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  1. *Virtually shakes hands* Remember that Sandeep is also a summoner even though his summoning is more limited than Asami's. My rationale for Sandeep being the best is that he's a summoner, and is a jack of all trades, and strong at all of them. He also has some control elements, so you can basically drop him into any objective pool and do well with him. This is exactly correct. Well said, Razhem. Every master can pull off some crazy stuff, and it takes a little time to figure out how to deal with those antics. Given all that, I don't understand why Reva has such a big target on her
  2. I don't understand it either. From my games with and against Reva, I remain unconvinced that Reva is anywhere near overpowered. Sandeep will turn out to be the strongest book 4 master (with Nellie in the top 3) - I'm open to taking a gentleman's bet on that. Exactly. When I play the Viks I generally pick out a 5" diameter circle anywhere within ~20" of one of the Viks and tell my opponent to remove all the models in that circle. Tara can drop Killjoy and a Desolation Engine out next to the enemy master on the first turn with high reliability (this is a one trick pony setup, admittedly)
  3. The Rat Engine was tested during the Book 2 open beta at least with Hamelin. I posted 2 battle reports using the Rat Engine + Infectious Melodies to deliver Killjoy with Hamelin, and there were other people who played around with it as well. Unfortunately, I can't remember whether the Rat Engine was tested with the Viks or Levy during the beta. Apparently, it just took awhile to catch on in the tournament scene, or maybe it just took awhile for everyone to become aware of how it was taking over the tournament scene.
  4. Teddy has a very nice combo with Audience with the Queen. Target a model within 6" of Teddy with Audience, then place the target in base to base with Titania while also in Teddy's melee range. Smell Fear triggers after Audience is resolved, allowing Teddy to attack. For added points, Teddy can use his push trigger to push the enemy model into base contact with a model with Pounce.
  5. This is my point. RatEngine and Leveticus are two example of post release errata to cuddle models that were PROVEN to be overpowered. The RatEngine was in nearly every Outcast list at Adepticon if I remember correctly, and Leveticus was winning a large proportion of major tournaments. However, Wyrd waited about 2 years before cuddling them to gather enough data to PROVE that they were overpowered. The same approach needs to be taken with Reva and every other newly released model.
  6. Crap. Forgot about that upgrade. But you neglected to mention all the other advice in my post, implying that the other advice is helpful? My main point with that post was to suggest that shes only been out for a short while, and there's been little to no discussion on how to deal with her. She might end up being overpowered, but it's much too early to tell. If she starts winning all major tournaments and no one can come up with any counterplay then I'll be right there with you crying "OP!" This sort of reaction happens with literally every new book, and there have been very few cases of e
  7. For what it's worth my friend just beat a Reva 9-0 in a tournament this past weekend while using a fully in theme Rasputina list. A lot of the "Reva is OP" comments smell of throwing one's hands up in the air and giving up. She's been out in a limited capacity for what? Two months? It's much too early to determine whether she's OP or not. There are many counters that aren't being mentioned in this thread. Use the corpse counters yourself (Ressurs, Maniacal Laugh especially, Levi, etc.). Remove the Corpse Counters (Hooded Rider, Mysterious Emissary, Friekorps Specialist, etc.). Shoot back
  8. I haven't tried the Primordial Magic with Titania yet, but I've gotten success with the Gorar by waiting until right before one of my important minions is about to before running towards the center of the board. The Gorar can also provide some nice support from 10" away if your crew is capable of reliably handing out Slow.
  9. This is my experience too. Roughly 90% of my games include a conversation like this: Me: I want to position this model such that it's out of line of sight of that model. Do you agree it's out of line of sight? Opponent: Sure. Me: Great, your go. Opponent: Hoffman shoves the Rail Golem 47.2 miles across the board and the Golem proceeds to obliterate the model you carefully positioned. Me: Sigh... Anyone who starts seriously arguing invisible units of measurement with you is being a TFG, and you should attempt to avoid playing with them. Some estimation of measureme
  10. I'm a professional scientist, so I feel compelled chime in here. You're mostly correct. There are a few main factors of competition in science, some of which predominate in certain settings. In academic research, the main competition is for limited capital to perform the research and pay salaries. A secondary, but not lesser form of competition, is recognition for your research. Being the first person to make a huge discovery is a massive boost to your career, so there's competition amongst scientists to make the next big discovery. This is connected to obtaining funding, because granting agen
  11. This isn't an exhaustive list or even the best models with Titania, but so far- Insidious Madnesses seem to work well, because they're great scheme runners and Titania's themed crew has lots of "Lure" effects to bring enemy models into their anti-cheat aura. Stacking "I Can Hear Them" can also make some important actions punch through. It seems that having a big beater like Teddy, Hooded Rider, or Nekima (haven't tried her yet) works well with The Queen's Champion. Titania can also keep them healed up nicely as well. I like the Mysterious Emissary a lot, because it combines area
  12. Honestly, I think it's just going to take some time and experimentation. She's not a simple master and her rules have been out for less than a month. I certainly haven't won all my games, and I'm still playing around with crew composition and combos but Titania definitely has potential.
  13. I've gotten in a number of games with Titania, and my initial conclusion is that (1) she has a completely unique playstyle in the Neverborn, (2) she's very subtle and complex, and (3) she excels at certain objective pools while being poor at others. Essentially, people haven't figured her out yet. I come from the Outcasts, where Tara is one of my main masters. Both Tara and Titania are support masters that don’t really appear to be support masters at first glance. These two masters are AP amplifiers – they can give their crew more AP than they’d normally have and mess with enemy models to redu
  14. I've been mashing F5 all morning, but that doesn't seem to be working... Really excited about all this news. The guilder program seems really cool, so I'll have to start hunting down some tournaments. Revealing all the artwork is a nice touch from a marketing standpoint, because tabletop gaming with models is visually dominated. If Wyrd can get people drooling over the artwork, they be likely to buy models made from said artwork. Also I'm really enjoying how all the Malifaux artwork is coming together in a coherent visual style. The orange trash monster things look sweet, and I love
  15. I took this photo while on vacation. I have no idea what "Tading" is, but I assume it's a front for the Ten Thunders. Also, the breach is in Flushing, NY! Confirmed everyone!!!
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