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  1. That's why I'm wondering if maybe they ran out of them or something, so they could have gone back and edited the original announcement post to remove any mention of those prizes. I also had it in my head that we would get them, and it was also a big motivator for me. I'd totally trade my $50 store credit for one of those dolls, so that I could have an actual physical trophy. Or maybe it really is the Mandela effect?
  2. I don't even have a webstore ID. Also, did they retcon those voodoo doll prizes, or am I just remembering wrong since raffle winners got them last year?
  3. Haha, this is going to drive everyone crazy for an extra day.
  4. Thank you. I think 2 out of 3 judges must agree since they gave me unusually high scores in round 3. They were definitely the entries I was most inspired to work on since I'm a big video game nerd. Actually, I'm pretty sure the novelty of those entries is what got me into silver in the first place, and what let me stay there for an extra round.
  5. Since I managed to complete all 5 rounds of Iron Painter, I decided to mix and match my entries and do a big group shot to celebrate. I didn't want to wait until results were in, because I figure everybody will pretty much disappear for like 9 months once it's over. From left to right - Ol' Smokey's date didn't go well, so he's taking it out on the mushroom kingdom. It's a 2 v 2 fight in Castlevania. Simon is mashing a zombie head while the 2 glowing sword dudes face each other down. The purple zombie got lost in the woods outside the castle. Bowser is checki
  6. Juja

    Trying not to DNF in the final round

    I came very close to a DNF in round 4, but I figure - if I'm come this far, I should at least try to see it through to the bitter end.
  7. The tattoos are awesome - especially the one on his head. I expected him to be green when you posted your first WIP, but you pulled off the caucasian skin tone very well.
  8. Excellent job with the smoke/fog. You know how tough this competition is when this quality of work is in the eliminated category.
  9. Did you paint those symbols on the book and skull, or are they sculpted in? You did a great job on his face. The whole thing looks really good overall.
  10. Nice smoke. I also really like the blue.
  11. Haha, I don't know if you intended this, but your title makes me think of this as the goblin version of Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous.
  12. You did a really great job with the "mirror." Very creative idea.
  13. Really cool. This actually would've been perfect for last year's Stranger Things theme since you literally have an upside down.
  14. Looks really good. I especially like the lightbulbs (both the intact and broken ones).
  15. Very cool. The basement being tinted yellow from the lightbulb is a great touch. I've talked about doing scenes with multiple layers like this before, but it always turns out I'm not good enough/too lazy. It's cool to see somebody actually pull it off.
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