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Found 23 results

  1. This will be a 50ss tournament fixed facrion event with new gg1 schemes and strats tbd Based in Dunfermline this will be a 16 player event (managed to book hall again finally ) There may be an interesting twist Date will be 11th of april and will be a 3 round event Hope to see lots of you there https://facebook.com/events/s/tyrants-terrible-tickle-time/508776083370525/?ti=cl
  2. Hi, Wyrdos! !!! Tournament: "Bayuo party - or project "HBHKB" !!! Data: 18th of August Contribution: 250 rubles Malifaux Edition: Third; Format: 35 ss (3 rounds); Round Time: 1 hour 30 minutes; Events Requirements At the end of the round time, the current turn ends and the results are calculated. Conversions must be recognizable. There are doubts on the topic of admission - write Henchman. Prints of character cards and models in high quality are allowed. A deck of Malifaux suits is required for use in a tournament. Full painted army is not required, but will please the eye. Encounters: Round 1 Deployment: Standart (Rams) Strategy: Corrupted Idols (Masks) Scheme: • Detonate charges (1) • Breakthrough (2) • Take prisoner (7) • Deliver a message (11) • Claim Jump (12) Round 2 Deployment: Corner(crows) Strategy: Turf War(rams) Scheme: • Harness the Ley Line (3) • Dig their graves (5) • Hold Up their Forces (6) • Power ritual (8) • Assassinate (10) Round 3 Deployment: Flank (toms) Strategy: Reckoning (crows) Scheme: • Harness the Ley Line (3) • Search the Ruins (4) • Outflank (9) • Deliver a message (11) • Vendetta (13) Prizes: First place: Large Mystery box, First place Guilder, Certificates for 1st place; Second place: Small Mystery box, Guilder, Certificates for 2nd place; Third place: Small Mystery box, Guilder, Certificates for 3rd place; Event Timing Registration - 11:30-12:00 Round one - 12:00–13:40 Round two - 14:00–15:40 Lunch break - 15:40–16:20 Round three - 16:20–18:00 Rewarding - 18:30 Pre-registration: https://forms.gle/MbyHFwdwzWxYcyR38 ? Where are we ? "GeekOn" Store: Samara, Lenin Avenue 10 (https://vk.com/geekon_samara) Here link for wargame group of our community(https://vk.com/wargame_samara) We waiting for you! Malifaux waiting for you! P.S. Also we we lead demo-plays every week. Come and test yourself in the Malifaux. See ya!
  3. Greetings Everyone, We will be holding our next monthly tournament on the 24th of September at Gamestower in Mersch (33, rue de la Gare | L-7535 Mersch). It will be a standard format, 50 soulstone tournament. Only this time with the stategies from the books. Infos posted below. Round 1 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Squatters Rights Schemes: - Claim Jump - Accusation - Leave your Mark - Covert Breakthrough - Mark for Death Round 2 Deployment: Flank Strategy: Turf War Schemes: - Claim Jump - Eliminate the Leadership - Dig their Graves - Show of Force - Inspection Round 3 (a fun round) Deployment: Standard Strategy: Reconnoiter Schemes: - Frame for Murder - Accusation - Search the Ruins - Tail 'Em If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us under info@gamestower.lu Stay Frosty !
  4. Hello everyone we will be having our first story encounter tournament at the silver dragon tavern & games on August 6. The story encounter will be 3 rounds of a good team vs a evil team. Each round will pit good players vs evil players in a story driven mission. At the end of the day we'll have winning players and a winning team. The winning players will get prize support from the entry fees, while the winning team will get a small prize for having won the story encounter together. If you're not already part of our local group and wish to join just please let me know you will be joining us down bellow because I will be making special terrain pieces for each round and need to know if I must make more. Details: Location: Silver dragon tavern & games. 13754 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33186 Date and time: Aug/06/2017 Sign up:11:00am Starting time:12:00am
  5. Rapid Growth League in August (continuation of the league below) Starting the 05.08.2017 till the 01.09.2017 Gamestower 33, rue de la Gare L-7535 Mersch Tel: +352 20 60 03 89
  6. Inspired by @Nathan Caroland and to help @Aaron keep things organized, here's s thread of suggestions for future Guilder models. Bring on the ideas! I really want to see the metal Lady Justice sculpts redone in plastic. She is one of the most popular starting boxes for new players because it looks so cool. It's time for the third original queen of faux to get her old sculpt(s) redone.
  7. What: A one-round tournament, 50 SS game When: Wednesday, July 27th at 6:00 p.m. Where: Play More Games, 42 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, MD We're going to be getting together to have some fun at Play More Games in Gaithersburg, Maryland. You may ask, what is a one-round tournament? Well, the answer is it's a single game of Malifaux played where everyone has a good time and the standings don't really matter. Prizes will include Wyrd Mystery Boxes and will be randomly handed out to winners and losers alike. We call it a tournament but its really just a fun time. Because of time and space constraints we are limited at this time to 8 players so please contact me here to claim on of those 8 spots!
  8. Hi Wydos For anyone around Hampshire UK and want to give this great game a try then give me a shout. I will be running intros and demos to whoever wants it at Southampton Sluggaz on Friday evenings. Sluggaz is open every Friday 6pm-11pm at St Denys Community Centre, Portswood, Southampton. SO17 2JZ. Give me a shout here or our email to let me know southamptonsluggaz@gmail.com I will see you on the other side ??
  9. Malifaux League Time: December 9, 2015 – January 5, 2016 (4 Week League) Game Night: Wednesday Location: Montag's Games Address: 9430 Broadway St., Pearland, TX, 77584 Phone: 281.412.4100 Entry Fee: $5 Players wishing to participate must sign-up and pay the entry fee to the register at Montag's Games (see above). Registration will begin December 2, 2015. Upon registration, players must select one faction that they will be using throughout the entirety of the league. The rule set will be posted December 8th. Prize support will depend upon participation. Players must join the Malifaux Houston Facebook group in order to participate.
  10. Demos and Open Gaming at the Deep in Huntsville, AL https://www.facebook.com/deepcomics?fref=ts Date: Nov 4, 2015 Time: 6pm till they kick us out Come on in and get Wyrd! TTYL, F3ARMonger
  11. There will be a Wyrd Presence at CMON Expo 2015. If you are in the ATL area and have some time stop by! http://cmonexpo.com/ TTHP2009 and yours truly F3ARMonger will be there running demos and we might even have some swag! See you soon! GG
  12. Hello all you Wyrdos and Potential Wyrdos out there. Just to let you know if you are looking to pick up any Malifaux or Wyrd Related stuff in the Huntsville area there are two awesome places you can do that. Either at the Deep http://www.deepcomics.com/ or Mastermind Models and Miniatures http://www.m3paints.com The local community plays Malifaux every Sunday at the Deep from 4pm till close. (Of course setting up a game is always helpful.) And we play Saturday 12 - 6 at M3. We conduct demos during that time as well. We have knowledgable Henchmen with crews at both areas. Got questions just ask. We are really trying hard to build up the community. Either hit me up or TTHP2009 with PMs if there are any questions. Can't wait to see you guys! Best, George
  13. This Saturday, February 21st, we'll be having an all day painting and play event! All levels of experience welcome, will have some painting tools to share, come out and have fun Location is Magic Stronghold Games on Boundary and Kingsway. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/856835901048016/
  14. Did anyone else see this in the webstore? A Malifaux coloring book. Not sure if I just missed the announcement or what. http://imgur.com/R8v3w1t
  15. Unbearable Teddies. “IT WASN’T MY FAULT” Candy shouts at Pandora, the short Woe tiptoeing to perform a meager attempt at looking bigger and adult. Compared to any real adult of course, Candy doesn’t impress anyone. The redhead leans forwards to loom over the shorter Neverborn, scowling. Candy winces, her tantrum dying down to mere uppity behaviour and pouting. “... How was I supposed to know the sweets Zoraida gave me would make Kade’s Teddy so… Strong and angry?” Pandora raises her hand, making the shorter girl cower, afraid she’d get hit by her mistress. When no blow smacks her over the head, Candy opens her eyes, staring at the waggling finger in front of her face. “You’ve been a very naughty girl!” Pandora’s cheerful tone makes Candy slowly smile, and shortly thereafter, she giggles wickedly. “I know~!” The slender woman makes a dismissive gesture before she heads towards the sewer. “Let’s see where this goes, hm?” Candy nods eagerly, picking up her goody basket and skips after Pandora into the darkness. Setup. Should be played on a 3'x3' board. Corner deployment zones. Teddy starts in the center of the board. Maximum Soulstones used for choosing crews: 35. Randomly determine deployment zones, and who deploys first. After flipping for who will deploy first, the player who won the flip (or was told to deploy first) chooses his deployment zone and places the first Honey Marker. The players then take turns to place them, until five markers have been placed. The first three Honey Markers must be placed anywhere on the board at least 7” from the player’s deployment zone and at least 7” from another Honey Marker. The final two markers must be placed anywhere within the attacker’s and the defender's corner of the board, one in each, at least 7” from another Honey Marker, not in terrain, one in each attacker’s corner. Stratagem: None. Special. Models in base contact with a Honey Marker may take a (1) Interact Action to remove it. When the Honey Marker is removed from play, the player flips a card: : Teddy is pushed 7 inches towards the model that discarded the Honey Marker, ignoring terrain. It then performs 2 (1) Hug Attack Actions if within range that may not declare Triggers. : Teddy moves its Wk towards the model that discarded the Marker. Teddy must end its move as close to the model as possible. : After the current activation Teddy immediately activates as a chain activation by the crew that discarded the Marker. : If Teddy is within 2", it performs a (1) Hug that cannot declare Triggers. The Teddy also has the following Abilities for the Scenario. Enraged: This model has Hard To Kill and can not be Buried or gain the Paralyzed Condition. Honeyed Words: Whenever a Honey Marker is discarded, Teddy heals 2 wounds. Willy-Nilly: At the start of the turn, after initiative is flipped but before any model activate, Teddy activates. If within Teddy's engagement range, it makes 2 (1) hug Attack Actions against the closest target. If more than one target is within range, randomly flip. If outside Teddy's engagement range but within 9", Teddy charges the closest target. If more than one target is within range, randomly flip. Teddy may declare a Charge Action when engaged. If no target is within 9" and LOS, Teddy takes two (1) Walk actions towards the center of the table. The first player makes the flips for Teddy, but may not Cheat Fate. The opposing player makes all flips, which may not be cheated, and any effects that forces Teddy to discard cards or soul stones is ignored. Victory Conditions: Each player receives 1 Vp for each Honey Marker they remove from after turn 1. The crew that kills the Teddy receive as much VP as what turn it is. So on turn 1 it'd be 1 Vp, turn 2 would be 2 Vp etc. At the end of every turn if Teddy is within a player's deployment zone that player scores 1 Vp. Teddy may not be killed by other means than being reduced to 0 wounds. Credits Idea: Charnel. Contributors: Aaron Darland, PraetoorDragoon, Makrar, Requirement, The Godlyness.
  16. Join Sitting Ducky and Dunni at the C4 Comic Con at the Ventura County Fairgrounds! We will be demoing games of Malifaux in support of our LFGS Hypno Comics. When: Saturday Sept 13th Where: Avengers Tower (Gaming Hall) Ventura County Fairgrounds 10 W. Harbor Blvd. Ventura, Ca. 93001 More info: Www.venturacomiccon.com
  17. Something’s Fishy... Yer fella’s listien up. Something’s not right in that place. Fellas dissapearing, crunchy noises, giant fishies are being seen, and worst of all, ‘shine is going missing there! Be careful around there when you swing that fishin’ pole... Set Up After deploying Crews, each player places a 50mm Fishing Pool marker on the centerline. Fishing Pool markers must be at least 6” away from each other and from the edge of the board. These markers are Ht 0, severe, hazardous terrain. Deployment This scenario uses Standard Deployment. Special Each model within “1 of a Fishing Pool marker may take a (1) Interact action to fish from the pool. Flip one card (which may not be cheated) from your fate deck and compare the value to the following chart. Black Joker, King of the Pond: Each model within 3 of the Fishing Pool marker suffers 4 damage which may not be reduced. 1, Old Boot: Each model within 3 of the Fishing Pool marker gains the Poison +1 conditon. 2, Pulled in!: Place the model which took the Interact action in base contact with target other Fishing Pool marker. If the other marker is not in play, Sacrifice the model instead. 3, Zombie Catfish Attack: The model which took the Interact action suffers 2 damage and gains the Undead characteristic. 4 - 5, Why do they throw away this…?: The model which took the Interact action gains the following condition for the rest of the game: "Covered in rubbish +1" Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +1, to a minimum of 1. This model suffers -1 Wk. At the start of this models activation it may choose to end this condition" 6, Reel In: Target model within 8” of the Fishing Pool marker must pass a TN 14 Wk duel or gain the Insignifcant conditon and be pushed in base contact with the Fishing Pool marker. 7, Oooh, Shinies: Each player with 1 or more models within 2 of the Fishing Pool marker adds 1 Soulstone to their Pool. 8 - 9, Caught Something: The model which took the Interact action may choose to gain one of the following Attack Actions until it takes the chosen Action. (0) Jellyfish (Sh 5 / Rst: Df/ Rg: 10 ) Target suffers 2/3/4 damage and gains the Slow condition (0) Swordfish (Ml 5 / Rst: Df / Rg: 2 ) Target suffers 2/3/4 damage which ignores Armor. :ram It’s Angry!: After succeeding, take this action again. This action cannot declare triggers. 10 - 11, That’s a lot of Teeth: The model which took the Interact action suffers 1 damage, then summons a Bayou Shark in base contact with the Fishing Pool marker. The Bayou Shark activates immediately after this model’s activation ends if able.This is a Chain Activation. 12, Watery Grave: The model which took the Interact action summons a Drowned into base contact with the Fishing Pool marker. The Drowned suffers 2 damage. 13, Barrel Floated Downstream: The model which took the Interact action makes a 2/3/4 healing flip and gains the Poison +2 condition. Red Joker, It is friendly, I guess…: The model which took the Interact action summon a Giant Catfish in base contact with the Fishing Pool marker, then remove the Fishing Pool marker. Victory At the end of every Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it has taken two or more Interact actions with a Fishing Pool marker during her turn. Credits Initial Concept: Revliss Realization: PraetorDragoon & Makrar People who sat confused in chat: Aaron.Darland, Charnel, Fireuser, theLoki, Kitsune Sidhe
  18. Come join Sitting Ducky and Dunni for M2e action! Join us for a Hobby day at Hypno comics! We will have paint stations set up for your mini needs. Out community has many talented artists to seek advice from. They're friendly and love helping out. We also provide piles of supplies as well. Gaming? 30 SS game boards set up to go. Need a demo to shake off the M2e dust? We'll have those too! Help build a local community for the game. Come hang out and meet some good people and hopefully make some new friends. Where: Hypno Comics 1803 E. Main St. Ventura, CA. 93003 (805) 651-9767 When: Saturday July 19, 2014 Noon-5pm
  19. Hello all! If you are going to HAMACON this year, your friendly neighborhood Henchmen will be doing demos most of the day Saturday and Sunday to get your Malifaux and Puppet Wars Fix! Even if you have absolutely no idea what that stuff is come by and say hi! We would love to see you. We will be in the games room. Watch for us on @Preussel for Tweet Updates! Stay Wyrd! F3ARMonger aka George
  20. a good spirited meme thread for fun and not meant to be mean or anything i invite otehrs to create their own would be a nice little commuity activity
  21. Hi everyone! Before you continue, here's the disclaimer: I'm not a henchmen, so if there are specific rules that henchmen must follow in order to organize an event like the one I am about to discuss, I apologize for my lack of knowledge. That being said, I'd appreciate any helpful hints/tips/ideas/strategies that you all can come up with in order to make this happen. Here's the idea: With the few players in our group (we have about 6), we decided that after completing our first official league, we would try and move on from the beginners achievements, and move into something a lot more epic. Each player has his/her own Malifaux map, with their name starting at a specific point. Each week the henchmen of our group will text/email each of us specifically telling us of our objective for our next game. When our scheduled day comes around to play, we quickly go over what story elements have happened during the week and we find out who our opponent is. We battle for specific rewards (bag of SS to be used for our next game, VPs to add up to the league-end prizes, mercenary's loyalty in game, etc...). Now, my questions are...who do I go about contacting in order to make sure I'm able to print/laminate/distribute the Malifaux maps to our players? I know its on the website for free to download, but I just want to make sure that I don't get in trouble when I could do something simple in order to avoid it. Also, what elements do you all think would be interesting to add? We plan on having storyline encounters/random events etc.. being intervened in the league, but what else could we do to make this more fun? We're at about 6 players strong in our group, and we want to grow. If you all need more info, just ask and I'll try my best to answer, like I said earlier, I'm not the henchmen, but I'm trying to make his life easier and get more into the game, rather than just being a player. Thanks everyone! I haven't been here long, but I already love the Malifaux/Wyrd community, you guys are always so extremely nice
  22. LONG POST TL;DR is at bottom :happypuppet1 Intro I went to Gen Con in '11 and while I was there I saw a huge line for Puppet Wars. I saw that it was with a bunch of tabletop games and since I wasn't interested in a minis game even though I thought the art was awesome, I went about my business. Boy am I kicking myself now. I could have had 5 months of extra time (plus the additional pre-release puppets) to play this very fun board game. I received Puppet Wars for Christmas from my parents. I am a college student and my family is pretty big into board games. This was the first time I got to see what Puppet Wars actually was and I geeked out. I'm a fan of painting minis, I'm a fan of having a custom team going head-to-head with another custom team, and I'm a fan of Tim Burton ( how can you not look at the art and not cast Johnny Depp as Seamus and H.Bonham Carter as Rotten Belle?) I headed over to the Puppet Wars Website after the holidays and read all the threads- and was sad because I couldn't buy these cool pre-release promo minis.. Teddy, Pokey Vic, Hooded Rider, and Lucius. I headed to Boardgame Geek and saw that very little discussion went on (I shall fix this). I then decided to use my parent's crafty brains (and crafty tools before I headed back to college) and PIMP my Puppet Wars. The Pimp Box! I went to Michael's and bought a basswood box. I cut a groove for the board to sit, added a chain, latch, painted, and added the awesome details using a vinyl machine. I then made a custom insert that has total customization with sewing pins. Puppets! I then began to paint my minis... Bases! I followed these awesome guidlines http://yetischool.blogspot.com/2011/12/getting-board-basing-puppet-wars.html Workbenches! I wanted to make more interesting workbenches. I saw a post by Ratty on the PW forums, but decided that I wanted something easier to make. I got scrabble tiles from a craft store, painted the colors of the workbenches, and then drew on the workbench symbol. Terrain! The puppets are in 3D- why not the stuff they can't walk through? I bought spools and thread and a few things from the doll section at the craft store. Chits! The cardboard chits that came with the game had nice artwork, but pretty flimsy. I glued the chits to the bingo chips that came with the game, and then used a sharpie to edge the white into black. Turn Marker and Wounds! Well I went this far already, might as well keep trucking. I bought a bunch of different colored buttons as wounds and the turn marker. I have used them as they get ripped, but a more thematic way would be to take them off the card. :button1 The Game I played my FIRST game of puppet wars! Don't judge me. I knew that I would like it, I just wanted to make everything pimped out before I played :happypuppet1 The Review Puppet Wars is a very fun, theme soaked, twisted game of war. It is both a board game and a minis tabletop game. Did I mention fun? You take a team and your goal is to beat the stuffing out of the other team(s). There is some pretty intense strategy in this game. For example, selecting your toy box, movement, when to kill your OWN puppets, which puppets to sacrifice for your master to win, which workbenches to take, when to save cards vs playing them, etc.. There is so much, and each topic could have a 5 page article. So just know that there is. Game flow is very fast with an average game time of 30-75 min. The battle system is great with a chance for the defender to 'dodge' and the attacker to match the new defense. If the cards are not in your favor you still have other options. I really enjoy this game. It makes you think of combos and strategies when you aren't even playing! I can't wait to try it with 4 players. The figures are what draw people in (hopefully my box too!) and it is very easy to talk people into playing. I think all types of gamers would like this game. The roleplayer might miss dice, but I think will have plenty of material to keep them happy. The euro gamer will be unhappy with the card draws, but the intense strategy will more than make up for it. The tabletop gamer will complain about the restricted board but will be happy to learn of the price and what you get. The ameritrash gamer will geek out when they see the figures and you might have to take the figures away when you teach the rules. Overall the base game with base components are very good. The price is great for what you get, and the game play is interesting and has fantastic replay-ability. Add even more fun with the boosters and multi-player pack. Add even more fun by pimping everything out like me The War Report So I've never done this part. But the Facebook page told me to do it to get a chance to win! I am also going to be linking this to the BGG Puppet Wars page! More people need to know about this game! I have demoed it with different groups of my friends and my family, they have enjoyed playing! So here it goes. In images with captions. Because I'm worn out from typing. For the pictures I de-cluttered the table as best I could. I'm not a photographer but I tried to make them look good. 20 min. mark DING DONG!!! "Hello! Please sign here!"..."MY PUPPET WARS BOOSTERS CAME!!!!" Seriously. This happened while we were playing. And it was awesome. Lady J's crew is advancing. Not many scrap box items were attached to Seamus's crew because of this. Seamus's crew is getting the stuffing kicked out of them Lady J vs a half-dead Seamus! Back into the box WITH NEW FRIENDS! Everything fits! What a crazy happenstance! 48 puppets! With room for...gee I dunno a Pokey Vic or Hooded rider and a maybe a Teddy for going above and beyond *whistle* In the future boosters, I can remove my buttons, workbenches, and chits, put them in bags and put another 13 puppets there. After that, I will have to get creative with attaching the spools to the inner lid and putting more puppets there. All the decks fit too! The End. Thank you for reading, if you like my micro-pimps or have any comments, please leave me a note below! TL;DR Puppet Wars is a good game, I pimped my copy, I played it a bunch, I wrote a battle report in images for the contest. Check it out.
  23. This is my first attempt at carving a pumpkin with a Dremel. Decided to start small. I found a pumpkin carving of Oogie Boogie that had dice and card suits. http://captain-sparrow.deviantart.com/art/Oogie-Boogie-Dice-Carving-97432045 I decided to go with Xander's version of the suits instead. See thread:http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=23478 They didn't turn out great, and I did have to modify the nose of the :rams On the back I went with just the standard Malifaux logo. Here are some pics. I'll post better ones later. Thanks again Xander and Deviant Art's Captain Sparrow.
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