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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All! Once again we are holding our doubles tournament here in lovely Leytonstone, because in all honesty we all had such a good time previously we wanted to do it again! As anyone who attend last year will tell you, this is as relaxed as a tournament as you are likely to get, and because (if you have never plaid doubles) the combo's you and your opponents can unlock can be frankly outrageous, but also quite hilarious. Please find attached the Rules Pack for the event. We would really like to highlight the tiebreaker points system as there is quite a bit you can do before you even attend the event (ooooohhhhhhhhh!!!). We have spaces for 12 teams of two players and if you would like a ticket, please send £30 for your team to twgc_treasurer@tanelornwgc.org – alongside the other details listed in the pack. First come, first served! Of course if you have any queries then feel free to post here or to message me on the forums. All of us at Tanelorn look forward to seeing you then! Teams PAID (once space is gone, it’s gone… till there is a drop out and we pull your team from the reserve list… oh you know what I mean) 1. We will defo win more than Palace - John Burgess and Andy Bradshaw 2. Something to do with BendyBoards.co.uk - Mike Marshall and Lee Batterick 3. Ancestral Vengeance - Connor and Jen 4. Darksphere team Alpha - Bradley and Francois 5. Dumb Cluck - Panzer and Eless 6. Old and Cranky - Conrad EJ Gonsalves and The Gedginator 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Teams interested but not as of yet paid/Reserve list if we are sold out 1. Mike and Phil 2. Like this 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Tanefaux - Double or Bust II - Calgar's Revenge.pdf
  2. Hi Our group is just coming to the final instalment of the Nythera campaign and a spot has opened up. 4th and final episode all preset characters so can easily slot into the game. Session is booked for Friday 26th February. 6pm at Southampton Sluggaz, St Denys community centre, SO17 2JZ. email me at toofboy@gmail.com if you would like to join us.
  3. Even in the farthest south west possible of Western Europe, Land's end. There's Bad things Happening! I am based in Truro, Cornwall until late June 2013. And I am involved in two gaming groups that both have a young and growing Malifaux community! Every Tuesday evening, you can find me for a demo or a game at the infamous Troll Trader, Truro! http://www.thetrolltrader.com/ Plenty of gaming space with a vibrant community here as well! Every Wednesday evening, you are welcome to join us at the Wizards and Warlords gaming club. Find out more and how to get there at: http://www.wizardsandwarlords.co.uk/members/forum/ a very warm and friendly environment, i've just demo'd 6 people into their beginner phase, so you are welcome to join anytime! Please PM me if you have any queries or would like to make an appointment/get involved in Malifaux at these places! Looking forward to seeing you there. Nickie
  4. The Breach Cracks Open in Southwest England's Gaming Convention! Plymouth Association of Wargamers is a well known gaming annual gaming convention, and this year two newly appointed Henchmen, Devilshot and I will be make sure fate is twisted and bad things happen! "This years show will build on the success of PAW 2012. Tournaments. Bigger display games. Even more participation games. Plenty of variety of Traders. A huge Bring and Buy. Re-enactors in period costume. There will be something for everyone at PAW 2013." The show takes place on Saturday & Sunday February 2nd/3rd 2013, at The Kitto Centre, Honicknowle Lane, Plymouth PL5 3NG. http://www.paw2013.co.uk/ Between Devilshot and I we've got atleast 8 fully painted crews for anyone interested in learning the game, so come and join us! - Devilshot & Nickienogger
  5. Hi all, come late December I'll be looking to get into Malifaux, starting with a December crew (fitting I know). I'm local to the Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford areas (UK, Staffordshire) so if anyone wants to contact me for a game that'll be good as there doesn't seem to be a henchman for these areas. I have a question regarding my understanding of the "crew picking" rules which will help me to expand as I progress in the hobby. You draw for mission and location, and state your faction before selecting your crew. I want to know how these translate to competitive environments. For example when I come to choosing my crew, is there anything stopping me choosing from say Rasputina or Marcus as my Master since they are both Arcanists. Also how does this translate to Tournaments? I'm guessing there are some form of restrictions, since terrain would probably be pre planned, and maybe even the mission being played as well. I ask because choosing between Rasputina for missions involving destroying the enemy and having Marcus for missions involving objectives seems a good idea. Anyway, it'll be nice to get started at the end of the month Thanks all.
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