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  1. This is how I always imagine this trigger: unfortunately I never had a chance to make this trigger relevant
  2. The most fun I had with the goat was when it charged trough concrete wall. Incorporeal robot goat is super fun idea. I admit, the charge achieved nothing, but it was amazing
  3. I made this list basing on my experience when playing the models or facing them (or not facing them at all - like saboteurs). I guess there are different opinions on some of these models and I think it's great that not all of them are generally considered garbage
  4. Personally I don't know why he hired rat kings as you're able to create them from rats (and when they merge they can have like 8 focused). I'd pick Mad Dog instead, but hey, it's not bad if it works Could you explain a bit more how he does the job? each time I faced him he didn't do much.
  5. YESSS!!! I was hoping that in 3rd edition she becomes a Redchapel henchman for Seamus. I would be amazed if she was introduced in the future.
  6. I'm actually glad that somebody finds more value in those models than I do For me climbing gear is bit bad, as it doesn't work on models that start movement in range, just on models in range. It screwed me over few times.
  7. @hydranixx thanks for the feedback That was my initial concern too - that the action creates too big swing. Thanks for suggestions, I'll think about something
  8. I'm actually skipping Harpooners in EVS, as just other models are better and I can't see any value in anything they bring to the table.You have better beaters and better support in other models in the crew. Alpinist is IMO a trap model, that doesn't offer that much. You can hire him as sole scheme runner, though other models (usually those in keyword) would do better job. I've never played mei myself, just guys who played her told me they are garbage that doesn't bring anything to the crew.
  9. that's nice idea, i like it.
  10. I say each Faction has at least one unplayable or bad non-totem model in range 4-7. From top of my head: Guild: Pistolero (worst model in the game, lol), Guild patrol (as hire, not summon), Newsie, Witchling Stalker, Queller Ressers: Guild autopsy, Night Terror (crooligans are just better), onryo (as hire) Arcanists: Moleman, Hoarcat, Saboteur, Paul Crockett, December acolyte Neverborn: Bloodwretch, Bultungin, Aversion (why this model even exists?), Waldgeist, maurice, tuco, Rattler, Outcasts: Desperate Mercenary, winged plague Bayou: Banjonista, Lightning bug, Ten Thunders: Geisha (she brings only lure to the table so she becomes primary target of many enemies), Rail Worker, Lotus Eater, TT bro, Obsidian oni (as hire) Explorers Society (yes, even the faction that everyone complains about has bad models): Moorwraith, Alpinist, Harpooner, Nocturne (as summon, you sometimes can hire one, though it's still bad idea IMO), Berserker Husk (as hire). Too bad that still models with cost 8+ are performing much better usually at it (maybe excluding snipers and some overstated/undercosted minions), since your opponent needs to spend more resources at killing them. From my experience the best what low-cost minion can do in the game is be mobile and provide some utility for the crew (healing/moving friends/card draw and so) - it doesn't have to attack enemies at all. Yes and no. I've seen more people complaining about named characters rather than cheap garbage (for example - I've noticed more posts complaining about taelor over those complaining about desperate mercenaries). BTW. Vincent is good situational pick
  11. I think nice idea would be to include more schemes that care about model cost. Right now we have only vendetta (which is rarely taken on little guys) or hidden martyrs. Adding 1-2 schemes that care about cheap, significant models would be cool. M2E had lots of crazy stuff, much more than current version. I remember when rats were errated that they couldn't be hired in crews lead by masters other than Hamelin, since EVERY OC master was hiring 2 rats and obedient wretch just to get 8 activations for 8 stones My thoughts exactly. Low-cost models that want to stab/shot stuff are usually garbage (like pistolero or witchling stalker).Unfortunately, they potential damage output can't be boosted, as high damage/cost ratio could be end of big boys.
  12. I think it depends on the model. There are models with cost in range 4-6 which you hire very often (like crooligans, necropunks, undergraduates, hucksters, operatives, machinists, etc.) mostly because they are either excellent scheme runners (crooligans/necropunks/hucksters) or are undercosted (undergraduates) or are great counterpicks/support option (operatives/machinists). Type of models that suffer from this price range are models who want to be quasi-beaters,shooting at enemies or engaging them in melee. Also, most models in game have wounds equal to their cost, so low-cost models die to focused severe damage. So I never used ruffians/geishas/showgirls more than 1, though I picked 3 undergraduates and tried 3 vataagi huntsmen once. I guess Molly can bring 3 Crooligans with her too. There are options, but usually you'll bring only one such model for specific purpose. they did. For instance, when Desperate Mercenaries were buffed to cost 3 stones instead of 4 I've seen lists with 6 of them, just to ensure activation control over opponent.
  13. You can if Yan Lo is you crew's leader (so not when taken as second master).
  14. This may be mistake on my side due to language differences - in Polish we often refer to nurses per "sister", I don't know if it's same thing in English. She is definitely not a nun, just a regular nurse (who also has passion for ending patients suffering for good) That's good point. I wanted to give him high WP stat so he could have chance against those pesky lures and obeys, but you're right, he should be WP 3-4. My mistake - it should be stat 6, so it would work on 8. It's situational soulstone gain and I think something like card with value of 8-9 should be enough. Would be nice, but I doubt it'll happen
  15. Hi guys, so after a while I decided to expand the keyword a bit more as well as address some issues you raised Initially I was thinking about different name, though I wanted to avoid duplicating existing attacks. I changed the name and added a minor bonus to it. I initially wanted to give them an upgrade, though I decided it's not worth the space - you always summon an Orderly, which are not the toughest models among minions that can be summoned. Now I think that summoning without slow/staggered can create too big swing in the game (even if you are attacking with stat 5 against Wp are you need rams). Anyway - for the models I renamed the attack and added an option for it to deal bit more damage against targets that are already staggered I'm quite happy how the Totem looks like, so I decided to not change it. And for the new models - the Henchman who embodies the "drain their resources" mentality - either by forcing the discards or making enemy cheat a lot of the duels. She came to Malifaux after few investigations Earthside discovered abnormal number of patients who died on her shifts. After meeting Sigmunt Von Horn, she was offered a job at the Asylum, which she gladly took. Together with Dr Grimwell she is one of most trusted staff members by the Director Von Horn. Definitely not the kind of nurse you want to meet. While the good sister prefers to pick her targets carefully, the Brute just goes straight into the fray. One of former patients, his violent outbursts combined with enormous posture caused few problems to the staff (including need to hire new employees). Thankfully, the amazing work of Asylum Staff cured him... at least partially. Now he helps with pacifying other patients (both actual and potential ones) He is THE beater for the keyword, able to engage in combat with some other big guys. Lastly - Asylum Interns. Young people with heads filled with dreams and ideals, willing to learn how to help those in need. They embody everything when it comes to trainees - quite expendable and annoying with their tons of questions. They are not familiar with some quite violent procedures that are performed to the patients. Regardless of their flaws, they are quite good at running errands for more experienced colleagues. Let me guys know how do you like the models
  16. I wish my DUA models could fail Gibson Mechanical Firefly without cheating
  17. Frontier is nice, though I think it can be a bit deceptive when learning the game, as they have easy access to cover and ignore terrain when moving, so it can lead to learning few bad habits for the player (like bad positioning of models). Since you're coming back from M2E it shouldn't be the issue (just learn how concealment and cover exactly works ) I wouldn't recommend McCabe for 1st master, since - as you said - he likes to takes models OOK, regardless if he plays in TT or ES - in TT you take Samurai, Yorogumo and Kabuki Warriors, in ES Beebe+Calypso, Daeva and Botanist. His keyword is made of paper and is unable to stay in combat for long. Syndicate takes like 1 model from keyword (Winston) and plays OOK mostly. Release of remaining models is an issue if you want to expand into ES, as they will be released in Outcast Starter Box. From my experience Apex struggles in symbols but just decimates enemy crews in public executions. It has easy way of accomplishing vendetta/hidden martyrs too. I think it's the best among ES masters you're interested in to start with.
  18. I tried it, it's nice, though I prefer them in dua/apex
  19. You're right, I started to learn his background after deciding to play him - the "British spy that summons shadow monsters" were my initial thoughts about this guy
  20. Wyrd could just clarify/change the rule of relenting duels in clear way that disallow Cadmus models to relent an attack from enemy with parasite token.
  21. I like the idea of expanding the Asylum keyword. Had some spare time, so I decided to write a concept for the master and the totem. I wanted to create deny master, who drains opponent resources, while creating difference in mobility between crews (enemies with staggered vs friendly models with movement tricks). I wanted to utilize the idea of weaker master combined with stronger totem too. Let me know what do you think Sigmund Von Horn 13 cost Master, Living Asylum 5 DF 6 WP 4MV 2SZ 10 wounds, 30mm Persistent Therapy: Enemy models with Staggered that start their Activation engaged by friendly Asylum model must either discard a card, or this model may Drop a Scheme Marker in base contact with them, ignoring LoS. Protected(Asylum): After this model is targeted by an enemy Attack Action, it may discard a card to change the target to a friendly Asylum model within 2” of this model (ignoring range, LoS and targeting restrictions). Intuition: At the start of this model’s Activation, it may look at the top three cards of its Fate Deck and then return them in any order. Sedatives: After a Staggered Condition ends on an enemy model within 6 outside of that model Activation, the enemy model gains Slow. ---------- Attack Actions: View of the Endless (RG: 10”, STAT: 6, RST: Wp, TN: -): Target suffers 1/2/3 damage and gains Staggered. Daze: Target gains Stunned and is Pushed up to 3” in any direction. Dementia (RG: 10”, STAT: 5, RST: Wp, TN: 12): This Action cannot target the same model more than once per Activation. Non-Master only. Place the target anywhere within 3” of its current location. Then, the target takes a non-Charge General Action chosen and controlled by this model. Involuntary Commitment: Once per Turn. Enemy only. After resolving the generated Action, Summon an Orderly into base contact with the target. Touch of Madness: Target Discards a random card. Tactical Actions: Emergency Surgery (RG: 2”, STAT: 7, RST: -, TN: 10): Other Living model only. Target Heals 1/2/3. Pulled Here and There: Push either this model or the target up to 3”. Dark Bargain (RG: 6”, STAT: 6, RST: -, TN: 10): Friendly only. Target suffers 1 damage and may then take the Interact Action. Burn Out: Target suffers 2 damage and gains Fast. Ian Connor 8 Cost Enforcer, Living Asylum 6 DF 5 WP 5MV 2SZ 8 wounds, 30mm By Your Side: At the start of this model’s Activation, it may discard a card to Place itself within 2” of a friendly non-Minion that shares a Keyword with it. Hostile Work Environment: Enemy models within 6 may not be targeted by the Actions of other enemy models. Restraining Tactics: Friendly Asylum models within 6 increase the range of their Actions by +1”. Restraints: Enemy models with Staggered that are engaged by this model are ignored by their controller for the purposes of Strategies and Schemes. Research Specimens: After this model kills an enemy model, this model may draw a card. Hard to Kill: When this model suffers damage, if it has 2 or more Health, it may not be reduced to below 1 Health. ---------- Attack Actions: Staggering Punch (RG: 0”, STAT: 6, RST: Df, TN: -): Target suffers 2/3/4 damage and gains Staggered. You’re Comin’ with Me: Push the target up to 3” in any direction, then Place this model into base contact with it. Can’t Breathe: Target must have Staggered. When resolving, the target suffers +2 damage. Lead the Way (RG: 2”, STAT: 6, RST: Df, TN: 11): This Action cannot target the same model more than once per Activation. Target model is Pushed 4” in any direction, then Push this model up to 4” toward the target. Sudden Strike: This model may take a Action. Tactical Actions: Electroshock Therapy(Rg: 6”, STAT: 6, RST: -, TN: 14): Enemy Models within range must each pass a TN 12 Wp duel suffer 1 damage and gain Staggered. Models that already had Staggered when this Action was declared and failed the duel must discard a card each. Surge: Draw a card.
  22. I was going to play as Ressers or Bayou this edition and had no initial interest in the faction. But then Ivan was spoiled - British spy that summons shadow monsters? The concept bought me immediately and I decided to main him, regardless how weak or strong he'd turn out.
  23. He can. He measure los and range from calypso, but he doesn't target himself. Same as nexus can attack with hive strike a model from which she measures los and range.
  24. I think that in case of Ivan the Runic Siphon should either have a TN of something like 13/14 or that you cannot target the same model more than once per activation with it. Honestly I doubt the Wyrd changes how he summons models (ie. in base contact with enemy model).
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