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  1. Is there a rules pack, or more specifically what time will it finish on Sunday? (if am looking at booking trains) Thank you 🙂
  2. Am 5 wins 1 loss with a fixed list Perdita crew across 6 tournament games now .... She's sound (and only 3 or 4 other games with her) Have other ideas to try to but not wanted to complicate things yet so there are options too imo
  3. He's rubbish... And that's it To. Quote a good friend, only. Good place for him is on the shelf. I was determined to prove thdt wrong but I've gotta agree, done nothing for me in a few games and would never pay more.. Its upsetting too as is one of my fav and best painted models
  4. Interesting read thank you Love the viks, played them in to 3 tournaments exclusively, won 8 drew 1. So versatile as I seem to play them completely different Overlooked model is the malifaux child, copying students fast can end up with us having 5 3AP models General Vik tactics were to keep it simple, hold a bit turn 1 loading up on fast and focus (fast goes to Vanessa, ronin, depending on S&S and if I want to kill something armoured)... Turn 2 I always aim to remove as many AP from my opponent as possible, ignoring their master, so that scoring vp for them is extremely hard. Then if my key pieces die who cares as long as my scoring ones survive n do what they are wmant to do. So so fast... Plant explosives is my fave with them Can also outshoot a lot, throw in rusty alyce and make her fast along with Vanessa and the viks and hurt them as the come towards you if the pool allows. I could type for ages about the viks, my faves
  5. Tara for idols Though viks can do it anyway, Tara is just so good at it and idols is hardest for the viks imo
  6. Same list each game (did want to change it up last round but head couldn't add up ss so I just took same crew) Perdita Enslaved Francisco Nino Abuela Monster Hunter Brutal Effigy Pale Rider 8ss G1 v Zoraida was in plant explosives. Franc and Perdita made a beeline for Zoraida and focused on taking out his runners, was hard cos they v fast but somehow did enough. Ignored first mate completely n let it do what he wanted and killed almost everything else G2 v Parker Turf War (lost perdita and all 8ss turn one)... Had measured wrong with Perdita and couldn't pull her back with ride with me.. Rider came to rescue and all the stuff Perdita had half killed turn one melted and he just didn't have the ap to score outflank n flip turf markers then. Completely outgunned me tho G3 v Levi was Reckoning, delivered a message last actuation to squeek the win by 1vp.. Made a fort in the corner for harness leylines Full S&S are below https://www.bag-o-tools.com/live/#/live/1414 I play very aggressive and Perdita suits this... Surprisingly quick crew. Used the family rule to get bonus ap to drop schemes and move about mostly Turn 1 I nearly always try and advance Perdita so I can get a few shots off and stone for the mask if I don't have a high mask in hand. If can really hurt 4 diff models bonus, if not 4 shots at 2 or 3 models is a good start... Pale rider can follow next n ride with me to relative safety is my plan Was just a case of having simple plans n sticking to them, am not an amazing player, tho had good results with the viks this year and one last round table 1 game with Pandora/Nekima... All with sticking to simple plans n no crazy combos Am gonna try Perdita again early 2020 now I've had a few games with her and can apply that learning to more games
  7. I took fixed list Perdita to Breach 4, 3 wins from 3 (all quite tight v Zoraida, Parker and Levi) to finish 5 of 42 Only had 5 games with her total so far, 2 before that tournament but she's solid imo
  8. Trying to pay and apply coupon code from last event but it's not knocking anything off Can you put me down as a cert and will sort on the day please?
  9. We are coming Paul sold it with added sexiness
  10. Hows entrants list looking for this?
  11. Myself and Zed Strong are coming... booked the train just now (in Victoria station at 11 so walk straight over)
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