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  1. The main quastion - is it intended or its a hole in the rules?
  2. Oh shiiii.. That was a sneaky change
  3. Take Prisoner and Deliver a Message both says "if the secretly chosen model was killed by a model which was friendly to it, gain 1 VP". So do I understand it right, if you obey an enemy model and it kills your prisoner or message target - you will get a VP?
  4. Aura of 2-3" would bring this ability from "maybe sometimes it works" to more reliable way.
  5. Monks generate chi in place of Focus for concentrate action and now they can't do it twice or cant get chi and then focus. River confluxes also works once per activation even if shen will attach the same style twice. That cutted monks a lot.
  6. In 3 games, I played with McCabe I only managed to use it on the first round, placing a scrap in btb with 2-3 wastrels.
  7. As both of this abilities happens at the same time, if you are an Active player, you can choose what to resolve first, so Asami can save her oni.
  8. I will add that HR style attack should have more blasts to be competitive with his own attack (especially with a cost of chi)
  9. This is a good compromise. The only I'm worry about with this change - Monks crew. There were a lot of time while they were finally balanced in chi stacking, so if concentrate is once per activation they will not be able to take 2 chi in activation if they need it (lets not forget - if you didn't grind enough chi, you will probably die) and River confluxes also will work only once, even if Shen would attach the same upgrade twice per activation. The easiest option to fix it without rebalancing monks is to give them separate action to harvest chi, something like "Meditation - this model gains Chi token". And River confluxes could say "...this model can gain a Chi token or take a Concentrate action"
  10. I have used Fuhatsu agains Saemus and that was very effective. Ruthless+Laugh Off is amazing against them.
  11. Fuhatsu is also better if you play against a crew with a lot of terrifiyng like Redchapel
  12. Absolutely agree. Every time I get to the club and thought "ok, today I'll play Lynch" and then look ant scheme/strat pool and opponent's possible masters - I said "No, thank you. It's McCabe (for example) time".
  13. Also looks interesting on Minako. HtK + challange is a good combo for her
  14. Format - 50SS tournamentSchemes and strategies - m3 rulebook. Date – 16.02.2019.Place - "Amulet club", Surgut, Entuziastov 1 Upgrade and units card can be printed (of course). Models can be unpainted. Proxy policy from GG2018. Unrelesed models can be proxed by models of the same base sizeStart at 11:00For partisipation text me in private messages
  15. Another overcosted model is Kamaitachi. If we look at his actions and abilities we will see a regular totem: insignificant enforcer with crew buff for card draw and weak attack. Yes, his "weaselnado" is interesting, but he needs to be in the pit and due to he is fragile he will die quickly, so no card draw tricks anymore. If you want to keep card draw, than you should keep Kamaitachi out of combat. Here are the options: 1. lower his price to regular tomem's 2-3 ss 2. give him the innate trigger for weaselnado moving. 3. Remove insignificant. Also it would be nice if he get the Versatile characteristic. Even for 4 ss it can be a good counterpick against summoners, but for 4+1 there are a lot of other options.
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