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  1. zurelol

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Never understood why Executioner doesn't have keyword 😧 Hope they get Guardsmans, and I hope Lucius still get access to mimic, I bought yesterday Vogel, Tannen and Grave XD
  2. Based in italy, for now I've bought the card from wargame vault and I got from a friend two mannequins, one for myranda and one for kudra, now I need some head for making the conversion Thanks again ludvig! It's okay this way
  3. zurelol

    The Jury

    I played her only with lucius near austringer is a pain in the a** for the opponent! As a plus I get a relialable condition removal with an heal as a plus, Also with lawyers I stack fees on enemy beaters, absolutely useful! Gotta try it with MM, he has useful mask trigger, she can heal the poison from injection and she get along with the nurses the doctor brings with him Overall never dissappointed from her
  4. zurelol

    Where to go next?

    I vote for McMourning, 'cause I love the doctor! effigy will love him, as you say Executioners and peacekeeper will love him: Precise on them will lead to maximum carnage! I would get the jury, she's a strong support/beater henchman that synergies very well with perdita, Justice and mcmourning (and nurses), check her card
  5. Saw her, it's another interesting option. For the pack I'll pass because of the shipping and so on. I'll stick with the doppelganger until I'll get the metal myranda, Can I use the doppelganger for tournies for the moment?
  6. Luckily I got a doppelganger for Christmas, I didn't think about her 😂 I didn't want to use other company model for the "tournament legal proxie bla bla" regarding Dr. Dufresne? A friend got her and don't have any use for her, some animal bits for her to decorate?
  7. Hi guys, I need your help. I don't see the model fitting the theme (and my tastes) of our friend douglas, so I decided to grab her card alone and I'm searching for a thematic and cheaper alternative ( not another nurse), maybe MM alternative master? But how to convert in order to represent her skill? Other ideas are welcome!
  8. zurelol

    New To Malifaux - Starting a Guild Crew - Take 2

    If I can suggest I would spend the money for S&S and Rules into buiyng all card in the Malifaux App( It's just ten bucks). Having all cards with a touch is EXTREMELY useful
  9. zurelol

    Picking the Doc

    What about the Jury for removing condition from "nurse" condition and triggering "this one is ready"?
  10. zurelol

    Picking the Doc

    Saw that now, a plus at getting Lady J box! Between exorcist and domador, we got synergy, are there other undead-interaction in guild that I don't recall?
  11. zurelol

    Picking the Doc

    Thanks a lot! Gonna take the crew box ASAP and try!
  12. zurelol

    Picking the Doc

    got it! Last question: Emissary with McMourning is it good? The Conflux is interesting
  13. zurelol

    Picking the Doc

    Thanks for the tips so far, I need of buying the thrall for Lucius in the future too so no need proxies right now. I'm also think one day that the domador could bring the Construct, good idea? For the updates, I'm going to ask some collectionist at the store
  14. zurelol

    Picking the Doc

    Always been a Lurker in the forum but this time I have a doubt that my community can't answer to me. I got two masters' crews (lucius and perdita) and I want to begin McMourning while staying in guild. I got also 2 excecutioner, emissary, effigy, hounds, austringers and pathfinder/traps. Looking at the poison/melee sinergies, I see that emissary, effigy, Frank and Laywer could do. I don't have the new upgrade from Broken Promises yet. A resser in my group told me to play him directly resser but I don't want to. Could you give me some advice? are the model that I have enough to play him nicely? Thank you in advance!
  15. zurelol

    Hello from Italy

    toscano, nella zona di firenze