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  1. And here comes the board - done for now. Details and decoration will follow over time
  2. And here are the buildings, primed and dry-brushed with the first layer.
  3. Thank You very much :D Let's have a lot on the production of some windows. Further there are more detailed pictures of two of the new buildings: a tavern (the building with the balcony) and an inn.
  4. Thank You :) So, the break is over :) I have started making all buildings now to test the overall board layout.
  5. Hi here due to storage problems I'm still pausing further buildings. I'll move to a bigger place in the springtime and I think I'll concentrate on miniatures until then. Thank You. Hum, I think it took me about five weeks of daily work for 2-3 hours. Thank You Nice to hear, thanks Thanks Yes, I like desaturated colours. Butch nailed it Brick work: it's three steps: 1. pencil 2. knife 3. pencil. Regards
  6. Thank You My plan is to build narrow streets with many buildings. I'm not a tournament player and the people I usually play with don't mind the amount of the terrain. BUT: I must not place everything on the board :-P There are no terrain updates from me :-/ Currently I'm painting some miniatures. I still have an unpainted Misaki crew and plenty Outcast models and because my painting motivation is quite high, I think that I'll paint some more time. So maybe in autumn or so I'll continue with the further buildings :-) Here some quick-shots of my recent miniatures:
  7. @Travis Humm, seems reasonable. How do You deal with the Scion-unbury? Is Tara’s reactivate her only way to get unburied? Regards
  8. Thank You, I'm very pleased Thanks :). Never say never ;). I don't think building this stuff isn't that hard; it just takes some time. Thank You, too! So have a further look _________ The beard elements are done. So are the buildings around the squares (project name "The Two Squares" :-P). Next up will be the second tower.
  9. Your board looks great and it has a lot of details, which make it appear "living" I'm interested in how do You handle the water in the game? Is it passable? If so, you somehow reduce the movement? Regards
  10. Looks great with lovely details I like the "spiky rocks" very much!
  11. Thank You Thank You :). If You'll do so, let us see your work _________________ Progress is being made - slowly :-P The buildings around the two squares are done for now. There are no detail works (like lanterns) yet. There will be some better pictures when they will be completed. Right now I'm working on the street tiles.
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