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  1. Another interesting combo of Asami+Cabe is if opponent wasn't smart enough and placed his models close to each other Asami can push McCabe through such croud up to 3 times. And with Shen instead of Asami you can do this 5 times (with the help of the students).
  2. Yup. Guess, I checked it right in the replacing process.
  3. Well, only one of the HRMs (with the spear) has lost his bonus action symbol. Also his health bar displays incorrectly. The rest of them are fine
  4. Format - 50SS tournamentSchemes and strategies - m3 rulebook. Date – 26.05.2019.Place - "Amulet club", Surgut, Entuziastov 1 Upgrade and units card can be printed (of course). Models can be unpainted. Proxy policy from GG2018. Unrelesed models can be proxed by models of the same base sizeStart at 11:00For partisipation text me in private messages
  5. I would move Ohaguro to orange as Puncture trigger is not what helps her at all. If she has higher moderate and severe than it would be good. And what she really needs - whispered truth to be a bonus action. TTB had a move in right direction, but thats also not enough for them. Their new action should be a bonus to make them competitive. So also in orange.
  6. Yeah, 7 is too much. If it was a bonus action than it would be ok, but in current interpretatation it's better better to just make a Concentrate. Chances are not so high. I think we will be fine if TTB loses its Keeping the Peace and Dance of the Heavans become a bonus instead. I mean that this change was in the right direction, but it doesn't solves the problem with TTB, unfortunatelly.
  7. I think that this is already goes under the "name listing". "model named in the title of the upgrage" - is just an interpretation of a "name X". In other words, when you declare this action you has to include a name in it.
  8. By the current wording Yan can fail replace and then draw cards as they doesn't dependent from each other. But TW can't copy Rebuild Corpus as it list a model by name.
  9. I don't find this combo with TW OP in any way. Even without a flicker it is still needs an 8 of crows for them to cast it.
  10. I suggest to copy this list to the General feedback form as it can be missed here. I already did it almost the same (minus drunken monks and kang and plus TCW and TTB)
  11. Rugh Z'ull


    don't forget about the power of ruthless and stones
  12. Rugh Z'ull


    If something is just good this is not the reason to nerf it. The only reliable reasons for nerfing - if something do thing it shouldn't do for their cost or if it do something that any opponent can't deal with in any cases. Both of it is not about Samurai. It is just a good model for 9 ss.
  13. Took them with Shen in the end of closed beta and they played quite well. They didn't change form that time. If you predicting a lot of demises - take them. The only thing I'm missing for them is Flying as model's desing says that they can, but the card says no.
  14. 1. For example. monk A hits monk B. Monk B gain chi. Then if monk A hits monk C - monk C won't get chi. 2. Just one
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