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Found 15 results

  1. What: Malifaux Enforcer Brawl When: Sunday January, 13th, 2019 Where: The Mighty Meeple 8440 Pit Stop Ct. NW Concord, NC 28027 Additional info: There will be a $5 entry fee for the event. Store credit will be given out based on attendance, and prizes will be raffled off to participants. Everyone will have a chance to win something! If you do not have an Enforcer or a Fate deck, one will be provided to you.
  2. Date: Saturday, December 8, 2018 Start time: 10:00am Location: Dragon's Lair Houston North Address: 21151 State Highway 249, Houston, Texas 77070 Store Contact: (832) 761-0072 Dragon's Lair Website Dragon's Lair Houston is hosting their second annual Extra Life charity event on Saturday, December 8. There will be lots of different games being played all day long and a charity auction with some really cool stuff up for grabs. On the Wyrd front of things, I will be there running Malifaux demos, The Other Side Demos, and later in the afternoon an enforcer brawl! Details fo
  3. Greetings! We will be hosting an Enforcer Brawl at Dreamers Vault Games - Burnsville on 11/14/18 $5 Entry 7PM Start Time 14332 Burnhaven Drive 55306 Burnsville Minnesota 952 895 1989 Feel free to contact me either here or at julian@dreamersvault.com with any questions
  4. It's that time again for another Henchman Hardcore Standoff at Jacks on Queen! This time around we're adding another format afterwards for those interested; a quick game of Enforcer Brawl! Link to the post of Facebook with all details: https://www.facebook.com/events/487404238397893/ August 25, 2018 12:00-5:00 $20.00 tax included and each participant gets to pick a new model as their prize! Jacks on Queen - 18 Queen Street W, Elmvale ON 705-515-5225 info@jacksonqueen.com
  5. For those of you who can't make it to GenCon, come check out the Game On Expo at the Phoenix Convention Center August 10th-12th! Among the many great games, Malifaux will be represented with demos and an Enforcer Brawl event. https://gameonexpoaz.com/
  6. Hear-yea, hear-yea! Malifaux’s newest town is currently under construction and we need you, valiant Wyrdo, to become its first inhabitants! Picturesque White Sands boast breathtaking sunsets, beach-worthy sandstorms, glistening mirages that may (or may not) resemble actual water and of course, not a single bloodthirsty Neverborn in sight!* Do you have what it takes to reap the rewards this bountiful land has to offer and be one of the first citizens of White Sands? If so, join us at Jacks on Queen is Elmvale, Ontario on Saturday July 21 starting at 2:00, and get ready to take an uneventf
  7. Come one, come all to a death-defying test of strength and will! We will pit the strongest enforcers in Malifaux to the test in our battle royale! Rules will follow the official enforcer brawl ruleset. Your selected model should be painted. If we have enough players we will have 2 simultaneous battles that will culminate in the top 3 finishers from each table in a final rumble for the top gladiator! This is a free event with a prize raffle to follow. Wyrd Official Enforcer Brawl Format The Enforcer Brawl is an arena deathmatch where players take their favorite Enforcers and wreak as
  8. DEMO/ Malifaux Open House Event Where: Top Cut Comics, 5600 N 2nd Street Loves Park, IL 61111 When: Sunday June 10 from 111:00 AM - 6:00 PM What:Top Cut Comics in Loves Park, IL will be hosting an Malifaux Open House Event Open to everyone.Stop by and learn how to play or join in one the on-going events through out the day. We will playing rounds open games of Endforcer Brawl, Hardcore Henchman. Models will be provided for those hat need them. There will be sales on all Malifaux merchandise throughout the store, prize raffles and food. Join old friends or make new ones an
  9. Dreamers Vault - Burnsville will be running an Enforcer Brawl on Wednesday March 28th. $5 Entry 7PM Start Time Store Credit Prizes! Dreamers Vault Burnsville 14332 Burnhaven Drive Burnsville MN, 55306 952-895-1989
  10. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Dates: February 12th Time: Encounters will start 6pm Cost: $5 Every year around Valentine’s day, something always seems to happen. Someone is always trying to win the love of Malifaux’s lovely ladies. This year is no different. Seems like young Mr. Archytas has taken a liking for Miss Step. Winning over this lady is not going to be easy, but with a little help from some Enforcers and Leveticus, it could be a Valentine to remember. This event is an Enforcer Brawl, but with a twist. Players do not earn
  11. Prepare your Enforcers and worship December Sunday, February 4th fight for favor of December's chosen Two rounds Enforcer brawl (you can change Enforcers between rounds!!!) Start at 13-00 End approximately at 19-00 Up to 32 entrants Fee 350RUR Geek Wars Mendeleevskaya store: 127055 Moscow Novoslobodskaya str. 50/1 bld 2,
  12. Prepare your Enforcers and worship December Sunday, February 4th fight for favor of December's chosen Two rounds Enforcer brawl (you can change Enforcers between rounds!!!) Start at 13-00 End approximately at 19-00 Up to 32 entrants Fee 350RUR Geek Wars Mendeleevskaya store: 127055 Moscow Novoslobodskaya str. 50/1 bld 2,
  13. Come and join us for Malifaux gaming at the LVO 2018! Purchase your Malifaux ticket here: http://www.lasvegasopen.net/ Balleys, Las Vegas Nevada Friday : Enforcer Brawl 12:00 pm Start Time 4:00 pm End Time Max Players 24 Wyrd Official Enforcer Brawl Format: The Enforcer Brawl is an arena death match where players take their favorite Enforcers and wreak as much mayhem as possible! This is a great format to use if you have spent all day playing competitively and your group is looking for something more laid back for the evening. It is also a great way to
  14. Barroom blitz 1! What: Enforcer brawl mini event Who: you? Where: Sentry Box Calgary Alberta When: January 9th 530pm arrival, 6pm start Why: Fun? Prize Raffle? Stuff? How: Some excellent people.
  15. We played a Henchman Hardcore and Enforcer Brawl Tournament in San Antonio this past weekend. Dr. Grimwell's crew performed very well. Special note: both starter set crews meet the requirements for a Henchman Hardcore crew. In the Hardcore rounds I got 4th place. Game 1 versus a motley crew of gremlins I won on Turf War VP. Game 2 versus Barbaros and 3 Young Nephilim was different. I should have sat back and let them come to me, but I decided to charge in. Their flying abilities let them split my crew up and I got picked apart. Game 3 was a tense match against Ten Thunders. Jorogumo
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