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  1. Yes it was a puppet wars question. So what you are saying in the case of Pandora you would not only need to get a 4 but a 4 mask to damage her. AHH that means almost all of seamus crew you need a crow to damage them... yikes...
  2. So, I can't find this anywhere but what does suited defence do? For example pandora has a defence of 4 mask. Please help
  3. Rafkins ability Preserve bodies allows him to gain a body part counter whenever a corpse counter is discarded or sacrificed. Does Mcmourning exchange of corpse counters for body part counters count as discarding the corpse counter? Or is the keyword here "exchange"
  4. This came up today while playing with a stitched together. - Use Gamble your Life - WP vs WP duel - I lose the duel - I flip for damage against the stitched together and flip moderate damage - I cheat it down to weak The question came up was that should my opponent be the one flipping for damage if I lose Gamble your Life WP duel or since it's my ability I am flipping for damage against myself, giving me the ability to cheat it down. Thanks!
  5. I find Guardians worked really well with Lady Justice. I just put him base to base with a melee blob of guys and then when I got close enough unleashed them.
  6. This is what is pretty much what I thought. I beat him with Pandora mainly because his mission was deliver the message so he didn't really have an option on killing Pandora. Thanks everyone for the input I sent him a link to this and will help clear my headache hence I hate arguing about things.
  7. What would be considered a defensive wp test ---------- Post added at 07:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:23 PM ---------- Nevermind... you already answered that ---------- Post added at 07:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:28 PM ---------- Oh and I beat him twice.
  8. That is what I thought.... my friend went on and on. How I couldn't touch Perdita with Pandora at all. He is used to power gaming in warhammer though, so I don't blame him.
  9. I keep getting told that the box opens does not work against see the unseen....
  10. With Perdita's ability see the unseen.... Can Pandora even touch Perdita with any spell???
  11. Thanks! I guess this would be the same thing with the outcast desolation engine
  12. Here is something that came up in a game it was first time playing Lilith. Terror Tot kills something gets blood counter Terror Tot gets grow off becomes Young Nephilim Activation Ends Does this new Young Nephilim get his own activation or does it count as being the Terror Tot?
  13. Hey just joined the forum and love this game! First off someone correct me if I am posting in the right area, I am new so still navigating the site. I was just wondering if anyone could help me, I don't have the Twisting fates rulebook yet...and I can't find the Avatar Dreamer rules anywhere. 1) Is there anywhere I can see the rules online? 2) To people who have seen the rules, I have heard that he has the ability to make terrain and if so what are they? I wanted to get the terrain made and I don't know what I need. Thanks all!
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