trigger with an other symbol for have the 2/3/4 aditional damage (so change this damage to 1/2/3 with the first aditional 1 auto) Df () Good Shot, My Turn: After resolving, this model gains an Adrenaline Token. If this Action is a Action, the Attacking model suffers 1 damage. () If this Action is a Actionafter succeding, the Attacking model suffers an aditional 1/2/4 damage which can't be Cheated. ----------------------- Duet: A way for healing or maybe juste change they re healing from to *maybe a global change on Mutation can save them... and certainly remove the triger for up stat seem the best and good way... (exept for hoarcat in Raspy crew)
  12. Have the same way of thinking and my own test have the same finality. And btw nobody of my adversary said me Tony need nerf... She's in a very vulnerable place because a nerf can completely stomp her... and clearly don't need one... maybe a very inteligent change can be do but certainly not something who penalised her crew...
  13. Effectivelly you can t answer if you don t wan t to nerf a model
  14. For be more explicit last 3 time i play toni was very similar... I chose her for a fight party (reckoning + a lot of fight shceme...) so globaly my adversary do the same and generaly have really tanky crew... Because my adversary are generaly pertinent and good at play they alway's take push or lure models... and know how to play again'st Toni... So my toni spend all the game to run away after almost nothing... A toni turn look like: Walk, taunt + coutner attack, fight one time (because generaly no more adrenaline) some time 2 fight... My adversay evacuate the models... with lure or what else... Toni run again... or double run... have no adrenaline... or 1 +1 from mouse (if he is not dead ). Like i wan't to say is you play toni in particular game... and your adversary play the same way of models (generaly tanky one...) and if he's good in his choice and he know toni... you certainly spend your game in an eternal walk/taunt... and don't do incredible things with your Toni
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