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  1. For planting explosives you could consider replacing dead rider with seamus? I think he is widely considered the best master for that strat?
  2. My condolences.. 😂 Though yeah, if you put about 10+ poison on her and can burst damage her for 10 without counter attack, I think she has more to worry about than removing poison from a few models Though of course her WP is quite high...
  3. I think the 'one or more models with this upgrade' would be the clarification needed. RAW is a bit iffy, and isn't the purpose of M3E to streamline things? New players should not be forced to comb through the rulebook for instances where bonuses such as this does not stack.
  4. So no matter how many of the upgrades you have, it still increases your handsize by one total? Good to know!
  5. Sorry, but how was it reworded to not stack? Not an arcanist player, just curious! If this model is a Minion, it also gains the following Ability: Arcane Reservoir: Crews containing a model with this Ability increase their Maximum Hand Size by 1. Is it something in the rules? I fail to see how you cannot increase handsize by 2 with two of these upgrades?
  6. For Mcmourning, I would also recommend Rafkin. He is a solid model, almost a pseudo-sebastian, and he helps getting +2/4/6 poison on your models turn 1. Besides what is already mentioned I would say a pack of Canine Remains (sebastian can summon them reliably) as well as a Rogue Necromancy. That beast is a hard hitting monster, that doesn't really care about poison when it starts swinging, poison only adds to its considerable defense. About the condition removal: I find that my opponent cannot remove enough conditions to make it meanwhile. Last game I had 5+ poison on every model in my crew, with key models having around 7-8+ after turn 1. I had ways of moving my poison around all game, so even if I lost a + 8-9 stack it wasn't as devastating as it could be. Poison is easy to come by.... Don't forget your totem having access to blood poisoning and companion! It is a very powerful combo, especially in conjunction with Mcmourning who can often put 10 + poison on a model (with Rancid Transplant), hit a couple of times, blood poison for 5 then chain activate to the totem for another potential 5. Last thing. Remember your crew heals from any kind of poison damage, not just end of turn ticks. Catalyst heals for 1. Blood poisoning can burst heal 5 if needed in a pinch (Mcmourning, Sebastian and the totem all have this lovely bonus action).
  7. I'll admit, I don't currently hate what Yin has become in 3E, but she feels split in her role! While the +1 to terror was nice, and she could maybe do with another wound, it doesn't fix the inherent problem with Yin. Her speed, solid minimum damage (as well as the in-build trigger on the melee) and constriction makes her a perfect anti-scheme runner piece. Her ranged attack being mediocore is fine, seeing how fast she is, melee should be her priority. What I think most of us don't love is her bonus action. It feels out of place, as it forces yin to be close to her allies to be able to utilize the action, but her abovementioned kit wants her as a seperate unit, hunting down those pesky scheme-runners, and dragging them back into the fray. I DO appreciate that the action is very fluffy (with yin being a vampire of sorts), but it needs to match her role as well. I could see her having either a control-ish action that could stop scheme runners in some way, or something to interact with scheme markers... Maybe along the lines of trail of gore (which would be aptly named, seeing as Yin is literally a trail of gore 😂) but it might make her too similar to Bete Noire.
  8. I'd like to give Yin some positive feedback. I play resser with Yan Lo, and I bring her every game. A lot of you liked her previous iteration in 2E, but I almost like her new version better. Sure the bonus action was awesome, but the rest of her kit? Not very frightening. Now, she is MV 6 with flight (being more powerful than ever), a solid damage track on both her melee and ranged ability (I gotta say, I hated the constant 1 damage from her in 2E). With the new speed, she can actually move into engagements and tarpit properly. She can chase down scheme runners, and enable scheming on friendly models. She could probably do with another health point or two, but I think you are all underestimating the importance of having a fast model in the ancestor crew. My two cents! 😀 On a different matter, I agree with the Chiaki criticism. I just played a 2E game with old chiaki.. She was so, so good!. The card draw is the only nice thing about her. She costs more than before, without gaining a significant boost to either her actions or her stats. Old Chiaki: Rare condition removal (at least in resser, which was a huge boost in healing due to a nurse/chiaki combo) had good utility in slow, the 0 attack action that could make someone insignificant, incorporeal (making her a decent scheme runner if needed) costs only 6 stones.. New Chiaki: One of many condition removals, has lure (which I feel is very out of place. I want her behind my lines, while engaging the enemy with Yin/Izamu/minions.. I don't want baddies NEAR her), Spirit flute is a nice enough action. Not enough defensive tools to be a 7 stone model with so little going on for her on the card. In the games I have brought her, she end up being a booster early game, then late game, she basically is just +1 activation +1 card. Sure, slow and condition removal is nice, but the cast range is not very long. My key criticism is this: Chiaki should be a center piece in any Yan Lo list. At the moment, she feels boring to play, with no big support or utility moments happening. No real synergy, aside from spirit flute, with the rest of Yan Lo's crew. She is the god-damn beacon that keeps Yan Lo in this world! She should feel awesome and needed! Her model is gorgeous, and I would hate not fielding her every game I play Yan Lo.
  9. With the recent buff to her damage, I think her damage is fine. The triggers now being open to her (and with a ram, I think 4 minimum dmg on a 2'' attack is pretty scary). She is using a whip, not a giant sword/axe/hammer. Her huge range allows her to tar-pit, which combined with her excellent 'undivided attention', she excels at shutting down models. She is NOT in my opinion a beater. With both bump in the night and undivided attention, her kit is towards tarpitting, not outright slaughter. I agree that projected voice seems out of sorts. The awkwardness of having a crew that wants to engage for WP duels, yet the crew's henchman doesn't have a meaningful WP duel to offer. I think with some tweaking towards an WP ability, sybelle is almost where she needs to be.
  10. What I like about the new ability is that it adds a much needed control ability to his kit. It slowly lets the battlefield become a minefield of remote detonatable bombs for yan lo to set up, while beefing his SS cache in the meanwhile. It does hurt Toshiro's summoning mechanic, but honestly, I like summoning not being part of Yan Lo's kit. He is an elite master, bringing and empowering his elite crew of ancestors, while emerging as a BAMF in the end, ready to end all opposition. ... But that might just be my perception.. 🙂 I will probably try Toshiro as a flanking leader with a couple of minions.. If they kill toshiro, he will pass his reliquary, enabling the summon from Yan Lo, if they focus on the minions, he will have his engine up and running. But that's all theorycraft.
  11. Maybe increasing the range on the ability will help a bit, without making the ability too easy to set up? Something like 5'' instead of 3?
  12. I'd like to point out the three unique interactions a cause for celebration creates. It states that you may ignore text written in italics. It means: 1) you can shoot his gun twice (the obvious one) 2) you can terrorize your own models 3) you can teleport from anywhere on the board. Most of the time you will take option 1, but sometimes I think option 3 is a pretty juicy option as well.
  13. I like the changes so far, though I feel like most of us aren't completely satisfied by bone ascendant. To be honest I like his extra squishiness.. the last couple of games my opponent has just stopped trying to kill him because of all his defensive tech. It might be too much, but we will see. I think I will just default to blocking charge lanes and using ash as my first upgrade to avoid any funny business. I haven't tried the new komainu but they do look incredibly nasty for 6 points. The breath does look a bit too strong with a decent attack and damage track on a blasting/burning attack.
  14. Well if you FIRST skip activation with copycat killer, then at another point swap with seamus BEFORE he uses lying in wait, then you can lie in wait with seamus if you so desire. Of course the board state will determine whether you want to do it on both of them. Since it is CCK's own move effect it works. I agree that it is quite clunky, but still, its there.
  15. My 2 cents on this issue: On the other hand, with how dependent yan lo is on retainers to use his strong replace, it feels like I am being taxed for not bringing Toshiro with Yan lo. That kills flexibility and creativity in crew building, which is a bit of an issue already with the current theme build that Wyrd is going for. I am not saying it is the perfect solution proposed, but I still see an issue with the current iteration. I also feel like putting a fourth defensive ability on Yan Lo is a bit dull and overkill. Giving a longer range control ability like M2E terracotta curse or the like is an option I miss a bit. What did he do then, that was so powerful? The last version of him in CB was identical to the one in open, maybe his upgrades was different? What is your ideal Yan Lo? I am curious since it has been looming underneath your posts.. 😛
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