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  1. There's an argument to be made that if you really lost because of a bad flip (or die roll), then you really weren't playing well and you might have deserved to lose. It's not that dissimilar than rolling snake eyes (or your opponent rolling boxcars) on a crucial roll in any other game. I once lost a warmachine game because my attempt to kill the enemy warcaster with mine ended up with him remaining with 1 wound left due do my bad rolls, and he then proceeded to kill me in his turn. Sure, dice were to blame and it was frustrating (but also a fin anecdote to tell), but I can't claim I did
  2. Well, if they have the right keywords McCabe can hire them out of faction, from what we heard so far
  3. Well, but in your example that 5 model crew that can kill one model a turn in a 10 model crew will need 10 turns to table the opponent. And, jokes apart, if they focus on just killing they won't do much scoring. In the end I will all depend on how it gets balanced. Having played mostly against summoners i for one welcome the idea of the pass tokens
  4. I read somewhere that the app will be updated when M3E launches and who bought the 2nd edition cards will have them updated for free, but I can't remember the source
  5. Have there been any info about cover and concealment being stackable, or is it just speculation at this point? I would have thought that the main difference would be "obscures you and stops bullets" vs "obscures you and doesn't stop bullets", as I can't imagine something that is cover but doesn't conceal, unless we're talking about stuff like 50% or more of the model being obscured or things like that, but they're not exactly the smoothest of rules. Or am I missing something? Got to say, the more I hear the more optimistic I'm getting towards the new edition. A few things are starti
  6. I didn't say that, though, I just said it will be really hard to get right
  7. I also really hope that second masters will come with no totem, not having one will remove lots of complications and might tone down the power level of the second masters too. But i agree that this multiple masters malarkey is just asking for trouble
  8. We don't fully know how pass tokens actually work and how many things can be done at expense of one yet, but i can imagine that at least they will create a trade-off between conserving an activation with an important piece for later in the turn at the cost of having the opponent activating twice in a row (and possibly more, with companion and stuff), which might create intersting tactical decisions
  9. Well, i really like the change to the charge, it does introduce a nice tactical decision element. I'm not against pass tokens either, especially against summoners, when if you didn't stop the engine early they would out activate everyone and have free rein with their beaters. I'm still a bit ambivalent regarding the other changes, sometimes things are complicated just for the sake of complexity and in practice there won't be much lost by streamlining, but it will be a balancing act to get right. It's true, however, that there are a LOT of moving parts in m2e that need to be lea
  10. Well, I've got to say I do love the new card size and layout (is anyone even able to read the current rules summary card that came with the strategy deck?). But then again I don't sleeve them and I use small dice to mark the wounds next to the models, so I only use one card per model type when I play.
  11. Regarding thematic crews, I think it'll be inevitable that the competitive crowd will gravitate towards the best builds, so I don't think there's really a solution to "samey" crews, at least at high levels. They might not be the faction all stars anymore, but we'll probably still see same masters using the same models across the board, with the only difference that this time they'll be thematic models, which might be more palatable from the fluff point of view at least. Same with multiple masters (an idea which I'm still not keen about): if they are competitive, competitive players w
  12. And the wording on some of them is beyond awkward
  13. I also hope they will streamline and clean up the terminology a bit. It took me a while to realise that the Rotten Belle's lure wasn't a push, for instance, or that in the duel to get out of a pine box the Death Marshall wins in case of a draw Edit: I forgot about the multiple masters thing, I'm not too keen on that. Not much because of game balance, but thematically doesn't work for me and it might make masters feel less "special"
  14. Yes I agree. It might have given granularity for buffs/debuffs but I prefer this aspect to be streamlined. I did quite a few intro games, and explaining to new players why some ranged attacks were affected by cover and some weren't, or why you couldn't or could use some attacks on a charge (pine box!) was a nightmare
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