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  1. Athiko

    Carrion Effigy- no love?

    I bought him, painted him and have never used him in a Resser crew. Think i summoned him once when playing Collodi. The trouble is there is always a better choice in Ressers for the cost. I'm hoping 3e will bring some of these unused models back into circulation
  2. Athiko

    What's up with Logfaux?

    Hopefully it'll just be a problem with the new server then and be back up and running soon. It'll be sad if it disappears as its a great tool for keeping track of your games
  3. Athiko

    Seamus, next step?

    My first buys would be Dead Doxies and a box of Necropunks. Both are good in any Resser crew. Necropunks are one of the best Scheme Runners in the game imo and will score you muchos VP Asura is a solid choice but she tends to work better with Nico or Reva I find. Clement is right you should start looking for another beater. Valedictorian is quite good also, not the best damage but she's very mobile, tanky and also Terrifying. The models quite hard to get at the moment as the Transmortis box has been out of print for a while and she probably won't surface again till the Von Schtook box in 3e If your gonna start using your Mcmourning box your gonna want more Canine Remains and another Flesh construct. And then most likely Rafkin, he's a bit of glass cannon but if you can keep him alive he hits poisoned models so hard One more to mention is Anna Lovelace. Only been using her for the last 6 months or so but she's become quite a staple in my crews. No particular synergies with the above Masters but she's fantastic just on her own hope this helps
  4. Athiko

    What's up with Logfaux?

    Yeah I noticed that, went to upload some games and the site was down. I think its @tactician who runs it. I asked on the facebook page but no reply
  5. Athiko

    Trouble in Paradice 2 - 20 October 2018

    Ticket bought - Luke Athiko
  6. Athiko

    [SOLD OUT] English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Paid - Luke Athiko
  7. Athiko

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Phew minor panic attack about having to rebase models
  8. Athiko

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Er.. why in the cabinet photos above does Kirai appear to be on a 40mm base? Is that for the Other Side?
  9. Athiko

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    Yep, I'm pretty sure that's why the current Transmortis story encounter box hasn't been restocked in ages. Guessing the students will be in Von Schtooks box from now on
  10. Athiko

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    @Franchute yeah that would actually work a lot better.
  11. Athiko

    Ressers Keywords M3E

    I'm quite interested in finding out which models will be versatile. I wonder if Anna Lovelace and Asura Roten will be. Also I'd be interested to see if Mortimer gets re-purposed/reassigned or whether he's going into the Dead Mans Hand with his Master. Also necropunks? maybe a versatile scheme runner? If I had to choose a theme for them I would say probably Mcmourning.
  12. Athiko

    Femme Fatale 2018 - Results

    Congratulations @Stark I ended up voting for FF-16, but yours would have been in my top 3. Shame we only get one vote
  13. Athiko

    Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor 2 - 18th August 2018

    Ticket bought - Luke Athiko
  14. Athiko

    First feelings M3E

    If I could describe what the M3E announcement felt like, it was like Wyrd giving me a huge piece of chocolate cake with real cream and strawberries and then punching me hard in the stomach. Now I'm rolling around the floor in pain covered in delicious cake... In all seriousness I'm super excited for a new edition. I just need a period of mourning for some of my favourite masters. Collodi was my first master, and imo still the coolest concept in the game. I'm glad he's still usable in Dead mans Hand and i will definitely continue to play him. I just hope I can still use the all the models i got to go with him as I bought, assembled and painted everything with the puppet tagword. I'm very interested to see what happened to him in the fluff and I totally believe he'll come back at some point in the future, as someone said earlier Neverborn without the creepy dolls just doesn't seem right
  15. Athiko

    Hello from France

    Welcome to the game