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  1. Could I request a change to the title of this post? My players haven't gotten this far and I'm worried about spoilers! Or maybe a big spoilers heading? Thanks!
  2. It was what I meant. Not sure if there is another list somewhere, I need to be patient!
  3. Personally, I think these alts are great. I don't really care if it's plastic, resin or metal - If it's a great sculpt I'll get it and deal with the quirks of putting it together. When is the list going up for the Easter 'sale'?
  4. Another episode of the Transcredible exploits was played out in exciting technicolour Tueday night! This time is was me vs Shadowfane (see above!): Flank Deployment Strategy: Ours (again! clearly me playing Neverborn means I only ever get to play this strat...) Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Recover Evidence, Dig their Graves, Covert Breakthrough, Public Demonstration. I took: Shenlong with Wandering River Style and Equality Sensei Yu with Promicing Disciple a Peasant Izamu with Recalled Training Shadow Emissary with Conflux of the Dawn a Tengu and... a Thunder Archer. For my schemes I took Graves and Breakthrough. The 'plan' was for Yu and the Shadow to spend their energy buffing Izamu and being big bodies to push models around for the Strat and Shemes. Shen was going to buff a bit and run as back-up interference and maybe even do some emergency scheme running if the moment called for it with him being so speedy. The tengu was going to regen Izamu and be a cute little schemer with the Archer being a good candidate for card draw using the Emissary trick and firing into Izamu based melee to pick off any stragglers. The plan did not last long. Firstly, I did not see a Neverborn master across the table from me, I saw Rasputina. And with Rasputina came a lot of board control in the guise of ice pillars and ice patches from the Dancers. Izamu was not pleased. He had been promised blood and it took all of Yu's and the Emissary's movement jank to get him there! I wanted to throw Izamu right down Shadows throat to cause a lot of pressure in his home deployment corner while keeping his buffers (Yu, Em and Shen) in the nearly table quarter ready to move where needed. Sadly, there were a couple of very large footprinted buildings funnelling me directly to the middle of the board, which is not where I wanted to get stuck. A very clever use of Ice Pillars from Shadow blocked my main point on entry into Shadows side of the board, so I took a detour around a church with Izamu. This meant I had to commit a lot more resources to making sure he would survive, so I sent both Yu and the Emissary to follow Izamu and make sure he could be a nuisance and do some damage in Shadows home quarter. One half of this plan worked… The Emissary sucked 3 focus off Shen Long before his disappeared around the church to draw me 3 cards to replenish my hand and give Izamu some juicy cheats. I drew 3 4’s… ‘That’s OK’, I thought, ‘it’s just less rubbish for me to flip later.’. Boy, was I wrong. Izamu charged into an Ice Dancer with 4 activations ready to go (having gotten Fast from a handy Yu push earlier in the turn), blew his Recalled Training and I promptly flipped 3 2’s in a row followed by another gamut of utter rubbish which left me a little deflated and Shadow very relieved. I think this turn perhaps dispelled the fear of what Izamu could do – but I enjoyed the set-up at least! Other than proving some useful card draw from his Focus action in turn 1 the Thunder Archer did nothing other than be a body on the pitch. This was mainly due to Team Izamu leaving him behind to score an adjacent table quarter. It got me wondering if I should have taken a Brother instead… The Tengu was quite handy, getting rid of a Breakthrough marker and popping regenerate on Izamu in the early turn (after being shot by a Acolyte) and then later on Shen Long who has taken a bit of damage from somewhere. I really like Tengu – and it helps that I have one painted! It felt like a close game – the terrain was a huge factor in my game plan (thanks, Swig!) but I feel I adapted correctly and managed to use Shen Long et al in a much more cohesive way. I wasn’t so hung up on keeping everything near Shen Long, instead prioritising who I needed where and what I would need to do to manage that. I was worried about the potential damage output from across the table but it never really felt unmanageable, as I know I had plenty of heals to draw on with Low River Style and a cheeky Regen from the Tengu when it was needed. I could see a heal-intensive crew being quite obnoxious to play against, though it’s not something I’d do myself – I’m to aggressive! We’ll be taking a break from Malifaux for a bit while we play TTB – we may post updates on that here or possibly start a new thread in the TTB forum – stay tuned!
  5. 10T! Sorry, I meant to post on Friday but I fell into a glass of wine... I do think we need more Swig style story interludes for our games!
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing the Gremlin answer to Ressers - I'm hoping it's a massive Spoon... Shadow and I will be playing the week after, and I'm currently agonizing over which faction to choose! Do I stick with 10T, return to my beloved Guild or indulge in my current flirtation with Arcanists?
  7. Little Rasputina update: I gave up on the lamp as I was building up a thick layer of paint- sometimes it's best to walk away, and vow to do a better job next time! I'm actually pretty happy with how these guys look together. I'm looking forward to finishing the transparent crew, though I worry that I'll get distracted before I reach the end!
  8. Initially it was fine, and superglue leaves a nasty residue, so I'm not sure what the answer is. Perhaps it was the brand I used or maybe it's just to be expected over time?
  9. Cheers! I've had the translucent set for a while now but not been sure how to approach Raspy and the totem. I decided to do a gradient type effect, to keep some of the translucent plastic visible. Still got some bits to finish, but really enjoyed painting this model! What I have noticed is over time the glued parts have discoloured a bit. I think I used polycement, so I'm not really surprised. It has made me decide to stick with painting aspects of the gamin and golem, but there will be a lot more transparency visible on those guys.
  10. So I should stop doing this?
  11. It's a bit cold! The lakes are freezing over here in the north west (UK), not something we're very used to!
  12. I assembled them over a few days. Gluing a bit then leaving it to thoroughly dry before trying to attach another limb. There are just a lot of contact points so they need the one thing I'm generally short on - patience!
  13. Worse. But only just. Imagine a goryo on a 30mm base scale.
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