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  1. @lusciousmccabe I always keep some of the previous mix on a wet palette too for blending
  2. @lusciousmccabe Thanks I base coated all the skin with Daemonette Hide. Then washed with Druchi Violet. Then 1st layer Daemonette Hide again. Then from there built up the highlights on each piece by adding various lighter colours to Daemonette Hide. So Lion face and Majority of the body was adding more and more Fenrisian Grey until highlighting with pure Fenrisian Grey (Not sure how many layers, maybe 3 or 4) and finally adding some Palid Wych Flesh for extremme highlights Goat face was adding Baneblade Brown and then Palid Wych Flesh Snake tail was adding Calador Sky (and i think a very small amount of the fang) and then Palid Wych Flesh It's something I've just been experimenting with recently and its great for if you want different colours with the same over all tone
  3. Athiko


    I got excited by your Sybelle rant, hear! hear!
  4. Athiko

    Multiple Masters & Mercenaries

    Yep that's right
  5. So I've just figured out its best to host an image posted on the thread somewhere else and link it, as opposed to posting on here directly. Couldn't work out why my image was so small and pixelated compared to everyone else Just made an Imgur account
  6. That looks amazing, I really should buy an airbrush
  7. Finished Rogue Necromancy tonight, a lot of fun to paint
  8. The skin tones look amazing. Great job so far
  9. Thanks and nice to meet you all . Ok so I'll pledge in at Master Level (16ss a month), and this month i'll pledge Rogue Necromancy (10) 3x Death Marshals (18) Nightmare Coryphee duet (0 so 5) Total 33 stones
  10. I'm a bit late to the party but I'd like to join the challenge. Is it all done on this thread? do you pledge an amount at the start of each month?
  11. Athiko

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    She's also got a bonus action obey for non master friendlies
  12. Athiko

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I'm looking forward to playing Mcmourning. He's my favourite master but I didn't get a chance to try him in the beta as there was always something that needed more attention
  13. Athiko

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    Her Shotgun Wedding ability allows you to hire any Living Henchman or any Living non emissary enforcer as if it had the Family Keyword.
  14. Thought I'd reply to your post about Collodi here as you're right we were hijacking the thread 😊

    That's interesting that people thought that, but I guess maybe they played him more before the changes than I did. I had 1 game before the changes and 2 games after. He was definitely nerfed but I didn't find it hindered me too much. I never got the opportunity to summon with Vasilisa so that didn't come into play for me, and I was only ever down 2 marionettes at time. Maybe it's because my opponents were using new crews and still learning them.

    Overall though super fun to play. 

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    2. Athiko


      Yeah that makes sense, I guess 3 games is not really enough to tell. I definitely felt the loss of Vasilisa's giving out slow in my second 2 games. Actually now I think about it she didn't do much, It was Collodi, Hinamatsu and the 2 Coryphee that did most of the work. Hopefully it'll get some tweaks in the open beta, I might even try a few games with the pre nerf stats just to get some perspective

    3. Saduhem


      If you do please let me know how you feel about it! It's nice to finally have some information across Beta groups.

      I'm really optimistic about Kyle, Matt, and the open Beta. I wouldn't be surprised if they changed something before Wednesday's release!

    4. Athiko


      Yep will do. I'm assuming they're still gonna want battle reports. Yeah it's good to have cross feedback, My group was the newer group so we had far less games than blue or red and not as much data to discuss