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  1. Strategy: Plant explosives Scheme List: Power Ritual Detonate Charges Harness the Ley Line Outflank Vendetta Total Time Played: 4 hours Rounds Played: 5 Final Score: 5:6 My list: Ramos + 5 Soulstones Brass Arachnid Joss Howard Langston 2* Coryphee Metal Gamin Soulstone Miner + Magical Training Plant Explosives 3, Outflank 1, Vendetta 1 (Coryphee to Shastar Vidiya Guard) cktAvatar List: Sandeep Desai + 5 Soulstones Banasuva Kudra Acharya Kandara Shastar Vidiya Guard + Magical Training Shastar Vidiya Guard Essence of Power Oxfordian Mage Plant Explosives 3, Harness the Ley Line 2, Vendetta 1 (Shastar Vidiya Guard to Joss) My notes: -Steam Arachnid and Electrical Creation are great summons for Ramos, even if he only let they explode -Mecharachnid are not bad, but Soulstone Miner are better, you can hire or summon than in realy special situations - Coryphee Duet are realy overpriced, they die so easyly. An Arcane Emmisary would help me a lot better and would be cheaper. In the end they die to Sandeep Arcane Explosion to a Poison Gamlin Notes from cktAvatar - Essence of Power: +1 to duels in the big bubble in the middle decided a lot of duels! Plus being an elemental it could concentrate and get all the buffs from the Mantras(card draw, auto damage, push, heal). - Sandeep: The summoned Gamins did a lot of work. Scheming and using the Mantras of the Academics. Exploding Poison Gamins with their additional Demise Ability was really efficient. - Kandara: Thanks to her Mantra there were a lot of card draws.
  2. Kelto

    Coryphee duet

    Toolkit can´t heal the Duet, it has not the living charatesitc. Yeah the Duet survivability is at the same level as the Riders, but he Duet lose it´s survivabilty as soon as it split itself. Without the split you have a outpout as a lot of 8 SS Models, but with tankines of a 11 SS model (without it´s utility). I will test the Silent One with Colette, but i don´t have the feeling that i will be woth it´s cost of 7 SS in a thematic crew.
  3. Kelto

    Coryphee duet

    Have you played the new Duett? You do half of its current life as damage if you split, that means that you do yourself one point damage each time you split and have an odd woundcount. I had now my second play with the Duett, and if this the final state, i would not bring it to the table in the future. Now there are so many ways to kill a single Coryphee with 2 or 3 wounds, you can't get the Split each term. We need to see things from both sides: The Duett have nimble, with the old rules you would never use it. In my games I used it nearly every round and the Duett get a different feeling with it. It's a fun figure to play, but if you can not use Split nearly every round, it is not 12 SS worth.
  4. Kelto

    Coryphee duet

    I had one game with the duet and I am not convinced from her. My problem is not that they need the healing, it is that now you can´t use 4 AP each turn. If the Duet get the first damage, then you have after the split a Coryphee with 4 Hp. There are a lots of models, wich can kill it with a single Activation. Now i don´t see the Duet at 12 SS, more like 10....
  5. I have a little question to Puppetmaster and Duett: If you use Puppetmaster to replace two Coryphen with a Duet, can you activate the Duet afterwards, even if one Coryphe was activated before?
  6. Little correction: Envy did not get a VP vor the kill, because he did not survive Envys activation. At the End it was Tara 4 Raspy 5. And now my thoughts: Raspy Crew: This game was the first time that I would prefer December Acolyte over Envy, because I did not have enough cards for his free action each turn and Tools for the Job would bring so mutch. I am happy, next time I will use him. Rasputina did not mutch damage but in her new role as boardcontroll Mage she did a fantastic Job. Taras Crew: Scion was annoying. Really annoying, i could not do anything against him, because he was the whole time buried. He is good the way he is, but for shemes like Vendeta he is a auto include in a Tara Crew. Aiounus needs a buff. I can't see in witch way he could worth his Stones.
  7. Kelto

    Mech Rider

    I tested her yesterday at a little tournament and she was not bad. Yes her cost are realy high, but she get one or two VP safe. I only use her as a expensive sheme runner, and did not use 1 trigger from her 0 Action. My opponet could do nothing against her, thanks to the tokens for damage reduction. You could use her if a normal runner would be killed.
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