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  1. @PetitDalek I got the brick sheets from a model shop in central London, can't remember the name, I think it was 4D models maybe? but I've seen it online from ebay and other model shops its very thin so i had to mount it on some thick card to give it a bit of volume above the sand
  2. Some great work being posted this month! I've been struggling to find the time to paint as I have a lot on, but I managed to get some coats down on the Warped. I also did some bases for my ECB Black ops
  3. My workstation is also covered in cats. Every painting session is a battle with airborne fluff, I have to have a pair of tweezers next to me at all times to remove fluff from models and paints
  4. Secret Passage has returned to 1 inch - Thank you! Bone Piles +1 health and condition removal - Ace! Yin Terrifying +1 - definitely an improvement
  5. 3 to 4 hours for me but that involves a lot of rules checking and writing notes, I fully expect it to get quicker as I become more familiar with 3e. 2e I could play in 2hrs but for casual games we'd often take longer just because we would play at more relaxed pace. Playing in tournaments will help you speed up your game a lot. Or if going to tournaments is not possible playing against opponents who play fast also helps
  6. Just want to start my post saying a big thank you to @Kyle and @matt for listening to our concerns and feedback and (for the most part) making a lot of positive changes to the faction, I was very worried coming out of the closed beta about the state of the faction but feel that overall its in much better place now. And also thanks to all the other beta testers for their great ideas and suggestions I agree with @Flippin' Wyrd Jamie points in the initial post, they all seem to be on the money, My biggest concern is the Secret Passage nerf, I don't think that was necessary and I'm a little worried that further testing will reveal it to be quite a hindrance to Seamus play-style. I'll be testing and hoping I'm wrong as the games I've played with him recently were really fun. The last game I played I really tried abusing his teleporting and celebration-ing. He did a lot of damage but was dead by turn 3 especially with single SS usage and his healing nerf, I don't really see the need for the secret passage nerf That being said, I'm overall pleased with the final update, great job guys. Very excited for the release of M3E
  7. Thanks @Caedrus for sorting out the TOS costing, makes it much easier For March I pledge Jaakuna Ubume and 3x Crooked Men for 21ss - Stretch goals will be warped, warped and more warped
  8. Yep your absolutely right, my bad for not reading properly
  9. Just a clarification needed. If Jack Daw is moving a corrupted idol marker does his Undying ability work? Undying: When this model suffers damage, it may discard a card. If it does so, the damage this model suffers is changed to 1 irreducible damage. Corrupted Idol Text : A model in base contact with a Strategy Marker can take an Interact Action and suffer up to three irreducible damage, ignoring Hard to Kill. A model may not suffer more damage than its current Health. I seem to remember there being something in the book explaining where abilities contradict each other but I can't seem to find it
  10. @Caedrus here's my final minis for the month total 40ss. Was hoping to finish Jaakuna and the Crooked men too but I got the flu and instead spent all weekend in bed feeling sorry for myself, on the side I have a bunch of half done minis for next month Also... Jaakuna and the Crooked Men is a great name for a band!
  11. Some good suggestions above, my thoughts are Seamus - In a really good place as is, although I agree Cause for Celebration should be leader only. Instead of returning Feast of Fear to the old version you could remove the Once per activation but have the healing cap at 4 per activation, that way its somewhere in between CCK - I like the idea of upping his cost to 5 and and his terrifying up by one. Makes the mistaken identity theme better if its the same as Seamus, and will also mean he's less likely to show up in out of theme crews Sybelle - Also in a good place. But agree that projected voice should go, there's so many other interesting options you could put on a 10ss model. I don't think I'd like to see more lure in the crew but an obey would really suit her, or a WP attack that gives conditions. Or a summon belle option would be great. Making the change on her bleeder lash to give when engaged by another model instead of half wounds, is another good idea and would really help tie in scarlet temptation Bete - Having her attack target a choice of DF or WP is a great idea. Ties into scarlet temptation and also makes her worth her cost. If not drop her cost Belles - I think their usefulness would increase if Sybelle and Bete had the above changes made to make better use of scarlet temptation, or maybe give belles manipulative so they're a little harder to remove when scarlet temptation-ing Doxies - I think they're better now the cost has dropped, but could use a bonus action. Maybe if take by the hand was a bonus? That would free up they'r other AP fro handing out distracted Mourners and Dandies are fine
  12. I think the plan with M3e was to universalise all the abilities and conditions, so I don't know if the names are gonna change. I get why but agree that a lot of flavour was lost in the process. I'd be happy losing some consistency to get the flavour back. I think my two favourites were Seamus 'Arise my sweet' and Rafkins 'Unnecessary Surgery'
  13. @Burnin' Coal Yep I didn't realise quite how big the titans were till i saw one in the flesh... well the plastic
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