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  1. See. Here you and I disagree. That you feel ok paying over 20 bucks for a few cards isnt the rule of law for everyone.
  2. Depends on how many do you need? Where do you live (shipping costs)? Will I have to do this every gg release (every year)? Not sure if you get me...
  3. It's nice to see people are happy with the changes. I have mixed feelings about this errata. I do think its a better method than handing out 0 SS upgrades. I also think we need an easy/cheap way to get the "corrected" versions of the cards as cards are so integral to the game. Also as a disclaimer, I'll say I'm not a competitive player (dont play tournaments) and I live in an island where the Malifaux community is small (@10 players) but thriving. Im mainly a guild player and I agree with the "cuddles" to Papa Loco and Francisco. They dont even feel like cuddles to me, as I never ever tossed them inside the box. That seemed like an exploit to me (something that was not intended). So for me nothing has changed with those models. I know how effective Duncan's list (so many good results in tournaments) so I can see the imbalance there and the reason to fix it. I give thanks for the buffs to Lucius. They were needed. Other buffs and cuddles I dont really get those. The cuddle to the belles... well... As I said I'm not competitive. Never played more than 1 belle when I've played ressers but I never felt it was OP. There has been a lot of complaints about Belles, I get it, but where are the tournament results. Some time ago, Belles were considered for cuddling and design team thought it was all ok (http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/99589-rotten-bells-lure-is-too-much/?page=3). So what has changed? If its not about balance and we are talking about game experience and perception, well... that's subjective. Very little ppl play ressers around here. Around half of the players play Ten Thunders. I would then ask the design team to check Recalled Training as its a staple in all my games now... 60% of TT players, and you can bet you will get Recalled Trainingx3 on a key turn 3/4/5. Being on the receiving end of a Lone Swordsman with recalled training isnt a nice game experience. For 1 soulstone... Every... game... I think that when you make changes based on how a model affects game experience (not balance)... well, game experience can differ from one meta (place) to another. Are you going to fix them all? I've seen games go that way, catering to people whining on forums and it has never ended well.
  4. Flight: This model is inmune to falling damage and may ignore any terrain and models while moving. Acording to this definition I always thought you could move over any terrain and pay your normal movement cost. But people in my gaming group, after reading enclosed terrain and the FAQ entry that covers flying from ponints at different height are arguing that you cant fly over a building, or that in any case you would have to pay movement + buildings's height (i think you only pay height if you remain on the top of the building). While I think that flight has a very clear definition Im going to ask 2 simple question just to help clarify this issue to my group. 1. Can a model with flight (f.e. a nephilim) move from one side of a building to the other side and pay normal movement costs? 2. Does he have to include the height of the building when he moves over/across it? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ten Thunders have become very popular at my LGS and this Upgrade is like a mandatory staple in every game (x3). I'm wondering if we are playing it right. You get +flip to all flip (offensive and defensive), also damage flips, horror flips, everything? If so. How does this cost 1 SS? It's like spending a soulstone for every action in that turn (offensive and defensive), plus it becomes something disgusting with Lone Swordsman + reactivate shenanigans (there's no way he's not gonna kill his target).
  6. So one of my players was playing some sort of stage magician (Dabbler pursuit) until we recently got Into the Steam and he rerolled an Illusionist. For those who dont own the book its a real fun pursuit that progressively gives the character different Manifested Powers related to Illusions and Tricks (a la Colette). Real fun. Thing is he misses picking up magia and immuto. Progress in the Illusionist pursuit doesnt give those. Here start my doubts. - First I thought "Well you could eventually pick up a Grimoire". But then, Illusionists dont get a magic theory (and the same goes for other arcane classes in into the steam like the primal) so Im not even sure they may learn magic this way. Seems their talents are like innate. But then... The Prestidigitaton magia is meant for... Bit confused there. Correct me if im wrong. Edit: So I found that you cant cast spells without a magical theory (yourvmagical skills are only academic in this case). That solves this point. - Second thing I thought is. "Well, TTB is really flexible, you could advance in both pursuits. Be an Illusionist and take the Dabbler pursuit (dabble in the arcane arts) for a couple stories." So I checked the character advancement section. You play as a pursuit during a story and ger the next step in the pursuit during the epilogue. Ok. But how about starting abilities, etc. F.e. The starting Grimoire and Magic Theory of the Dabbler or the Stage Magic Talent of the Illusionist. Do you never get those? You get them as soon as you swap pursuits? At the end of the story with the first step? Its not a big deal. I can house rule it in 2 min. ? But I may have missed something or id just love to check some other fatemaster thoughts on this.
  7. Totally agree. All my players tweaked their characters (I offered them to) after me getting this book. It does offer so much to the players. Love the new paths, and the triggers.
  8. I introduced my actual campaign with the Penny Dreadful, Legacy of Darkness. I recommend it. SPOILERS: It starts with the characters working with the Museum of Natural History in Malifaux. They are hired to travel to the Three Kingdoms to exhume a mummy from its resting place on behalf on some Mysterious Benefactor. The mummy is more than it seems and the characters have to work to avoid it being reanimated by some insidious cult. Lots of fun, lots of flavor. I also tweaked it quite a bit. I fleshed out well the train station in Breachtown (Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico) where the characters start, and also all the characters around them in the train wagon. Interesting people with different reasons to travel to Malifaux and that coudl be "fetched" sometime later if their paths cross with that of the characters. F.e. I had some mercenaries working for the guild, a father intent on freeing his son from the soulstone mines of the Guild, an enterprising man who is building up some saloons in the city, etc.
  9. Hey there Justin! In some ways this is kinda sad news. I think you guys did a terrific job with M2E. Its my favourite game, fun, balanced. And I think a lot of the responsibility for that is on your shoulders (no disregards for the rest of the team). Every time I had the chance to read your design notes or listen to you in podcasts I was really impressed with your reasoning for changes, design etc. So yeh. Sad to see you go. Im confident, though, that Wyrd will be able to continue with the very high standards youve left. Go, go Aaron! In any case, wish you the best in your future endevours. Good luck!
  10. You could easily convert a mindless zombie with some tubes, tech-stuff, etc. I did it with the big one. He is a suitable candidate.
  11. Can someone with the book tell me the background for Archie. I know he's connected to Molly but t looks like something McMourning would create... Dying to know more about it and the book will take some time to get to my country. Pretty please? ?
  12. Interested in Archie. Read the resser upgrades somewhere else and he has some cool ones like "Doc found a squig today". Wondering whats his fluff. Is he related to McMourning? Does he play well with the doc? Anyone knows? ?
  13. Ok about organ donor. I see your point. But I dont see why Hard to Wound would not apply. Even if it's Pandora dealing the damage, it's a normal damage flip even with accuracy modifiers, etc.
  14. Pandora hits McMourning with self-loathing and chooses McMourning's Surgical Implements action. Self-loathing reads "Apply the printed damage results (flip i understand) of the chosen Action to the target. No other triggers or effects from the chosen action are applied." Would McMourning's Hard to Wound and Organ Donor work? I'd say yes as they are kinda built-in and not effects of the Surgical Implements action, but is there already any known ruling about this?
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