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Found 11 results

  1. So I picked up my Collodi box last month and I'm gonna have my first Malifaux game this weekend. I'm really having difficulty figuring out what to do with Vasilisa. She just doesn't look that great for her points, especially once you factor in upgrades. She just seems so subpar. Am I missing something? I don't know the game so I'm sure there's so much to her that I can't see, but to me she isn't worth more than 6SS before upgrades.
  2. So whenever I play up against Guild, I am always staring down the Brutal Emissary. Last game, I decided to have Zoraida Obey the BE to cast Back in the Box on himself. I argued this effectively put him out of the game... but I need a check on this. This was my argument - going thru the ability description after I won the Obey and the Cast flips: - "Target non-Leader model is buried..." (BE is buried and leaves play). - "...Unbury the target model in Base contact with this model..." (model is currently buried - so model isn't in play) - "...or any scheme marker in LOS ..." (while buried he doesn't have LOS to anything) - "...when this model leaves play." (again model is currently buried - so model isn't in play) The BE's Back inn the Box ability is different than the Death Marshall's Pine Box - because Pine Box has specific timing rules about unburying. Specifically it says "target model is unburied with this model before this model is removed from play." The BE does't have that clause on the end. So that effectively take thes BE out for the game. It's not easy - you need two flips to pull it off. So two questions: 1) am I missing something or mis-interpreting something? 2) what would happen if someone was already in the box when the BE was Obeyed to use it on itself? Frugalbar
  3. Heyo! So, Collodi has finally been added to my arsenal - completing my collection of all the Neverborn masters. I've played a number of games with the master of puppets, and I've found myself relying on the staple Illuminated. This isn't a bad thing, as there isn't a bad thing about the Illuminated, but I already run them in my Lynch and Lucius crews. So, I'm looking to not use them as much in a third crew. Also, I'd like to run quite a themed playlist. So, I'd like to hear your thoughts on my ideas, and of course, your suggestions. Stitched Together These guys are great, for their obvious reasons with Collodi (getting those positives etc. from Collodi's My Will, etc.). But, with Vasilisa, a pair of them become quite a mobile little death unit with the combination of Twist, A Little Drink A Little Water and Obey. Incredibly maneuverable without having to use their own AP to move, means they can focus on being nasty. But what about Bunraku and Wicked Dolls? Wicked Dolls I can see the synergy with Wicked Dolls - again using the control shenanigans of Collodi and Vasilisa to pump out extra activations on the little puppets - but it seems you need at least three to make them impactful? Getting the Crow on Over The Needle could be really useful. There All Sewed Up also adds extra synergy for being controlled by Collodi and Vasilisa outside of their activations. Accomplice also lets you activate two of them consecutively if they'e in melee range, to stack up those Poison counts. Bunraku They have Armour, high defence, auto DF trigger that debuffs Ml, they have Retract (nice for Personal Puppet). They can gain Focus with a (0), the Ml attack ain't bad, and like the Wicked Dolls give out Poison. They have Snatch, which is a great ranged attack, which allows you to draw in models into the puppet bubble, and if you get the trigger, you get the free strike. They're far more resilient than Wicked Dolls, but at the same time, could drop the model into range for the Wicked Dolls to go to town on it (so there is synergy there to). Looking forward to any thoughts, suggestions.
  4. Updated 03/09: Looking for the following single models (painted or unpainted): Vasilisa, Nurse, Student of Conflict, Old Cranky Willing to PayPal
  5. If Vasilisa puts the Sewn Lips condition on Shenlong what happens when Shenlong (who's Flow Like Water makes him immune to damage caused by conditions) tries to remove it at the beginning of his activation? 1) Shenlong is immune to damage caused by conditions so he removes Sewn Lips and suffers no damage. Sewn lips does not say take 1 damage to end this condition. I think the condition ends and deals 1 damage to Shenlong which he does not take because of his immunity, but I'm not incredibly confident of this answer, but being a TT player I might just be seeing the way I want to see it. 2) Shenlong is not able to remove the condition by taking a point of damage. If you interpret it as Shenlong must take 1 damage to remove the condition, but he is immune to the damage so he cannot take the damage, so the condition cannot be removed. Sewn Lips: After succeeding, the target gains the following Condition for the rest of the game: "Sewn Lips: This model may not take Tactical Actions other than Walk. This model may end this Condition by suffering 1 damage at the start of its Activation." Flow Like Water: This model is immune to damage caused by Conditions, and may choose not to lower the value of (or end) the Focused, Poison, and Burning Conditions during the Upkeep Step.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to Malifaux and have ended up starting out with Lilith (love the nephilim) and Collodi (interesting play style). Malifaux seems to be about hiring crews based on certain objectives, but as I'm new I'm probably going to be running one build into come-what-may and see what happens. I'm having a little trouble designing my first Collodi crew, I've got an idea I'm thinking of as the 'Collodi Slingshot', but would be great to get some experienced opinions. 50ss (4ss remaining) (THE BUBBLE) - up to 17" movement (fast + pushes), central support toolbox Collodi - breathe life, strum the threads 3x Marionettes (THE SLINGSHOT) - coryphee delivery, punchy scheme runners Vasilisa - a friend to talk to Hooded Rider - retribution's eye (THE PELLET) - 16" charge, at least 20" movement (revel + friend), early mess-up-opponent-game-plan pieces 2x Coryphee Thanks!
  7. Fellow Neverborn-ers! How would Vasilisa fare as the starting henchman for a campaign? I'm toying between starting a completely new factiopn (being an Arcanists player), and I'm swinging towards Neverborn or Ressers. I only really like the Collodi and Lynch boxes though. I don't mind getting some extras as needs be, but not too fussed on the other crew boxes. So, with Vasilisa as my starting Henchman, where might be best to go? And which upgrade would be better for him? I'm struggling as I'm trying not to build around one set crew in case I get the wrong schemes out, going for more of a jack-of-all-trades thing. Many thanks in advance!
  8. I ordered the Carver over black Friday, and the sculpt looks great. Now I found a card for him in the 2010 Halloween special event pack. I know that is a version 1.5 card, and I know that no card came with the model. My question is will there be a card? Or is anyone else looking at that card and seeing if there is anything we can do to update that card. Either way I will be using that. To start as a proxy for Vasilisa...
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