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  1. All crews. As such, I declare this request completely crazypants. In addition to dancater's extremely valid list of difficulties I add this: subjectivity. Some people just gel better with some masters/hemchmen/enforcers/minions/peons in the Guild/Arcanists/Outcasts/Gremlins/Ten Thunders/Ressurectionists/Neverborn. Let alone the master-as-faction 'toons like Marcus or Leveticus... I'm listing everything to try and show the enormity of this request. You're basically trying to condense the majority of the forums into one thread. It's bananas!
  2. Get Crossroads Seven, choose faction based on favorite effect for each step of the way, and win. Rock and roll.
  3. All the Ripples of Fate crew boxes were pre-released at GenCon as a teaser. They go on sale for real down the road.
  4. I'd suggest you go with this type of feeling. Any master can be learned. You'll play it more if you want to play it, and practice makes perfect. That said, your biggest bar to entry is that Parker is not for general sale. As such you'd have to scrounge one up, or keep your fingers firmly crossed until Black Friday.
  5. Collodi. One million times Collodi! "I got no strings/ to hold me down..."
  6. I am returned from the field of combat: this is what I have survived to tell you! I played a Doppelganger with Mimic's Blessing. I was unable to harm any opponents all game long. Which was a shame, because I didn't die once before time was called. Manipulative and Mimic's Blessing are a hell of a thing. It didn’t help that my fate deck seems to consist entirely of fours and fives... regardless. I took a disengaging strike just to leave a game long ineffective slap fight between myself and the Nothing Beast just to walk to the center of the board and declare myself king/queen of the mountain. (Doppelgangers...) It seems like the most valuable ability on the table was to be able to hurt your opponents during their own activations. We had a Nothing Beast on our table that couldn't pull of a hit on my Doppelgangster during its own turn, but on two separate occasions the same fresh Teddy activated and the Nothing beast KO'd the bear. On it's own activation. Twice. On the other side of the table was a Convict Gunslinger with a new upgrade that I can't remember the name of. Basically it seemed to give a defense trigger to return fire, and the return fire could declare triggers. This, and hot cards, led to the Convict Gunslinger blasting any that dared attack him twice... on their turn... per attack. Bonkers. I went to check in with a friend on another table, who was going with a flying Teddy. He got a few kills, and a few deaths. Seems that his freshly dead opponents would spawn right near him and try and get their pound of flesh. A gremlin I'm not familiar with who blows up for 4 damage when it dies ran the table. Show up, hurt stuff, blow up, stuff dies. Points, points, points... I probably would have had a more interesting time with my Strong Arm Suit, but as I haven't settled on a paint scheme for my Friekorps, I didn't have it painted. There's always next time. Cheers.
  7. I've got a soft spot for "juicy" abominations. I also like how effective but understated Ashes & Dust (and it's constituent parts) came out. Cheers!
  8. Thanks for the answer. It seems like coming in below 10 ss will be important for maximizing VPs, along with not dying. Now who is best at both of these...
  9. Also what would the timing of reactivate in Enforcer brawl be? Lone Swordsman could be worth a chuckle or two...
  10. Doppelganger is a particularly wicked, tricksy choice. Very Neverborn. Hadn't even considered it, but you bring up some nasty points. I could see her having a rough go against anything armored, but one can't have it all. Any other less than 10ss enforcers who could roll with the big dogs?
  11. Each of these boxes has something thematically to add to the game, very strong models throughout. Looking forward to which if any to get early at GenCon this year. Heck, I even like the gremlin box! (Although the thought of building those Iron Skeeters fills me with a deep existential dread. Good that I have no intention of going green.) The star, for me, is doubtlessly the Queen Returns. I'm not even a fan of Neverborn, but that crew just drips style, menace, and panache. The one set that enthralls me least would have to be an Oni's Wrath, but the potential that the game has in further implementing oni seems pretty great regardless. The other crews are in a boiling stew of awesome, so I will not bother to try and rate them further, each has something fetching and compelling, and a few forgivable duds. (Poison gamin, meh, but look at that Banasuva....) Cheers!
  12. I was wondering if it was worth trying Lazarus, as lobbing bombs all over the damned place seemed like a good time, but as soon as he's engaged he becomes much less viable, so I scrapped (Hah!) that idea. That said, I keep eyeing his Armor +2 and Self Repair... and who knows what kind of mischief I can get up to with his Assimilate! Good insight on Raphael LaCroix, I won't be playing him but it's good to keep an eye out for.
  13. I'm a new player, and after being harrangued, harrased, chided, bribed, and cajoled into attending GenCon I'm seriously considering my first tournament being the Sunday Enforcer Brawl. Seems simple enough, and it would be a chance to interact with the community beyond my local FLGS and our nascent little group. So I come to open the floor to the wisdom of all: what's the nastiest filth we can slap on the table? Mind you, the sole objective is by no means to win, but I have to assume that the table will be MAXIMUM FILTH: FILTH ON FILTH, and I want to be able to take a few swings, at least. I'll open with a few thoughts: Strongarm Suit + Oathkeeper= Leaping, crushing, shutting down defensive tech and sniping/rocketpunching weak or unhurt models, farming those sweet sweet VPs. Theodore + On Dreaming Wings/Retribution's Eye= Flying Bear or Armor Ignoring DF/WP trigger shutdown Bear? Bishop + Oathkeeper= Seems fantastically versatile, with the option for one epic NO SURVIVORS double flury turn. Also I'd probably paint him as Lobo. Howard Langston + Imbued Energies = Decapitate against four card hands, so spice! Izamu + Unnerving Aura = Hard-bodied, a self heal, and an aura that has the potential to swipe some easy hurt-em-first VPs Teach me your ways!
  14. Hw much are you looking for for that Hannah?

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