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  1. I understand argument of him being to cheap but this makes him totally random and luck dependant. This is not a Bayou my friend
  2. I really like this week changes Lady Justice: Increased Cost by 1. Not my problem i dont like hiring other masters in crew. Abuela: Gained “Nice Shot, Dear!” oh wee i will use her on the board Queeg: Taskmaster now does less damage if near a Scheme Marker. it should be tested heavly, its this kind of buff that wasnt expected Hasta la Muerte: changed placeholder name to "¡A Por Él!" (thanks T4zz, Franchute, and Tenshi!). thank you for the change it is in right direction Sanctioned Spellcaster: Control Collar reworked so that “this model may gain @Fast and @Injured +1.” Ok it seems ok for 4SS model Death Marshal: Added a built in CROW to Pine Box. YAAAS, DM jest left my "not yet there" model list. Dashel: Call for Reinforcements can now summon multiple models. ok so he is more like others summoners now. Thats reassuring Francisco: Lowered Cost by 1, replaced Sword with Balanced Sword. He is ok now. Thank you
  3. Man please just stop you have no actual power to stop any discusion and i really dont know why you want do this. Our common goal is to make a Marshal fun to play as a whole keyword. If you think that they are in good spot that also means that you are in a good spot because if there will be any buffs for Marshals than you will be even more happy. No one wants to create OP crew, we just want to use them all not because they share a Marshal Keyword but because they are fun to play. All of them. M3e is keyword focused season which limits our choice so we must do everything to be sure that all models are usefull, because if not you will see always that some crews or no one will play keyword focused bands. I really dont want M2e situation where vast numbers of my models (and I have all guild models, few arcanist and few Outcast) never leaved the box because they didnt bring anything that other models did more for less. Please and thank you. Peace and cheers!
  4. Agree 100%. There is no consensus in our guild community that lady J is on point with current iteration. For @Michael Curran its 6 stat on sword, for others to lower stat on Decay, for me personaly its Recruiter (not sure what they bring to the table), Domadors (not able to live longer when near enemy, and thats what they want) or DM (undead trait that unables them to heal from domadors) being under the curve. Its healty to discuss ours opinions. If you dont agree and you dont want to discuss topic just vote by "Respectfull Disagree" and we will see in numbers how many people agrees or disagrees.
  5. Did you won? Did you have fun with them? They feel compeptitve?
  6. Im still not sold on theirs keyword abilites and i like when new ideas pop up and we discuss them, because sometimes their become reality (MH Bigger they are) so my 2 cents: 1. Giving them all Deadly persuit (it gives an opportunity for maintaing more mobility in this crew without spaming Concentrated action in T1, which as @trikk said and I agree 100% is boring, also it doesnt have a "towards enemy" clausule) 2. A diffrent BRAVADO: Every time this model damages an enemy model, it gains +1 shielded. Thoughts?
  7. Santiago is backline offensive peace (with all suits triggers and abillity to ignore friendly fire) with abillity too support/protect your crew, a thats all for 8SS. How do you compere them? Which model you use in family if there is no room for Santiago?
  8. Now we are going somewhere.
  9. Maybe im wrong but at the begining of closed beta there was a info that main changes will try to bake in abilities/actions that was fun and was used very often on master ups on their new core card. And in a way they did it but as normal action. And thats what bothers me she is a only model in family with this action and her 1 ap action are more important than minions. On the other hand she can do analyze and than other bonus action. yup thats true now as a crew we can easier kill very-hard-to kill specific model, in m2e she could kill 3 diffrent models with armor in one turn. So once again its "smth win smth lose" scenario. Im just sayin that I still dont know which one was more fun
  10. @Mason one question whats Wyrd plan for Nightmare Mccabe box? Ale models go to TT? Guild completely loosing this miniatures from their faction? Thx for answer
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