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  1. Third qualification round for Russia Grand-Tourney for Surgut players27.05.18, start at 11:00Club "Amulet", Entuziastov 1more info here https://vk.com/surhmr?w=wall-54021259_8420%2Fall
  2. Second qualification round for Russia Grand-Tourney for Surgut players06.05.18, start at 11:00Club "Amulet", Entuziastov 1more info here https://vk.com/surhmr?w=wall-54021259_8407%2Fall
  3. First qualification round for Russia Grand-Tourney for Surgut players 29.04.18, start at 11:00 Club "Amulet", Entuziastov 1 more info here https://vk.com/surhmr?w=wall-54021259_8405%2Fall
  4. Rugh Z'ull

    March Newsletter

    What happened with the Undying box?
  5. Rugh Z'ull

    What are some good Ten Thunders builds for Henchman Hardcore?

    Tried this build last few HH games (win all of them): Toshiro, Dawn Serpent, Komainu, Performer That was the first time when I took serpent in the list and I was very happy about him. Don't know about bigger formats, but on 20SS fasted by Toshiro (and with on attack from him with 7 Mi) it is a death machine. Especialy when Performer finish the massacre by her trigger with damge equal to targets poison condition. Also serpent is almost unkillable if you don't mess up with activation order
  6. Rugh Z'ull

    Ply with Booze

    Tried Brewie in Ply and he worked very well, exacly as you described it. I didn't add any beater, just tanky Yin. Chatty is very important in this strategy, so Fingers worth every soulstone
  7. Second session of a large adventure of the Kin characters in the Bayou.Date 11.03.18, 13:00Location - Entuziastov 1, "Amulet" club
  8. First session of a large adventure of the Kin characters in the Bayou. Encounter - The Hand that Feeds Date 4.03.18, 13:00 Location - Entuziastov 1, "Amulet" club
  9. Rugh Z'ull

    Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    This was just a build that I used, and as for me this is the simpliest way to get 4 chi on the 1 turn "in vacuum". You can even don't hire any Goryo and just deal severe to the Statue 3 times, but its much harder to achive. All I want to say - it is better to hit something with low df and armor, than kill any hired model. For me this models are statue or izamu, cause they both works great with Lo.
  10. Rugh Z'ull

    Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    Hire anything to kill it - is a freaky waste of soulstones. This plan is like "I have to get 4 chi, no matter the cost!" All you need is 2 Goryos, Statue and Charm Warder. And how it works: Goryos activates and summon sheishins Statue activates and do whatever you want, just staying in Yan's range and LOS Charm Warder acivates and goes to the statue to touch it with the Essence Lantern auras range. So the statue will have for DF and Wp. Lo activates, discards a card, kills sheishins. He is +3 Chi now and he fires at the statue with 8 Ca against 3 DF (and the statue have for DF). So, no soulstone is wasted, no frendly model killing, you dont have to summon. It is much easier to cheat for, or just flip a severe. And, what is also very important - every hired model is useful not just for chi generating.
  11. Rugh Z'ull

    Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    Thats all sounds cool, but I don't see any reason to kill wastrel/LRM/Charm Warder (yeah, disguised is awesome, but it looks like a hole in rules and I think it will be fixed in future erratas). All you need is 2 goryos and something with low Df. I prefer the Statue - with Ca 8 (after killing of 2 sheishins and card discarding) against DF 3 it is not hard to get on the damage flip, so it is easier to get severe. And with Arm +2 we will damge statue only for 2, which is easy to heal.
  12. Format - 35SS tournament Schemes and strategies - GG-2017. Date – 25.11.2017. Place - "Amulet club", Surgut, Entuziastov 1 Upgrade and units card can be printed. Models can be unpainted. Proxy policy from GG2017 Start at 11:00 For partisipation text me in private messages
  13. Rugh Z'ull

    Criticals and Jokers

    Cant find any info about how jokers affects on generating critical effects. Is it the same as in the 1st edition? How to determine the location on joker?
  14. Rugh Z'ull

    Explosives Crafting

    thank you
  15. Rugh Z'ull

    Explosives Crafting

    Hi, There are a different items which you can craft with explosives skill such as a firebombs, dynamite and so on. But what is their cost? I cant find any in core book or in Into the Steam.