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  1. Is there a painting requirement for the tournament? Bonus question: Will (reasonable) proxies be allowed for things aren't out in 3E yet?
  2. Use mirror spray on a thin acrylic sheet and lay down a thin layer of water effect + paint on that to your desired level of cloudiness. Or hard mode: actually paint the reflection onto the water, taking into account the angle you'll be photographing from. 😮
  3. Well win or lose I got through all five rounds, which was the goal from the beginning. Good luck all!
  4. Come my boy, just sign here on the line. You may be a gambling man but this is a sure thing. There's no smoke and mirrors here...
  5. Lowdown, check. Dirty, check in a couple ways. It's all there sir.
  6. I'd be way too worried about that very thing (late arrival) happening to ever order. I've just been going to the LGS and poking around until I find things that work.
  7. This round's lesson was how not to bite off more than you can chew, no matter how much you like the idea you came up with. I'm really looking forward to the week off after stressing myself out over this round.
  8. In Malifaux, the lower you go, the dirtier it gets...
  9. I may have bitten off more than I can chew on this one. I've been trying to challenge myself to do one new thing in each round but balancing that against the clock is gonna be tricky.
  10. Comparing them myself I think I need to work on my technique - particularly color blending and detail work (my faces are pretty poor) in comparison to Zanna's. I thought I hit the theme quite well though.
  11. I came from Bronze, and to Bronze I shall return! Congrats @Zanna !
  12. That's a thing?! Oh I can't wait to try this...
  13. That would kill me, even the week is a long time to wait.
  14. The zombies were having fun! The party had just begun! The guests included Wolf Man, Dracula and his son!
  15. Another week, another couple glitchy uploads before I could get it to stick. But I did it!
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