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  1. Hello, I've just got my Gweneth Maddox an noticed that the 30mm base is different than the other ones. The Base in question has a smaler lip and the the space for the inserts is at lest twice as deep. The normal "ring" on the underside is gone but the Wyrd logo is still there. Is this a new design for Malifaux or maybe a misspacked base from TOS? Best regards
  2. One question, if I purchase the crazy Cat Lady via the wyrd online shop (which I must have) will I be able to optain alt Sybelle (which I must have too) with this order? Best regards Astelan
  3. Hm, still no button for Miss Fire... would there be some kinde of clue or information if she's sold out?
  4. Great thx for episode 39 BUT... why is there no announcer-minifig yet?
  5. Ok, thanks! My main issue was the emissary, as I have to buy, build and paint him (and a bunch of mindless zombies) . Upgrade swapping should be no problem. Any advice on what to summon with "The March of the Dead"?
  6. Hello fellow ressers, today in a month, I will attend to my first malifaux tournament. My master will be Dr. McMourning (respectivly Dr. Dufresne) and as alredy mentioned I'm still missing 10 points for my list. Untill now my list consist of: McMourning -- 7ss +Evidence Tampering - 2ss +Spare Parts - 2ss Zombie Chihuahua - 2ss Flesh Construct - 6ss Nurse - 5ss Rafkin - 7ss +Decaying Aura - 2ss Rotten Belle - 5ss Sebastian - 7ss +Those Are Not Ours! - 1ss +Transfusion - 1ss My first idea would be to add the emissary, as he helps to spread poisen, deliver decent cover with the shards and produces mindless zombies for soulstones and card draw (or to summon of). Any better alternatives? What would you recommend? Best regards
  7. Is there a trick for Reva to protect her Corpse Candels, Corps Markers or Mindles Zombies from Lady Justice discard all corpse markers pulse?
  8. Hello there, as I'm a fairly new player I'd like to present my first idea for a Tara Outcast crew to you: 50ss Crew Tara -- 5ss +Obliteration Symbiote - 2ss +Dead Of Winter - 1ss +Knowledge Of Eternity - 2ss Karina - 5ss +The Faces Of Oblivion - 0ss Big Jake - 5ss Death Marshal - 6ss Hannah - 10ss The Nothing Beast - 10ss +Void Shield - 0ss Void Wretch - 4ss Void Wretch - 4ss +1 extra soulstone My idea is that Hanna and the The Nothing Beast are delivering the main hitting power to my crew and that the Wretches and Big Jake will do the scheme running. In addition Hannas Arcane Reservoir and Big Jakes Consult the Ancestors should help Karina to summon extra stuff. Maybe swap one Void Wretch for the Hodgepodge Effigy? What do you think? Solid? Total Crap? Absolutly ingenious ? Any advice would be most welcome. Until now I have purchased Taras starter, box of Death Marschals and some undead minions (Guild Autopsy + Punk Zombies) Best regards
  9. Ok, thanks for the answers so far. How many Coryphee Boxes should I purchase? Two? One for the Duett and one for single use...? What do you think of Willi (Miss Fire)?
  10. Hi there, what for inital purchase woul you recommend for a colette crew? Ok, I think the smoke & mirrors box is mandatory, no argument there But whats next? In my minde I have two ideas: No. 1 Ramos and the M & SU No. 2 Angelica, Mech Rider, Coryphee What do you think? Best regards
  11. Very nice , BUT will it be able to purchase her anywhere else than GenCon (12 h flight ist a little bit too long)???
  12. Cool, but not overwhelming. I was hoping for the Gorgon Fingers crossed for a dismounted version.
  13. Hello everybody, as I'm completely new to the world of Malifaux and I've just ordered the M2E 2 Player Starter to get started. However, as a miniature collector / addict , I could use the time untill it arrives to optain another crew - ( to convince me of the often discribed quality of the figures , or to bring the voices in my head to silence ) I looked around and I have to say that I really like the Dark Depts Crew of Jacob Lynch ( has style and is still bizarre ) . The question is whether the starter models Never Born make sense in a Lynch Crew, or not ? I 've done some research on the internet and found out, that there is a good synergy with Lilith and the Mother of Monsters Box , because all have the Nephilim attribute. However, I'm not very fond of theis master and his minions. Greetings Astelan
  14. Ok, perfect thx Time to order my first crew.
  15. Hi, I have an question regarding the bases in the take back the night crew box. I want to buy the scenic base inserts and I'm not sure which sizes I needed... Ok pretty sure, Molly and the Crooligans are on 30mm bases. But whats with the Necrotic Machine and Philip+Nanny? 40mm, 50mm? I'd like to buy the box and the bases in the same run. Hope you guys can help me. Best regards Astelan
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