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Found 13 results

  1. Hey all, I know these have been done a couple of times before, but I've just finished some M2E scheme cards. They are designed to be printing at 100% on A4 paper, cut, folded, and then popped into 2.5" x 3.5" card sleeves. "Classic" Rulebook schemes and strategies, (including cheatsheet): http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/CrikeymilesSchemeCards.pdf (39 MB) NEW! Gaining Grounds 2017 schemes and strategies: http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/Malifaux_GG_2017_Cards.pdf (1.3MB) EDIT (02 Jan 2014): fixed errors in the text. EDIT (04 Jan 2014): added "noted model
  2. Hey guys its McPigish here, I've done my own set of gg2017 strategy and scheme cards. Iv put the link below if any of you want to print them out yourselves -:0) https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ismgszba1wg9iq/gg2017 cards.docx?dl=0
  3. Hello Fellow forum goers, Fated, Malifaux Players, and assorted Ladies and Gentlemen: I was hoping someone could help me understand what happens in a somewhat corner scenario event: What happens if a player is required to flip, or draw, a card and they have no cards in their Fate deck and no cards in their discard pile (meaning the existing 54 cards are currently held in their Fate Hand)? To my knowledge the below crew is capable of creating this scenario:
  4. Preface: US only please I just won my first LE stat card(McCabe) today at our local tournament and I'm looking to get the ones for the masters and henchmen I play the most. I'd prefer to trade new product for the stat cards since it helps the FLGS I play at and I don't really want to be trading the LE card I got(for sentimental reasons). I may also be interested in any Arcanist, Guild, Ten Thunders, or Outcast LE cards but these are the ones I really want. I could also probably be persuaded into outright buying some. Wants: Rasputina LE Stat Card Snow Storm LE Stat Card
  5. Hi, Even though the answer is obvious that only ONE deck is allowed during game-play. I wanted to ask that if me and my opponent each chose to use two decks.. will it break game balance other than the obvious opportunity to have 2RJ 2BJ etc.... Thank you
  6. I am not the best at expressing my thoughts but I figured I would do a large post about how I think around Malifaux. This is not new or unique, or at least not to me. Malifaux has several very interesting thoughts and ideas hidden in it in such a way that might go unnoticed if you do not examine the game and actions, such as opportunity cost, activation power, “true” cost and secondary synergy. Opportunity cost: I will start with opportunity cost because it really is the item at the center of it all. To help I will use examples of models and cards. Also be aware that what you are will to pay
  7. First guild game on a long, long time (since my intro game). Was looking forward to some shooty death goodness. Ran perdita, enslaved nephilim, Frank, nino, and guardian (never used it, wanted to try it out). Against misaki with sidir and a bunch of minions, I ran protect territory and alits, entourage and vendetta and bodyguard were on the table. Somehow I only had perdita (on one wound) and guardian left after turn 2, and they died very quickly into turn 3. Unbelievable. Disappointingly, I didn't kill a single model. I kid you not. Dita couldn't even land a shot until her last activation but
  8. I just popped open my Dark Carnival box to check out the sprues and cards and noticed a couple of things: First one of my mannequins swords was broken already, I'll have to glue that up, dang those things are thin! Second the stat cards are all kinds of different sizes. The printing looks fine but they are all cut to varying sizes vertically and horizontally. Does anyone else have this problem on their cards? It makes it so the cards don't all fit into sleeves the same, some are very loose, some don't fit at all.
  9. There is a fate deck I've seen pics of but never encountered or found for purchase. It has pictures of the primary Malifaux personalities drawn on them, usually Masters. The art is lovely and I would very much like to get my hands on one. Does anyone know where they are sold, or even the deck's proper name for more efficient searching? I fully expect it to be some sort of limited run thing, possibly hand done with Eric and Nathan's own blood, but I'm borderline obsessed with finding one.
  10. Just wondering if there will be a deck with all the cards in the beta available in a physical deck for sale eventually?
  11. So I recently picked up some new Outcast models, namely the M2E versions of Vanessa, Lazarus and Killjoy. The models themselves look fine but a few things seem off. For one, the plastics look a lot darker than the other plastic kits I have; I also thought it was a little odd that Vanessa came with one of the old slotted bases. The real oddity is in the cards. Vanessa's card looks blurrier than the others and she has blonde hair in the artwork when she's clearly a brunette on the box. Killjoy's card is also clearly made of a different stock from the others and the color contrast is super da
  12. Hello, I noticed a lot of folks with laminated cards on youtube Malifaux battle reports. Where does someone get such things done?
  13. As I grow as a Malifaux player I am of course finding myself going beyond just knowing my own crew and wanting to research my opponent's stat cards. I am reminded of a recent post here where someone was dissatisfied with how quickly the rule books go out of date. He was disappointed that he had to check 3 books and the internet to be up to date. At first I discounted this as a silly complaint from someone who likely just wanted to avoid buying the rule books. But as I started going through the arduous task of this research of other crews, I realized perhaps there is a kernel of something h
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