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  1. Trying to pay and apply coupon code from last event but it's not knocking anything off Can you put me down as a cert and will sort on the day please?
  2. We are coming Paul sold it with added sexiness
  3. Hows entrants list looking for this?
  4. Myself and Zed Strong are coming... booked the train just now (in Victoria station at 11 so walk straight over)
  5. Will know by end of Tues if can make this
  6. The place will look brill when you do all you want to... lots to do but be worth it and hopeful Leodis becomes central to UK Malifaux Tables and set up great already My first event in over 8 months so was happy to be playing
  7. What's the start time ... thinking trains over from Liverpool
  8. Two in one out... a week on Sunday Took cards for everyone too .. time to sign up if you just been paid
  9. Strats and Schemes via crewfaux Round one Corner deployment Public Executions Eliminate the leadership, Dig their graves, hold up forces, take prisoner, take one for the team Round two Close deployment Interference Punish the weak, set up, show of force, take one for the team, recover evidence Round three Standard deployment Ours Guarded Treasure, Show of force, inescapable trap, search the ruins, recover evidence
  10. Still loads of space for this Payday pledges will take us into double figures
  11. Rulespack added to top post Payday reminder for everyone too!
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