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  1. In case anyone hasn't seen it, Kyle responded to a question on a ToS Facebook page a couple of months ago saying: To clear some confusion: during our Gen Con live stream (which you can find on our YouTube channel), we stated that we are hoping that the TOS Starter can act as a way to revitalize the game, so its launch window is very important. Clearly, we'd like to release it as soon as we are able, but with the way that the world is right now, it does not make sense for us to release it when there are not a lot of players able to play (with playing at local stores not being the sa
  2. I have the Witches and Woes set. The plastic is considerably more rigid than the ToS minis, but still feels durable. I've no idea about how the production works, but if you could get ToS minis made of the same plastic as the Pandora set, that would probably solve most of the problems that we have had with bendy models.
  3. I've really enjoyed the games that I've played but the game has stagnated since release. The two-player starter set with the ToS/M3E crossover could really change this by spreading the game amongst M3E players. I'm hoping that we get an update on this, as Q4 was the announced release for the set.
  4. Hi All, I will be running a slow grow, learners league, so we can all ease our way into 3rd Edition! The league commences on Thursday 18 July, 7pm, at 1066 Wargaming Club. We meet every Thursday evening, 7pm to 11pm, at West St Leonards Social Club, Bexhill Road, St Leonards on Sea, TN38 8BL. The league will run for six weeks, and there will be prizes! As this is a learning league, I will make my extensive collection available for borrowing at club, so you don't necessarily need your own minis! To join, search "1066 Wargaming Club" on Facebook, and navigate to the events page, or ju
  5. With M3E on the horizon, let's play some Henchman Hardcore to squeeze the dirtiest combos out of our collections! This tourney will be at 1066 Wargaming Club on Thurs 21 March from 7pm to 11pm. We are at West St Leonards Social Club on Bexhill Road, St Leonards. There will be a bar available for drinks and snacks. Pm me or come to 1066 Wargaming Club on FB to sign up.
  6. Any updates on this? I've been spoiled by the Bad Things Happen app, and now feel that adding up my own list costs and manually flipping for operation are too primitive!
  7. I completely agree. Having thought about it quite a lot since asking the question, I think the rules clearly specify that the first fireteam you attempt to move has it's movement reduced, and the tokens that cause that reduction are immediately discarded. Slowing one fireteam can still hobble the rest of the unit because of the unit coherence. There were more people on FB who viewed it differently, and one guy was pretty rude about it, but that's FB!
  8. Whilst I can see merit in both interpretations, I'm more convinced by the first sentence: When a Fireteam in this unit attempts to move, its movement is decreased It clearly says "a Fireteam" and "its movement". If it meant all fireteams in the unit, it would say something to make that clear.
  9. Removing Pinned tokens - I've been reading through the rb and am struggling to work out the pinned token removal: So if my unit has a movement of 7" and 2 pinned tokens, I can move a fireteam 3" and remove both pinned tokens? Then other fireteams in the unit can move with no reduction? Am I reading that correctly? I asked the same question on FB, and there was no clear consensus. Some agreed with my understanding while others thought that the reduced movement would affect all the fireteams in the unit before the tokens are removed.
  10. I will be hosting an evening Henchman Hardcore Tournament at 1066 Wargaming Club on Thursday 9 August. We are located at West St Leonards Social Club, 130 Bexhill Rd, St Leonards on Sea, TN38 8BL. There's free parking, and a cheap bar. The tourney will start at 19.30 after setup from 19.00, and should finish just before 23.00. Sign up is on the 1066 Wargaming Club Facebook Page. There are a handful of unfilled places, and we are always happy to welcome new faces. Please find us on FB or PM me if you need details.
  11. Same here. The shop owner said that Wyrd had missed the date. I ran a homebrew TTB scenario though, and it was well received.
  12. Thanks. That makes sense. The quickstart rules don't seem to go into that depth.
  13. Hu Heng's Focused Efforts ability allows him to draw a card whenever he fails to cast a Manifested Power; Are any of his actions Manifested Powers or is this just for future Acts where Hu has developed a Manifested Power? So does Hu not have a way of drawing in this Act like all the other Fated do? I need to know as I have a game planned for during the week and the fella who has chosen Hu is guaranteed to moan about this!
  14. I will be running Act 1 of The Obsidian Gate at 1066 Wagaming Club, starting 12 April, then every 3 weeks after that. We are located at West St Leonards Social Club, 130 Bexhill Rd, St Leonards on Sea, TN38 8BL. There's free parking, and a cheap bar. The game will start at 19.30 and should finish just before 23.00. Sign up is on the 1066 Wargaming Club RPG Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/events/973670296140363/ PM for for an invite to the group.
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