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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve got this idea at the back of my mind for a while for the Neph crew, but the last few threads about it kind of confirm what I supposed about the good crew builds and models… Meta Nephilim crews are the Mature/Young/BBS heavy, while Lelu and Lilitu are situationally used and not well valued. Tots seem to be also in a weird spot, for a 4SS model they aren’t impressive and are outclassed by dogs for most tasks (and neither are they the MVPs of the keyword). Their only advantage is the ability to grow into something useful; but the crew has barely enough resources to grow 2 models in turn 1 and in that case the BBS into mature give both a 4SS increase and some Focused pulses. Tots cannot compete there with a 2 or 3SS increase and no further benefice for the crew than self-healing. So the idea would be increasing the cost of Lelu and Lilitu to 8SS (buffing both profiles to fit the new cost, keeping them with the same low mobility high splash damage theme but worth hiring for 8SS), and giving a second ability that remove corpses to the Tot that also give some benefice to other models or the crew. Frantic Search (50% getting 1 SS) could work or maybe a new one that gives Focused or Fast to 1 friendly model (not a pulse) for example. The benefices of the above would be creating an alternative “grow path” different from BBS -> Mature worth using and also giving tots and Lelu/Lilitu pair a bit of extra value because for only 2 corpses a tot can give some benefice to the crew, increase the net SS value in 4 and replace one of the killed twins (so they can keep their synergy going); and twins being 8SS models would be harder to kill. Thematically, Lelu and Lilitu are also described as alternative mature forms of Nephs so having them as a bit more expensive minions than Youngs is also kind of fitting with the Lore (in the sense that they really aren't Mature forms, but are also unlikely to evolve into Matures because Young/BBS give more benefices... and the few humans that discovered this were eaten XD) So what do you think? Would it be good for the crew? Would it make it too good? Would you rather models as they are now?
  2. A single terror tot is not very dangerous. However, it is different when there are many of them and armed led into battle by some of their bigger brethren.
  3. Here is something that came up in a game it was first time playing Lilith. Terror Tot kills something gets blood counter Terror Tot gets grow off becomes Young Nephilim Activation Ends Does this new Young Nephilim get his own activation or does it count as being the Terror Tot?
  4. Well my Lilith crew finally arrived and I've wasted no time in getting stuck in. After a hefty amount of cleaning, gluing, cursing (damn you Nekima's horns, why u no stay on!?) I've finally started painting. Rather than wait until they're all done to post, this will be a thread to post my Lilith crew as it grows (wink wink nod nod) painted model by painted model. For now, all I have to offer are my ickle Terror Tots - so cute you'll want to give them a hug. Something you'll immediately regret as they rip your face off and drink your blood. You were warned!
  5. Well I'm here asking yet another nooby question about Neverborn, in preparation for my crew's arrival. My question is this: Does Nekima's Nephilim Heart allow her to give a +:masks Ca to Terror Tots so it counts as an additional :masks for the casting total of Sprint? e.g. Nekima grants a nearby Tot +:masks Ca. It casts Sprint and gets a 6:rams. However because Nekima used Nephilim Heart, the tot has a :masks from his base Ca and another from Nekima, allowing it to move 10". Is this possible?
  6. Okay, so I haven't actually played Lilith yet so this may come off as a rather noobish question. I'm actually a Guild player at the moment (I know, booooooooh! Filthy humans) however as I'm also new I haven't found a Master I want to "associate" myself with just yet. I've been looking into Lilith and it's all been very appealing. The synergy, the growth (although I'm not a growth list person, at least mentally) and the models (HELLOOOOOOOOO Nekima!). I have a question of tactics though: Say I have a BBS and a Terror Tot. How viable is it to run a Tot into combat with several models and use the Shaman's Spill Black Blood spell on the Tot? My thoughts are: 1) You get blood tokens if you kill the enemy models, and one from the Tot. 2) You get to move nearby Tots to the Shaman, who has 1 or more blood tokens which they can use to evolve. This should be relatively easy, as you can use the Shaman's Blood In The Air to push the Nepehilim even closer to him, allowing them to be in a decent range for Growth or Mature. I ask as it is sacrificing a Nephilim. You can of course use the blood counter for other things, this is just what came to mind first. Is it a good idea, or a needless sacrifice of a Terror Tot?
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