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  1. Hello, This link should allow you download the Excel sheet I've created to help my Tinkerer player (and me) easily crunch the numbers when creating a construct. There shouldn't be any locked cells, so feel free to make improvements and share yours too! (looks like I can also just attach the file on the forums too) http://www.filedropper.com/constructcreation2nded Construct Creation 2nd Ed.xlsx
  2. I would like this to be a place where we, the community of players, can add our input for improving the TTB game which has some confusing and contradictory information in it. As some of these issues have already been covered, here are some links to the original source: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/100052-magic/ http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/103002-animate-construct-and-multi-tasker/ Counter-Spelling: Pg 126. Counter-Spelling + 2 in place of Defense or Willpower. Pg 245. Counter-Spelling in place of Defense or Willpower. As both Defense and Willpower are Skill + 2, I believe that the entry on pg. 126 is the correct wording. The Easterly Slums: Pg 37. According to map provided in TTB, every occurrence of “East” should be replaced with “West”. Custom Grips: Pg 150. For 10 Script, “This weapon gains [+] to its attack Flip” is far too powerful, to the point that every person in Malifaux will spend their first 10 Script on this customization. A more reasonable solution may be “The Fated applies a -1 TN modifier to any attack Flip using this weapon”. Folded Steel: Pg 175. At half the price of the Pneumatic customization, it should not be better in every way to Pneumatic. I suggest house-ruling this from “increasing its damage by 0/0/1 and gains [+] on damage flips” to “increasing its damage by 0/0/1”. Constructs: Pg 233. Animate Construct “A caster may control one construct at a time”. Pg 143. Multi-Tasker “This character can command multiple constructs with a word or gesture”. Given the thematic difference between Tinkerers and Graverobbers seems to be quality vs. quantity, I would change the wording of Animate Construct to read “A caster may control a number of constructs equal to their Enchanting Skill”. Order Action: Pg 203. “The character gives a command to a single subordinate character under his control”. As mentioned above, this works well for a Tinkerer who would have a small number of complex constructs to issue orders to, but not for the Graverobber with a hoard of mindless zombies. Something along the lines of “The character gives a command to a single construct or group of similar minions under his control”. The idea being that a Fated could issue one order to a Peackeeper or to a pack of Cainine Remains with a single command, but a separate Order Action would be needed to direct the shambling hoard of Mindless Zombies. Building a construct: Pg 233 break out box. Using the rules as written, the maximum a Fated could create would be a 10 Construction point construct (with a height of 2 as that is the standard throughout the books). By contrast, your common Guardian (stats on pg 147 of FMA) would require 33 Construction points. Long story short, I think I’ll be using the following rules with my group: Construction points = Height * Artefacting + (Artefacting * 10) Cost of parts = (Construction points * 2.5) + 1 Script Magic Theories: (Thanks to Kadeton for having make excellent suggestion in this field.) The Oxford Method - fix: Change the description to read "The caster gains [+] to the Casting Duel of any Spell with an AP cost of 2 or more. The caster may always apply the Increase AP immuto to any spell she casts, even if it is not in her current Grimoire." The Whisper - fix: “Gain [+] to all Necromancy duels, or to any Spell Duel with an Undead target. However, the character suffers [-] to Social Skill duels other than Intimidate.” The Darlin Theories - fix: change the description to "The caster must apply the Focus Object immuto to every spell she casts, and may do so even if it is not in her current Grimoire. The Focus Object must be a pneumatic device crafted by the caster using the Artefacting skill." You could also add "If the Black Joker is flipped as part of the Casting Duel, the device is destroyed." The Court Procedure – fix: "The caster may add one Mask to the Casting Duel Total of any spell she casts that is resisted by Willpower." Additionally, you could also add in “…and the character applies a + 1 TN modifier to any spell that is resisted by Defense.” (That would be in line with the theme that there is a drawback to everyone of these Theories). Thalarian Doctrine – fix: “This character cannot have his Sorcery, Necromancy, or Prestidigitation skills higher than 3 without losing the benefit of Thalarian Doctrine. In addition, the character gains a bonus to all Counter-Spelling effects equal to his Enchantment skill.” The Balanced Five – No change Hedge Magic – fix: “The character chooses either Elemental or Genus Immuto. The character does not suffer TN penalties for the first application of an Immuto from their chosen group.” Tradition Magic – Like Kadeton mention in his original post, this one is messed up. TBD. NPC Initiatives (and other stats) overly inflated: For example, in FMA pg 193 when comparing the initiative of these creatures compared to the rules for NPC initiative in TFA pg 200, the math doesn’t add up. Another example if the TM inaccuracies in the following ability of a Punk Zombie. Are my players supposed to Flip vs. an attack of 11 or 13? (1) Slice & Dice AV: 5 (11) Rg: y3 Resist: Df All characters within 3 yards must succeed on a TN 13 Defense duel or suffer 3 damage
  3. LOL awesome, I can't wait to get a lady J voodoo doll
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