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Found 3 results

  1. I had such a great turn-out for my last event (likely the largest Malifaux event we've had at our location since the very early M2E days!), so I'm riding that momentum into our next awesome event: Doubles! Using the rules from the GenCon Double Rush event, with a few minor changes, we'll be once again flipping cards and cheating Fate on Saturday, October 19th! So come down and bring a friend! If you cannot find yourself a teammate, worry not! Simply show up anyway, with two crews (following the rules for hiring found below). We'll do our best to pair you up with another player without a partner, but if we can't you can still play a single entity using the two Crews your brought! Tournament Specifics: Malifaux 3E Double Rush EventEntry Fee: $15.00 (Per Player) - Covering Venue and Prize support Game Kastle Santa Clara (1350 Coleman Ave, Santa Clara CA) October 19th, 2019Registration: 11am-11:30am Quick Double Rush Event Rules: -Game size is 10ss, crews hired normally (Leader and totem are free). Crews are Fixed for the duration of the event.-Each player must have a teammate. Both players are treated as a single Crew for encounter purposes. Every team is considered a single entity in the event; teams win and lose together.-Each player hires their own Crew, independent of their partners Crew and declared Faction (Yay! Cross-Faction teams!).-Teammates may not have Crews led by the same Leader (So no, you can't have four Viktoria Chambers running around) and must treat their combined models as a single crew ONLY for the purpose of hiring models against their Limit. Ex: Both teammates could not hire two Death Marshals into their respective crews (for a total of four Death Marshals) because Death Marshals are Minion (3) and are therefor limited to a maximum of three on the field at any time. -Additional rules and the Encounters will be announced day of the event!. Players are Responsible for: -Official M3E rulebook (this is the one exception, as stock is low all around and these are harder to come by / printed from official Wyrd sources is allowed).-Their crews. All models must be the official model from Wyrd games.-Official M3E Stat Cards for any models fielded during the event (printed from official Wyrd sources is allowed).-Gaming gear: Measuring tool, Fate Deck, any tokens/counters/markers.-Anything needed to record wounds, conditions, soul stones, VPs, etc (scrap paper, pencils, dry erase pens, etc). Prize Support: -Prizes will be in the form of Gift Cards (size of Gift Cards based on total attendance), as well as items of their choice from the community prize pool (lots of fun, limited models, plus tons of M2E models and crew boxes, as well as rulebooks, token sets, and Fate Decks) depending on total attendance! Further event information on the event can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2338238162955874/ If you have questions, you are welcome to comment below, or PM me!
  2. It's Team Tournament time again in North Carolina! Treacherous Allies 2 will take place December 2nd, 2017 in Durham, NC at Atomic Empire Three round GG 2017 Event Format as follows: Team consists of 2-35ss crews from the same faction. Model rarity must be observed per team (ie: Lady J or Perdita may hire Judge, not both). Each player will have their own fate deck, control hand and soul stones. Players will flip for initiative, then determine turn order amongst the team mates. Models on each team's crews count as friendly to each other, but not for the purposes of companioning rules. This is always a popular tournament, so please RSVP early so I can plan terrain, space and prize support. There will be a painting contest and prizes are awarded for Best Team name, Best Team appearance and the usual tournament awards. The cost for this tournament is $25.00 per team Hope to see you with some Treacherous Allies!
  3. Hi All! Once again we are holding our doubles tournament here in lovely Leytonstone, because in all honesty we all had such a good time previously we wanted to do it again! As anyone who attend last year will tell you, this is as relaxed as a tournament as you are likely to get, and because (if you have never plaid doubles) the combo's you and your opponents can unlock can be frankly outrageous, but also quite hilarious. Please find attached the Rules Pack for the event. We would really like to highlight the tiebreaker points system as there is quite a bit you can do before you even attend the event (ooooohhhhhhhhh!!!). We have spaces for 12 teams of two players and if you would like a ticket, please send £30 for your team to twgc_treasurer@tanelornwgc.org – alongside the other details listed in the pack. First come, first served! Of course if you have any queries then feel free to post here or to message me on the forums. All of us at Tanelorn look forward to seeing you then! Teams PAID (once space is gone, it’s gone… till there is a drop out and we pull your team from the reserve list… oh you know what I mean) 1. We will defo win more than Palace - John Burgess and Andy Bradshaw 2. Something to do with BendyBoards.co.uk - Mike Marshall and Lee Batterick 3. Ancestral Vengeance - Connor and Jen 4. Darksphere team Alpha - Bradley and Francois 5. Dumb Cluck - Panzer and Eless 6. Old and Cranky - Conrad EJ Gonsalves and The Gedginator 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Teams interested but not as of yet paid/Reserve list if we are sold out 1. Mike and Phil 2. Like this 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Tanefaux - Double or Bust II - Calgar's Revenge.pdf
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