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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Looking at Through the Breach again since M3E's app came out and can see that we're still a bit behind on a couple of things. 1.) Obviously the cost of the app is heavily reliant on demand which there may not be a chunk of. But looking at even a character sheet with only the core rules creation options built in, and expansions costing some $$$ would be wonderful for players. 2.) The character sheet is still a little lackluster, I can see there have been some great advancements but there's definitely some room missing for magic users, and trigger explanations. Maybe even if we just have an additional page that had a bit more free-text space for more expansive writing of how rules work rather than just having room for the title and having to look it up elsewhere. 3.) For the love of all things...please can we get a full index page? With so many rules referencing others, and combined with the above point to not have somewhere to write out individual rules it causes pauses at almost every rule to scour the book for the reference. Even if it's just a printable sheet we can slip in the back of the great tome I think every player either side of The Great Breach would appreciate it. (Also you are loved, by so many and so much)
  2. Another app! This is a personal project I've been working on-and-off with since December. It was my experimental foray into Android development intended for my personal use, but I figure others would appreciate its functionality as well and I'm pretty proud of it. Just to make it clear, I'm not trying to step on CrouchingMoose's toes; his app is great and is a heck of lot more visually appealing than mine. We've even had a chat and we may be working together to create a super app in the future. There's even rumblings of some official Wyrd support... This is Android-only for the time being; I didn't have the foresight of CrouchingMoose to start development on a platform that makes it easy to port to iOS and Windows, so a nearly complete rewrite will be required; sorry. It is on my to-do list, but it won't start until I'm happy with the Android release. Below are links to the APK and a basic User Guide with pics to show off the features. To install the APK, follow the link on your Android device, click the download link, and then click on the downloaded APK to begin the install. App requires Android 4.0+ to work; is this an issue for anyone? Download latest APK ( 2.4MB): https://community.testfairy.com/join/98bhmu4Y User Guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8BdQhuLrZc_Mjg3QXEtSEpsdUE/edit?usp=sharing (out of date) Hopefully this initial release isn't too messy. I only have a Samsung phone and a Samsung tablet at my disposal. Hopefully there aren't surprise issues on other platforms, but hey, that's what beta testing is for, right? Let me know what you like, hate, would like to see added in this thread. The distribution platform will automatically capture crash logs, so you don't need to try and explain them here (unless you want to). I'll do my best to resolve them and put out a new release ASAP. Change Log: v1.35 (2018-01-28): Added "What's New" update dialog. Added January 2018 errata. Added support for Gaining Grounds 2018 encounter generation. Added support for sharing Crews and Encounters through QR codes. Select these options from the Crew Builder or Encounter pages menus. (Note: Only standard encounters are currently supported.) Features (Current & Planned): General: Backed by a full database of all Model & Upgrade rules, but they remain locked for now due to the copyright Another cool feature is the the app in-lines the rules from Upgrades a model has taken into it's rules text. See the User Guide for example pics. So any extra Abilities, Actions, stat increases, Triggers, etc. are right there. No more forgetting! Drag and drop sorting of your Crew Crew Builder: All the required jazz here; Add models, Upgrades, Soulstones, and a Soulstone target total. Encounter Companion: Automatic or manual Standard or automatic Story Encounter generation Track Victory Points, reveal Schemes, keep track of hidden notes for each Scheme Track Wounds, add Upgrades and hire models on the fly, view Avatar Manifestation requirements/events, manifest Avatar Auto-effects on summon death (Ashes & Dust summons Core & Storm on death, Mounted McCabe replaced by Dismounted, Lord Chompy auto-takes 3 Wounds when summoned, etc) Collection Manager: Currently only in a bare-bones half-implemented state Track quantity of each model owned Settings options that allows your hiring choices to be restricted to your Collection, so no need to scroll down through models you don't own Some Possible Future Features: Condition tracking Fleshing out the Collection Manager (track model's state: unassembled, assembled, in progress, complete; more filtering options, ability to add Avatar models and special edition models) Detailed multi-field Search Much improved graphics Turn counter; match timer Rules quick reference Multi language support
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