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  1. So I'm amazingly ready for GenCon and spending wayyyy more money than I should. However Wyrd, need your help to really go nuts. Of the new release models... Are we expecting Ironside, Molly, Widow Weaver basically all the May and June release to be available? Is there any July releases? Or are they just catching up the May/June and preparing for the GenCon releases? I'm really hoping that the Web Store does have these sets, I have not seen virtually any of the new stuff here in Australia yet.....
  2. Well from far off distant Australia the only thing I have to say is when will you leeches take my damn money and make me pay insane US freight. Those who have read what I've written in other places know Collette is my favourite Master and that Wong is the God of Gremlins in my mind. Pretty much the box sets which define why I play Malifaux and why I love it. I also love the twisted subversiveness of the Dark Carnival. So I will simply sit by the keyboard as GenCon starts and bankrupt myself till Christmas. Thanks Wyrd, at least you actually give those of us thousands of kilometers away from the US and Europe an fair chance to get the cool awesome stuff.
  3. I'll add my opinion for what its worth. First the important context, I'm a man, I'm an old gamer and I've lived through the years of 'no girls at all are gamers' and gaming men as social pariahs to the populism of nerd/geek/comic/gaming culture. From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones and the Marvel goliath it is now at least not auto social outcast to understand gaming and comics (hell The Big Bang Theory has made it comedy chic). Now part of that is the inevitable problem where the 'old' gaming culture was made up of a lot of socially awkward boys and men who at the same time lusted after and idolised women while being abjectly terrified of them and passive aggressivley hostile. The new game culture..... well I hope it will be more inclusive, flexible and empowering for girls and boys alike, but it will not be an instant transition. Now Ferossa I do not feel your pain, I cannot as a male gamer of 30 years I feel a different pain entirely, but I think I understand it and on the broad point I totally agree and sympathise. Unfortunately my gender is comprised of humans who evolved from anceastors who thought they could drag 'mates' to caves and battle giant hairy elephants with sharp sticks; thousands of years has not really improved our evolutionary logic as 'super model culture' advertising and lingere for 10 year olds while complaining that we over sexualise young girls clearly demonstrates. In short man as a mass gender is sadly prone to stupidity and short sighted nilihilism. I am glad you are speaking out but I also hope you will be patient and understanding. Also I want to review some of your more direct points: The Missingno issue, was completely unaware of this until Justin explained it in his post, now I am aware of who Linda Lovelace was and her disturbing story. I can sympathise with Justin that he did not know this when the model was initially named, I agree it would be plain wrong to bring out a female model of any type with a name which could be connected to such a history. But the fact it does not look like it will happen should hopefully let the matter rest, mistakes can happen, and when corrected hopefully we can move on. Lust, this is a tough point, on the one hand... it's Lust pretty much being sexualised goes with the description. But I also totally understand your point that making it a her is trope, stereotype reinforcing, potentially insulting and disappointing to you and many others. A male Lust would have been nice, an androgynous Lust I think even better. But I also understand that the 'art is done' argument, hopefully when the model is released Wyrd make a real attempt to twist the image even if Lust is her. To the male/female ratio, honestly I think Malifaux is doing well here. Master wise women are well represented (its not 50/50 but its solid) with several masters which are pretty asexual to my eye (Ironsides and Sonnia promiently, I never considered either as really 'sexy'). In the non-master group its poorer but still not terrible. Body type is a tougher argument but then most of the men are not as it were the same body type as I'm guessing most male gamers have, lets face facts the violent Malifaux world would reward the physically fit, which I ain't, I certainly don't look anything like McCabe or Marcus I'll tell you that. Now the one that started it all off, the Miss Ann Thrope. The statement that a Wastrel would not dress such, here I disagree, wastrel's are neglected children who are an embarrassment to their parents and I can think of no better way than for a strapped into a whalebone corset staid 'young lady' to shock, horrify and embarrass her parents than to be theiving and mugging drooling idiot lordlings. My image is of the repressed young debutante who decides to live a life of petty (or non-petty) crime, indulgence and hedonism, almost reveling in her sexuality to the shame of her family while spitting in her social classes proverbial eye. So for me it fits, but I grant you it could have eqally been done a different way. The cosplay article, yeah now this I both totally agree with, it is horribly sexist and objectifying and to be honest I think it should not be celebrated but it is also (for both good and bad reasons) a real phenonena and very popular. Not sure what to do about that, same as I'm not sure what to do about the aforementioned super model culture but I'll freely admit to looking and being a sucker to buy the product advertised by the sexy women thus perpetuating an essentially unfair and toxic image. Ferossa and those young ladies who support you, I hope you stay in the community, I hope you continue to speak out and try to make it more inclusinve and I hope you understand that many positve moves can still be mixed with occasional horrble errors and a lot of us are really trying. And to my fellow men, do what I do, try not to look, drool and turn into morons around anyone with breasts; we are supposed to be rational, reasonable, enlightened and we want, I mean we really REALLY want as many women to play this game as we can get. I'm tired of sweaty, bearded, pasty skined cellar dwelling man-nerd domination of the hobby I love. Also please understand Ferossa's disappointment, frustration and anger that in a hobby she loves she faces some of the worst and most malignent gender stereotyping, we may not be the exact problem but I for one will try to support her calls for a solution. Peace out and if you read this whole thing I thank you for your commitment.
  4. Oh hell yeah If that model is not out by Christmas then I'm going to be sending a bloody angry letter to Santa. Me wants, me wants a lot. :+fate
  5. I've watched WarmaHordes and Malifaux and always felt Wargamergirl had the pick for the PP genre, an excellent mix of entertaining and informative; covers the details of the game and yet not weighed down with the minutae. I am really pleased to see you do a Malifaux report, its my favorite game and the battle report was your usual good and entertaining quality.
  6. Welcome, glad you are enjoying it. 1: I am using secret weapon miniatures bases for both my Marcus crew and my wife's Misaki crew. Since they are resin, I have been told that I absolutely need to pin the models to them (I guess super glue doesn't get them to stick quite as well). However, I cannot find small enough metal rods in order to pin things like my Jackalope (I removed him from the head he is sitting on) and my wife's Torakage. Any thoughts on where I could find such small rods? Plastic probably, as has been observed, does not strictly need pinning. Paperclips are a great source of thin rods if you do want to pin. 2: So I was planning on following this guide for my Marcus bases: http://fromthewarp.b...easy-to-do.html. However, secret weapon has stopped offering the brown leaves (in my opinion) the most important part of the bases. Anyone know where I could purchase some or where I could find a guide to making brown leaves (preferably with images-I am a visual person)? Don't know, I have not much to add here. 3: How much space does a single terraclips box cover? Are terraclips even worthwhile? Would it be better to just buy a playmat? Any suggestions on malifaux playmats? Terraclips have been out of production for a while, hard to find. You need at least two boxes but better three for a 3'x3' area. Mats are much better. Microart does mats, Deep-cut studios and Frontline gaming also, which work. I think I'd try a Frontline if I could. Buying a 3'x3' is great but a 4'x4' will do if you remember to reduce the actual battlefield area. 4: What is the average game lengths for 25ss and 50ss games? We were only doing a 25ss game and it still took forever (because we are very new). I am just curious as to what we should be striving for. Average length is really, really hard to say. Depends on players, experience, crews and scenario. Depends if you add in set up and pack up which is effected by location. So its a massive approximation, but I'd say 25ss is 1-2 hours and 50ss is 2 1/2-4 hours. 5: How many scheme markers can a model place per activation? I seem to recall hearing about only 1 but I can't find that anywhere and so I am pretty sure I just made that up. Many people have answered this, basically as many as you are able accounting for actions, placement restrictions and melee ranges or other factors. So probably one, occasionally two and very rarely more. 6: I was considering picking up one more crew for my wife and I to swap between just to shake things up. Any thoughts on a master that is both pretty different strategically when compared to misaki and marcus and who doesn't make games lopsided? I know the obvious pick would be Mei Fang, but I was hoping for something a little more interesting. Yeah, you seem to be looking at one more crew for you and your wife to share. Tough question because I'd like some cross synergy with the crews you already have. An interesting outlier for Marcus is Zoriada, but no cross over to Misaki. McCabe and Mei Feng both are good with Misaki, but no cross over to Marcus. For something totally different in flavor I'd look at I think Freikorps (Von Schill) as it is a shooting force and its mini's can cross into any force. Ironsides or Ramos are nice Arcanist force. Honestly if you are anything like me you'll fairly soon accumulate a lot of crews, they are not prohibitively expensive and they just.... gather? Good luck
  7. When is the Easter Wyrd sale planned to begin? Will the April releases be available for the Easter sale, inquiring minds.... well me.... want to know.
  8. The big question I have is will I manage to wait until the GenCon sale (like I usually attempt to do) in order to make a big purchase and qualify for cool extras and shinies without having to 'fill in' buy. Several models I really want: Mech Rider, Ironsides, Molly, Widow Weaver Several more I'd like Austringers, Pale Rider, Brewmaster From a 'look' perspective: Love the Oxfordian Mages, Collodi's crew is gorgeous enough to actually tempt me to buy a master I had no plans to own, Molly's crew (glad, I wants). Neutral on Mech Rider, Pale Rider, Widow Weaver and Austringer standing, Not so sold on Johan (I have the metal and Johanna anyway), Ryle, Austringer kneeling (the horror one leg super fragile raptor..) Overall pleased and looking forward to several new crews and a few new models or old metals I dislike (Mech Rider) being updated.
  9. This question is impossible to answer based on the number of potential variables, here are the critical ones I see (my primary force is Arcanist so I use examples from them): Which master/mistress; some are solid regardless but others need synergies Ironsides will do her thing in any list really but Kaeris needs burning and Ramos without constructs or Marcus without beasts would be complicated. Opponent choices are huge put a suboptimal list against a tooled to win list will be a lot more savage than a 'goofy' list vs a generic list. Schemes and strats always will effect the list choice and victory chances. What do you mean by suboptimal/goofy? You could mean something odd say Marcus with all flying beast options, which will be workable but tricky or you could mean completely left field like Kaeris with performers, ice gamin, ronin, friekorp trapper and Burt Jebson as an example where nothing makes sense and its all a collection of disparate parts. Odd but consistent is plausible but total disparity.... well you'll need more than a bit of luck. Malifaux is unusual in that it plays to the scheme/strat selection and your opponents faction over the 'all comers' list. The game specifically writes list selection in after knowing the terrain, scheme pool and opponents faction, there is sound balance reasoning for this. You'll likely have lots of fun with a goofy list if you play casual but if you hit a game I want to win vs a competitive opponent list you're likely to just get tabled in all honesty.
  10. Given my avatar on this site and across the internet I think it should be obvious. The Librarian for me is the foremost character penned by the great Sir Terry, he will be deeply missed. I loved his stories and he inspired me and I think many others. I loved Good Omens and in the Discworld The Truth, Thief of Time, Fifth Elephant are classics but Interesting Times is my favorite. RIP Terry Pratchett..... You made so much of my time so very, very interesting and I thank you. "OOOK"
  11. Kaeris was special and I really did like her render, in particular the standing sculpt. But this is Colette (and a Mannequin), my first master, the reason I started Malifaux. So..... Top hat is awesome. I'd love to see a little bit of a wry smile, coy and dangerous but given the size of the actual mini (compared to the render) this is not an issue because I would not really see it. Outfit, stance and 'look' are all solid. Flame is, meh, I'd have preferred a dove. I don't associate Colette with fire, or offense at all much really. Illusion and tricks and the flame does not capture that for me. Overall pleased, looking forward to it 8/10. Mannequin I'm more uncertain of, I understand the dance pose but it does not grab my attention. The hand blades are cool, a little Corphyee but cool, however the feet blades not so much. Overall 6.5/10. But the most important thing is... I WANTS IT, I WANTS IT NOW, NOT LATER NOW. WANTS WANTS WANTS WANTS.................
  12. A huge factor is who your opponent was and what Master they take. I've run Raspy box set plus a December Acolyte with real success but it is massively dependent of opponent for strats. I love Ice Pillars because they block LoS and I find in the Ice construct Raspy crew that is vital. Imbued Energies on the Golem is really solid. Otherwise its pretty much varied on upgrades considering my opponent and the scheme pool. So Gamin strat runners, get them up close to enemy and then I frequently aim into combat with Raspy's spells and randomize hoping for blasts (if you hit the Gamin you can make sure you get high damage and blast around him, I've blasted a Gamin twice and then had him shatter and slaughtered most of an enemy crew). The Golem throws Gamin, marches forward blocks LoS and absorbs damage, if he gets up close Ice Hulk Smash! But it is rare that he gets to. Raspy frosts stuff, its her thing simple. Wendigo I use for scheme running and if Raspy has paralyze then as a threat because my opponents don't want to see their leader eaten by a deep frozen Tasmanian devil. If you take an Acolyte then you creep around and shoot stuff while achieving schemes. This has worked for me many times. The trick I find is to not over extend, Raspy ice construct is not real fast but it is frightening once it gets up close. You need to move up and not over stretch in the first two turns then you are durable, blasty and when you die you explode once you get in close, then you win it in turn 4 and 5. This has worked for me against several opponents. This list is particularly good against horror based crews and struggles against shooting (Perdita is nasty) and super speed (Colette and Zoraida are tough). Luck
  13. Today this problem was solved. I got my mini's in the mail and in the end no harm done and very satisfied. Thank you to everyone for help/advice and thanks to Wyrd for handling this efficiently during a very busy period.
  14. I think that the most intriguing master from this perspective is Lucius; He is central to the reins of power within the Guild, he may even be holding those reins. In this fact he is potentially the most prototypical Guild, he is the power behind the throne and he runs significant aspects of Malifaux through this. He controls law making, the guild guard is heavily under his influence. He is one (if not the) of the central spiders in the Guilds web of power, influence and corruption. However it is debatable if he is even human (or remains human). It could be considered that he the cancer within the brain of the Guild, the Neverborn tumor, and that his actions are all about the subversion of the central earth origin authority in Malifaux in order to bring about its collapse, corruption and destruction. I think he plays slightly better (and has more flexibility) as Guild but he also has very powerful Neverborn utility and can (with his minion servitude) play solidly with a true mix of Guild/NB models.
  15. I brought this up a while back arguing that Wong should be an Arcanist dual faction. This was mainly because I love Arcanist's and love Wong, although the observation that the Arcanist faction has only the one dual faction was valid. I personally love the dual faction masters because done right they give at least two sometimes three or even four very different flavor crews. But I understand many people prefer the pure flavor and also the logic of Wyrd in keeping the Arcanist's to just Mei Feng. It is interesting because the Arcanists as the underground rebels and magecrafters are the faction with the most loyalty and purity (or least infiltration and flexibility depending on your perspective).
  16. Straight up agreement. Pick the master/mistress that you think the play style will suit you best. Ramos lets you play with mechanical spiders and various other steambots, his primary strat is summon a horde and overwhelm his opponent. He's a stand back summoner. Hoffman, I have not played much but my understanding is guild constructs mainly and he buffs them up, he can fight but mainly take some tough steambots move them up in a block and the 'Hoffs' power makes them hit harder and live longer. Classic support master. Mei Feng, her best play is definitely construct heavy but not as obvious, she rolls with rail workers, various gamin, spiders. She is the rail mistress and her style is speed and hitting like a freight train, she knows kung fu, uses constructs to aid her movement, can help hide constructs, uses some burning condition. A movement shenanigans melee mistress. Now the not so constructy master/mistresses, these are not as traditional. Kaeris with fire gamin, metal gamin, Joss, the Rail Golem among other things can play heavily construct if so its really about burning condition. Rasputina technically can play heavily construct with Ice gamin and golems, its really not 'construct' so much as the attack of possessed snowmen but...... Leveticus, have not played him or against him in 2E but I am aware he has a very dark hybrid zombie/construct meld schtick he can run. Collodi the Neverborn puppet master, basically wooden constructs, a little summoning, a little buffing, some condition angst and movement shenanigans in my, limited, exposure to him. My personal favorite to play is Mei Feng and I also enjoy Ramos but Arcanist faction is my main so that would be why.
  17. Another reason to consider Defensive Stance is when you have a model which does damage on a disengaging strike, especially if they have good damage and a 2" melee range and several targets inside that range. You defensive stance and then challenge your opponents to move away or attack a difficult to hit model.
  18. The first things which spring to my mind is you'd need: 1. A section to detail the Scheme and Strategies available and then which Strategies each player selected and if they are declared or secret. 2. A method to account for the card deck and cheats during duels, including soul stone use. Those are the two most important and uniquely Malifaux aspects of the game in my opinion.
  19. Also please note that in a game where the central resource are AP's it is not at all a terrible thing to in effect force your opponent to burn AP in order to get away from the Ice Golem's Smash attack while still staying inside the Icy Talon range. You'll also still get 3x Icy Talon attacks if they stay within 2 to avoid the disengage strike so in that case depending on how many times you connect you'll still be looking at anywhere from 0 to 18 (really unlikely, and no Red Joker) damage and on 3 hits with minimum damage (no Black Joker) you'll still get 9 damage. Add in the triggers and I think while its less amusingly spectacular in crushing one punch splatter fun its actually more effective.
  20. For those not already aware the Wyrd Facebook page has previewed a 3D rendering of a new Guild Peacekeeper model. They stress that it is not the final model but a hint of things to come. So good news is a Peacekeeper! Bad news is that currently it is an unknown amount of time away. Guess this is now placed somewhere on a continuum between a released model and the Loch Ness monster (or in Malifaux terms the Brewmaster box, we've all heard of it but no one has actually really seen it; we should have a Lake Brewmaster somewhere on the map)
  21. It took a little while to get a acknowledgement but if you post a packing/sales problem that should solve the problem. There is a link in the Wyrd Board Help section which leads you to a pretty simple fill in the questions template, takes about 5 mins and then you just have to be patient as a small company over a busy period searches through the clutter and gets to your problem (and patience is really not a strength I have....) As to 4 traps, yeah I imagine using them rarely, especially because casulaties mean its common for my traps to die at least. However you can and do occasionally get them all out, particularly if you start the game with a couple. My advice is find the mispack thread, fill in the form and send it off, costs you nothing and eventually you'll get your 4th trap. Better idea then letting it fester and being mad at Wyrd on those occasions that you 4 trap it and have to proxy.
  22. I told you we need a math nerd and it don't get more made to order then a person named Math..... Nice work.
  23. Add to this the Joker vaiable. A [+] means a (slightly) greater chance of flipping either Joker which can be excellent (Red) or catastrophic (Black). Furthermore as already observed the effect of the [+] is to usually place more pressure on your opponent to have to cheat first which can be used to drain their hand which is potentially an excellent advantage. The [+] could also (on a flip of near value cards of different suits) allow you to select for suit triggers more reliably, rare perhaps but useful. However the [+] cycles your deck quickly which may be bad or good and opens the possiblity of the wasted high card (the special pain of flipping two face cards on a [+] twist and thinking how useful the ignored card would be later), of course this may balance with the joy of [+] King and Ace. Finally as also already observed the higher base stat is important and at times essential in completing tasks, most especially where you are willing to cheat high and your opponents stat is also higher end. It also means that your opponent is always looking at an 'x' number disadvantage in the duel and for possible cheating which forces tough decisions. I think in the end this is an example of an impossible question to address meaningfully, Malifaux's card opposed duel mechanic presents so many variables that while you could theoretically approximate the number value of a card flip (for a given deck at a given moment in the game) its influence on other factors makes the raw number negligble as a value comparison anyway. This is one of the intriguing aspects of Malifaux's mechanics while in most games you can fairly accurately break down the value of extra dice or a dice bonus at any given moment with the opposed card duels it is a marvellously complicated and near impossible problem. I do wonder if we have a truly gifted chaos theory math prodigy in the community with say a spare year or two. If I was a math nerd I reckon this would make a marvellous PhD proposal.
  24. Really looking forward to this one folks, seems a very interesting way of arranging a campaign.
  25. I'd put in another post below the original explaining not to listen to the post above because you have it on excellent authority that the poster is a complete Muppet Alternatively yeah you could edit post and simply delete the entire content and put something like -post deleted because of mistake- as the post itself would still exist but the content which you regreted/did not want would now be gone. As an extension of this does anyone have any idea how to do a similar thing with converstations? This would be really marvellous, oh for an edit mode.... (Especially with attractive intelligent women)
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