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  1. A very good point. She can use her defensive buff and transform to heal when she gets too beat up. Also her healing action will often help a lot considering how many mutations will be on your crew. so the trouble I have will her options in NVB, outside of the rougarou, is that you're either trading way down in value, or turning into a model that you don't get the advantges of. Basically grootslang and bandersnatch are only a good option if you hired them origianlly and they died sometime in the game, since you don't get the markers when myranda transforms and bandersnatch you have to wait until the next turn to do its best tricks. Adze is fast, but as you said super squishy, and not any more dangerous. Once again you've reminded me that the rattler doesn't suck; myranda can turn into a snake and get four inches of free movement at end of turn which could clinch a point here and there. also, yes, shrugging off stunned works the good way. Giving fast to a rougarou with candy's bonus action would work, albeit you would do it last so you have to wait until next turn to get the advantage
  2. Check out angel giraldez on YouTube, he does a series of videos on different approaches to metallics. My biggest take away ismmixing some non metallic paint into the metallic base to strengthen the color and make it take glazing over the top better
  3. couple of notes from my brief experience with the crew: myranda is good, but not as powerful in NVB as her options for transformation are not a good. She can still help as a support model with the [+] to Df duels and healing, but you can find better models for that. In keyword look at ferdinand for defensive suport or my new favorite crockett for offensive support. OOK look at Candy, she help the crew by draining resources and providing a very different vector in the crew; bonus that Cojo can throw her aura wherever you want it. Speking of mighty joe young, Cojo is crucial to the crew. His movement schenanigans and damage output are in high demand. Rougarou can do a little of the same tricks and so make a great hire (or transform option for myranda if you go with her) also as stated above they make a pretty good cerberus #3-4. at least one Will o'the wisp are going to be in most lists, they are that good. The lure is great to have as an option, ambush makes them a pretty good scheme runner, and with perfect camoflage on they become very costly to attack: can't target from 6+ away, can't be charged, if enemy walk+attacks it's at a [-]
  4. I'll be the first here to vote Dreamer, and I'm sure I won't be the last. Dreamer and chompy bits are just so iconic to the game in general, and the fluff is fantastic. In m3e the mechanics for summoning really reflect the dreamer making a victim's nighmares manifest into reality., and the kicker is that he's also a really powerful and versatile keyword so it's fun to just stomp the table with impunity
  5. In m3e my silver bullet against the Ramos spam was pandora. Handing out so many wp duels means most stuff can't cheat (also their wp suck) so they're getting pinged with damage en masse. Also handing out conditions is really easy: Suddenly the scary robots aren't much threat when you have a high terror check in their face and they're slow, stunned, etc
  6. action timing is irrelevant: the obeyed model never changes it's friendly/enemy characteristic, so when then model draws a card, it's owner draws a card
  7. it's also worth restating that laugh off only prevents the movement part of an enemy effect. If there's an effect causing your model to do an action (I.E. the false suspicion trigger on bandersnatch) it will still happen, there just won't be a movement component to it, so no walk/charge/push.
  8. This came up in m3e when lelu and lilitu re-released the last time. It works the less good way, only healing the amount of wounds one of them is lacking and only passing that amount to the other. So a lelu with one wound drinks blood, the most lilitu will get is one hp back.
  9. No one tell the guild players! That's just one more reason I'm stoked to play lucius! Just wish I could get excited to paint that crew
  10. Oh SNAP! I hadn't thought of that trick. R.a.w. that totally works for tots, dreamer, marcus, etc!
  11. I can see using lilitu for her lure and card draw, with the occational backup plan of causing a black blood splash. That said, I will always take the doppelganger over lilitu. Her defensive tech is better, her scheming is better, her ability to pivot to offense is better; and if that isn't enough her lure has my favorite trigger for a lure: reposition. Honestly this one is huge, even at only 3in. It's been my favorite trigger since 2e when it was on beckoners. It allows her to position her crew forward while still advancing herself, or to misposition an enemy and then pivot to another target. Also a 7 on a lure is very often no better than a 6, simply because of the common Df/Wp spreads: most models are Wp 4-5 so you're at advantage, with a rare few ar Wp7 in which case you probably don't target them anyhow.
  12. Well the issue I usually find with this type of play is that you opponent is going about their business and can have you come to them. None of their actions are wasted getting to your models if they want to attack you back, and if they want to instead pivot away to avoid you they have all of their resources nearby for getting away. The surprise when euripides tosses two beaters into your deployment is mitigated by getting to activate immediately, possibly with a model that can move them away from their target or debuff them. The flip side is that you're tying up a lot of points (in this case 25-29 plus stones for triggers and defense) so you're probably burning pass tokens waiting to attack as your opponent maneuvers and schemes, and by that point the target you're going for will likely now be well outside the deployment zone so the whole point of dropping something big on your opponent is lost. The same tricks can be used to guided missle something deadly towards a target, which is pretty useful sometimes, but going all in on dumping over half your crew in SS into the other team usually doesn't work out. I guess my tldr is this: when your thinking about crazy plays like this put a real crew on the other side of that table in your mind. How do they react, how would you react, what resources do they have on hand? What crews are actually going to be threatened by this, and which are going to thank you for doing them a favor?
  13. If you can find someone willing to part with a single changeling I highly recommend one (maybe two? never used more than one). It'll allow you to copy despairs influence off of pandora to give an automatic suit to a model each turn. Top picks are masks to pandora to make her df trigger automatic and make her movement triggers automatic, great for messing up turf war and claim jumps; auto crows or auto rams to baby boy to turn him into a murder machine, the beauty here is that giving him extra damage or the execute trigger allows him to pressure opponents according to their defenses. Bonus is that they are packing some good defenses to keep alive without much effort. I'll second or third or whatever the hooded rider: the mobility that he brings is unique amongst expensive beaters in our faction. Ride with me can speed your models up the board or pull them out of engagements
  14. My feeling is that turn 1 "ALPHA STRIKE" plays are a bad move. Especially in M3e where engagements happen so early anyhow. spending a lot of set up and AP putting a model or two into your opponents deployment just ruins your action efficiency, nevermind the usual concerns of being exposed and unsopported in the lions den. If you're spending any actions to facilitate that, and you opponent can just pivot to attack your models or move away and ignore them on their way to schemes, you're down in the action economy equation. The only times this could be usefull is with a model that can pretty much put itself in place unassisted and you want to play for or bluff breakthrough/power rit ie you use a long range wp attack to unbury dreamer summons, marcus sends a cerberus, zoraida send the firstmate leaping about
  15. unfortunately not possible, since she's not a beast or chimera she cannot be chimerancy-ed. The other examples are all valid though, I love the idea of borrowing something like hinamatsu's attack at a stat 7 with a [+] and the chance to onslaught!
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