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  1. nottschris

    Players in Nottingham (UK)

    Great! I will send a message at some point to you and primate...I've been looking to get more games out of my collection!
  2. nottschris

    Players in Nottingham (UK)

    Hi, Am also a Malifaux player in Nottingham who struggles to find games. I have one mate who I play against, but would like more regular play (as allowed by having a near 2 year old child!) I don't know of any clubs that play in Nottingham, but I can host home games easily with a massive man-den in the back garden almost purpose built for the job. Let me know if your interested in a game sometime. Can't promise too regular, the wife would kill me, but can easily get in a few games. I'm based in Ruddington.
  3. So, I bought Aionus just before Christmas and only just got chance to unwrap and begin to basecoat him. Before I do though, I just want to query a few patches of the model that are not up to the usual standards from Wyrd. Did anyone else have these problems with the model, are they normal on this particular model? Firstly there is quite a step (and gap) in the cloak. It's as if it has been glued before dry fitting and adjusting. I was expecting it to be a single cast model so this was a bit of a surprise. In fact, there is quite a gap underneath along the cloak too that needs filling in. The detail on the left of the clock is nearly invisible to the naked eye. I'm pretty certain that after priming, any detail there will be gone. There is quite a scuff on the cloak and the top left corner of the clock as well. Bit of plastic been taken out in both places. Finally, it is shiny in parts and dull in others. Is this some kind of agent used in the manufacturing process? I've never seen it on a wyrd model before. So, is this the norm for this model? Do they all come a bit scuffed and badly put together? To be honest, I've never once been disappointed by a wyrd minature until tonight when I opened this one.
  4. nottschris

    Looking for games around Nottingham

    Hey Henvic, Sorry for the late reply (very late!) I've only just seen this post! If you are still looking for a game, I would be more than up for it. I live Ruddington way, don't know which side of Nottingham you live on, but I am more than willing to host (or travel a little bit). Finding time is hard, I have a 1yr old, but I reckon I could scramble a game in somewhere. Let me know if you're up for a match sometime...never played against neverborn Chris
  5. nottschris

    Reva attacking through corpse marker/candle

    If I was playing that game, from a thematic point of view, I would say she is looking from where she is and using the corpse candle/marker (whatever) as a conduit. In the fluff, can she see through the corpse candles eyes? If she cannot, then I would say it would stay at a negative. If she can, then fine, its a straight flip. I would refer to my knowledge of the character...and I don't particularly like Reva so know nothing about her... Otherwise, both sides of that argument have merit, and I doubt you will get a clear answer.
  6. nottschris

    transporting models

    Genuinely, an old biscuit tin and some magnets on the bottom of my models. I feel no shame as I pull my old Scottish Shortbread tin out of my knackard rucksack and dump it on the table; I just feel the smug glow of recycling joy. A rare earth magnet superglued to the bottom of each model serves to keep them snug as a bug. Just make sure you don't get ones that are too thick or your models will weeble around when you put them down and have a jaunty lilt that isn't as attractive as it sounds.
  7. nottschris

    Malifaux in Nottingham UK

    What I'd love to do is organise some sort of gaming club to be honest. It would be easy, I have this large converted double garage that's crying out to be turned into a gaming room...2 tables sitting ready to be converted into gaming tables; big screen for sports; cupboards full of wine and beer. I just have no friends interested in playing it Someone will volunteer themselves for a game at some point The search goes on.
  8. nottschris

    Malifaux in Nottingham UK

    Unfortunately that's on the other side of the city to me, a fair old trek. I'll probably make it down there one day. Bit of a shame Nottingham doesn't seem to have much going on. Hence why I'm struggling to find people I suppose The search goes on! I won't give up!!
  9. nottschris

    Malifaux in Nottingham UK

    Ill try that and keep my fingers crossed Thanks
  10. nottschris

    Malifaux in Nottingham UK

    Hi folks, Does anyone know if there is a malifaux scene in Nottingham (UK)? Have been scouring the internet in search of a single person that may like a game or three and don't seem to be able to find anyone . My wife is refusing to play (god knows why!...I'm pretty sure this is grounds for an annulment!) so I need to find a friend. I live just past West Bridgford in Ruddington, and have a converted cinema room out of the back of my house just begging to have a gaming section added to it! It also has a dartboard and discoball! (Although the latter was added by the previous residents) If there are any players out there, please feel free to get in touch. I am willing to host and provide beers Chris
  11. nottschris

    Gamers in Nottingham uk

    Hi, I'm just trying to get into Malifaux (just got hold of a few bits) and am currently creating a table in the man cave...at least attempting to! I'm also looking for players in the Nottingham area (I live in Ruddington) who would be interested in getting together for a game or two. I'm happy to host (even to provide the odd beer!) if other players can be found locally. If anyone is interested please let me know.