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  1. I'm a fan! Now release him/them into my clutches! Huge improvement over the metal mess.
  2. Maybe that's the point (not saying it's a good point or idea, but possibly...) - maybe he's supposed to be a "bully" type character who picks off weak targets. Not really a needed role, unfortunately - and I can't think of many instances where he'd be my go-to for his SS cost...
  3. Hopefully a War Rabbit, as I would sort of like one XD Dark Carnival Coryphee are already announced, so I'm relatively certain we'll see the Dark Carnival set again. We'll have the remnants of the translucent/special colored crews - maybe a few extra (orange Kaeris? smoke Colette? glitter-bomb Wong? purple Crossroads 7?). Oh, and we'll see the Carver again, if he's still not out at retail by then
  4. M2E Book 4 upgrade please. Or Pariah of Fur Nightmare box, with Catgirl Alyce and Waifs
  5. Please make the pillar entirely separate from the Night Terror - while it looks fine, it really doesn't go with the basing scheme I've got going for my Rezzer models.
  6. Thanks for the unboxing. I rather like the set - the "cross" Guilty still confuses me as to how he's supposed to work, but the other two are fun (and I doubt I'd actually use 3 in-game, so no big deal). Ligeia is appropriate and Montressor is just creepy. I actually rather like the plastic Jack - he's got a twisty-turny "Now I'm free" look to him while still obviously being a very troubled soul. I'm excited to get my set - I threw it in with a few preorders though, so I'll be waiting a bit longer
  7. Nice Gremlins - a more "goblin" green than you usually see, it's a nice change of pace! Your blacks looks nice, too - keep up the good work!
  8. GenCon Freebie: Miss Matched, female Flesh Construct
  9. So hard to choose >< On one hand - Outcasts because they're a joy and Nightmare Ashes and Dust... On the other hand...potential for Nightmare Lynch and a proper horrifying Hungering Darkness...
  10. Thanks for the replies, folks! My pack from GenCon is mostly painted (save a bit of highlighting) and did their chompy duties in our RPG session Saturday night. Props to Wyrd, the models themselves got lots of compliments on being cool (and cute from our resident pet-class player, while our warlock wanted to know if he could have some as minions). Looks like my best bet is going to be utilizing them with Kirai (who I need to get...) and Datsue Ba (who's on my to-get list anyway when she releases), so that'll work. Might give 'em a shot with Yan Lo if the scheme/strategy ever calls for it.
  11. Bases are irrelevant in AoS - you can land on top of another model's base if there's physical room and there's nothing stopping you from plunking down your Dreadlord right on top of the 120mm round scenic base your opponent built for his Chaos Lord (other than, you know, common courtesy, but at that point you'll have to say "Okay, we're in range and my model is currently in the same spot as the Orc skull on your base...no that one...that one...that one...good Lord man, how many Orcs did you kill?") Pretty much don't do silly things like try to use your base to extend your combat/target ran
  12. That's primarily because KD made a killing on Kickstarter and was able to upgrade. I'd argue as to "aren't as nice looking" too, as most of the comparison images are favorable to the plastics. Additionally, the plastic shift allowed for a lot of extra bits to be added in, which comes in handy in a game where equipment is important...or for those of us who have an absurd desire to convert The dwarfs actually came out rather well in AoS, from what I can see. Just flicking through the scrolls, I don't see a lot of "I'd never use these anymore" units, and there's a fair bit of synergy
  13. Order 4395 arrived today! Woo! Got a look at it over lunch - some of the bits fell off the Komainu sprue, sadly. The packer caught the head piece that fell off, but having searched the box and bags, it appears that a foot went missing, so I'll have to fill out a bits form after work. Ah well - everything else looks great! Especially Miss Anne Thrope - great work!
  14. There are definitely a few hiccups in the rules, but it's mostly cinematic fun. My friend and I rather enjoyed ourselves with it. It's by no means a competitive experience and shouldn't be treated as such, but it's a good basic introduction to movement shenanigans, order of operations, engagement ranges, and unit interactions/synergy. Add in some of the terrain and things get to be more silly fun. It's a gateway drug to tabletop gaming - you can start it for relatively cheap and get some very pretty models. You can pretty much buy a box or two and a blister and be good to go - probably
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