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  1. Is this event ranked? Cheers, Charlie
  2. Is this event ranked with prize support but no guilders? Will there be a best painted up for grabs? Cheers,
  3. I've bought a ticket and will see you there! Charlie Collins
  4. Thanks so much guys, really appreciate the info, has made things clearer for me! This is a starting list I'm proposing based on majority models I have already : Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: Barrows 50ss Leader: Parker Barrows - Cache:(4) Black Market 1ss Hail Of Bullets 1ss Stick Up 1ss Doc Mitchell 3ss Hodgepodge Emissary 10ss Conflux of Stolen Goods 0ss Bishop 9ss Johana 7ss Dead Outlaw 6ss Dead Outlaw 6ss Bandido 5ss With a SS cache of 5 ! Does it look reasonable?
  5. Thanks guys 😊 alot of that makes sense, but do you mind going into a bit more detail for the hodgepodge emissary?
  6. Hey there guys! I recently have made the move from TT to Outcasts and my first crew is Parker Barrows as I love the models and since the new GG18 I'm completely thrown with what models are good for him, I know this depends on the strats and schemes but what are the staple models you'd use or little combos you like to use? Thanks 😊
  7. These events are always awesome! Can't wait
  8. James always organises great events! Really looking forward to doing this, especially down at 1066 gaming!
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