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  1. Hi, I'm just about to run a ttb campaign, but I'm struggling to find any information on how I should go about rewarding my players with scrip and items etc. I have both the fated almanac, the fatemasters almanac and the defence of innocence penny dreadful. I haven't had time to completely absorb every scrap of information yet, so if there are any relevant sections in these books could someone please point them out for me. If there's no built in mechanic, could I get some advice on: 1. How much money should players receive over a course of 4 game sessions 2. What's a reasonably high boon of money to reward that doesn't devalue the game 3. How should I go about handing out looted equipment from defeated enemies 4. what's a fare resale rate for looted equipment And finally how far into a game would be reasonable to hand out usable soul stones (I.e 3 destinies in) Thanks for reading.
  2. I find the most ambiguous technique is "wet blending" as lots of people use the same term to describe different techniques. Some use it to describe mixing two colours on the model , others use it to describe painting along water gradient, etc. For instance I use a version of two brush blending that I would call wet blending, it's very quick and extremely effective,using only using a single brush stroke to create each blend , takes the most practice I find but once you have it the world is yours, so long as it involves paint and little soldiers.
  3. Hi folks, I recently started a new job and relocated to Nottingham UK, really enjoying it, but would really like to find some gaming groups or just gamers in the area that play malifaux. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hi folks, I have been having a think about things to do with Lucius, I really like the model and the theme in general. One idea which came to mind was to take 3 guild pathfinders, they benefit from Lucius's shenanigans as they are minions, they have decent shooting and melee. With three of them, summoning and moving clockwork traps around would be relatively simple, allowing them to position themselves for some serious damage, both shooting and in melee. With them not being to scared of a brawl they can make the most of Lucius allowing them to take interact actions while engaged. I wanted to know what you all thought before I start converting an extra 2 pathfinders. Thanks for reading
  5. I think that some fine blendid flock would work well on those bases, they do look like fresh mud, but I think that when I look at them I expect some form of foliage even if its only a small amount. That expection just makes the lack of foliage stand out. That is a lovely looking crew.
  6. Yngair


    Thank you very much for the suggestions, I dont have a handler yet, and from sounds of it I could do with another pack of witchling stalkers. But the I got Fransisco and papa loco, il give them a try.
  7. Yngair


    Thanks for all the advise I will certainly be trying out Sonnia. Its the only problem I have found with buying and painting half a faction at once, I still haven't played with perdita or lady justice. Out of interest, are there any other units in faction that have synergy with sonnia. For most games I would just be taking other models based on schemes and strategies.
  8. Yngair


    One of the big things is that when he gets his rats summoned he can out activate me hands down then just mop up at the end of the turn. Nix always seems to be a pain, and with how easily he can summon a rat king, running schemes becomes ten times harder as they nibble them all. then anything after turn 4, everything dies to bleeding disease. I think its the combination of field control with so many models makes running shcemes so difficult. Also apart from Hamlin himself whos is hard as nails, taking out any of his models doesn't actually affect his game play, everything is so redundant, I cant find a way to really hurt the crew.
  9. Yngair


    Hi folks, We have starting playing malifaux again at Golem painting studio after a brief break, One of the guys plays outcasts and hes got a few crews for them, but in particular I have been finding Hamlin impossible to play against. So I was wondering which masters would be good all rounders against outcasts but also be ideal for taking on hamlin. I know i should be choosing more based on schemes and stratergies, but I find if i dont put something in place to deal with hamlin, im open to just be stomped on. I gravitate towards lady J, as with her removing conditions and and ability to rush his crew before he gets summoning his rats. I have got pretty much all of the wave 1 guild painted and also a full lucius crew. Any suggestions.
  10. Hi folks, I posted these up in the guild forum a while ago and they have served me well since then, but now that the wave 2 cards are out, im sort of in two minds of whether to just go for the official cards or make a full set of these ones for my whole guild. I should probably explain why these came about. From my guild painting spree a few months ago and general enthusiasm for the game led me to aquiring quite a number of wave 2 models and printed stat cards with blank artwork. So I had the idea to use the photos of my miniatures and photoshop them into the slots for the cards, very geeky I know, but It was a lot fun. So what do you all think, should I revert back to standard cards or make an entire batch of these custom cards for my guild?
  11. Liking the colour changes, very effective
  12. I find that line shading fits Into every level of painting. What i would advise is to vary the colour of the line shade, so leave black for those very dark colours, and simply use a darker blue to line shade a light blue area etc.
  13. Good looking crew, the maccabe crew is still my favourite, those wastrels are just too cool. keep up the good work, I will be looking forward to seeing more.
  14. Awesome stuff, looking forward to seeing these properly, currently on phone with tiny screen. Excellent lighting and genuinely inspiring.
  15. looking good, the one with the mighty beard has certainly got a grasp for freedom feel about him.
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