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  1. I'd be happy if we get a female mature neph alt sculpt for lilitu to grow into
  2. Og m2e opinion on the bbs strat. Lucius is probably the best crew to pull this off with as it mitigates the one real downside while reaping the benefits. So from a pure resource management perspective the bbs->mature combo is worth it: you turn 2ap+2x bonus action+2x [M] into +4ss and 1-12ap of focus. The real cost to this, though, is the loss of momentum. While you're spending resources on this combo your opponant can already be attacking, scheming, etc. In a crew like nekima this can spell trouble, they work best by playing aggressively and putting the opponant on the back foot right away; but lucius and his crew are so supportive and able to reposition their ap that it doesn't come off as a detriment to their strategy. With lucius the name of the game isn't tempo, its control.
  3. I would say that it is, I'm guessing it just a matter of not owning the models and if no one local does then it doesn't come off as a must take. Reading through arcanist lists from tournaments the SS miner is everywhere, and every tactica and deep dive mentions it. I'd like that honestly, gives them mobility reminicent of foundry's walk the rails or the sorrows misery loves company from neverborn. Teleporting to enemy scheme markers means you could capitolize off of a scheme heavy enemy crew and increase their mobility without wasting ap dropping scheme markers.
  4. I'll echo the sentiment that others have over the soulstone miner. In my opinion the model is not actually too powerful, but the fact that it is a must take/can take in every crew means that something needs to be changed. Same applies to the arachnid swarm to certain degree. Having a model that is such a no brainer auto take undermines the purpose and flavor of the keyword system. As a example of this being a problem there have been a couple of instances in the recent history of magic the gathering where a card that is not particularly overpowered (by objective standards) was banned simply because it was an auto take in every deck. One in particular sounds like a similar case to SS miner: smuggler's copter. The card wasn't oppressive or format defining but because it handed the player free cards and was an artifact, it was an auto include in every standard deck. This sounds like the miner being available to every arcanist and handing you free SS all game. Eventually copter was banned, not because of a power imbalance but because it's ubiquity pushed out other choices and reduced deck diversity. EDIT: oh, also molemen and order initiates both suck and it makes marcus sad
  5. ah yeah, forgot that works that way. Still, I stand by collodi being S+ tier I'll bet your dreamer opponant was frustrated with your whole crew having focused and 3ap the whole game
  6. Honestly collodi is fully absurd. I'm surprised tournaments near you allow DMH and aren't totally dominated by the puppet crew. Between collodi's insane efficiency and hiring pool he should be totally oppressive. Never mind the bonker efficient summoning, he's also the best obey master, and one of the most defensive masters, and he buffs his crew/defuffs enemy models. Who needs to waste AP summoning stritched when you can "obey" your coryphee to charge and attack at a [+] with great triggers, or obey the enemy model while also doing 1/2/3 damage and slow with no Tn? Seriously, if you want to dominate your meta in a very un-fun way start playing the puppets
  7. 8s still win duels and pass Tn's, and by turn 3 your deck is not so thinned that an 8 doesn't still look good. My personal experience is that a flop of 8,9,10 or similar is terrible no matter what turn it is, because all those cards are 'good' (read:better than average) but removing any of them won't be useful to my card recyclers (stitched together)
  8. Yeah, it's about 4 2/3 average damage per turn, which is honestly not great for a dedicated beater, even at 6ss. It is, however, very reliable damage if you're feeding high cards just for FG and then taking a chance on the second gamble. Not crazy damage numbers, but its pretty hard for enemies to avoid...if they're in range It sounds like if you really invest in the stitched having a high impact, then they will have a high impact. Putting your ap for movement, card selection, and positional advantage towards them allows you to maximize on their one really good trick. My experience is that they aren't very impressive without support, being limited either by their need for lucid dreamed ammo or their pitiful threat range.
  9. So now I'm curious, it sounds like you were using the stitched very aggressively. Were you frequently going for GyL even without any high cards reserved for FG? How aggressively were you hunting for high cards with your lucid dreams? Did you feel like they would still be as powerfull without lucid dreaming? I'm so used to playing these in m2e where using gamble a bit more consevatively was the smart play until hitting a critical mass of summons. Now I'm thinking that using them a bit more recklessly and prioritizing them for cards may tip their balance. Looking at the numbers in the other thread about lucid dreams, it looks like a list that prioritizes deck improvement is about as good as I have experienced: LD out low cards puts your deck at about +1 by turn three. The stitched interrupt this by making you cycle high cards out-and-in instead of removing low cards, which hurts the rest of your crew. BUT from the sound of it, prioritizing the stitched with your LD may be the better strategy than trying to support the rest of your crew
  10. he has a rather commanding stature, and being the first concept teased I'm guessing new master. Definitely some big game hunter, craven from marvel comics type vibes. Maybe a Rg0-1 knife that skins off sceme markers on a trigger, and likely brutal shotgun attacks with a way to ignore defenses. Maybe bonuses against high cost models? His keyword could be foused around setting traps or getting to pull trophies (schemes) off of enemy kills. The lion pelt makes me think a game poacher from earthside coming to malifaux to hunt even deadlier prey. Well saddle up dude, we got winged demons and pigs the size of draught horses here!
  11. 1000% agree. Almost all of the complaints against zoraida (that aren't sky is falling level of hyperbole) and most of the complaints against second masters are because of this. She is one of the few and easily the best cards-positive master you can take. For the magic the gathering fans out there, she has 'wheel of fortune' stapled on her card which is insane when backing up a card hungry crew like dreamer.
  12. Looking to do a kitbash with 'the captain' from the original ironsides boxset. If anyone has one NoS message me!
  13. that's exctly what I was thinking, and actually, my limited experience with them in marcus they are even better than you think: camouflage means you cant shoot them from range or charge them, already amazing and will eat extra AP. On top of that shimmering light means if they walk attack, they're at a [-] for that flip right away! And don't forget about ambush to get extra mobility and free disengage! Very versitile support or scheme model Ok, I'm glad my suspiscions have been confirmed on the molemen, I will continue to not own the models unless something changes.
  14. I'll just dog pile onto this thread to ask what kind of mileage other marcus players are getting out of the molemen? I'm getting into marcus on the neverborn side, and they compete with some excellent options, but dont want to miss the boat if they're really good in keyword
  15. My opinion on the stitched is that the swingey nature makes them fine as is. Yes we've seen games where they wreck house, and I've had games where they suck and die becasue the cards didn't agree, Ok, so we'll apparently never agree on if the stitched need a rework; but maybe we can talk about @Ogid's original question, what would make them less of a negative experience from the opponants perspective? How about we change them to be closer to the M2E version: get rid of fiendish gamble, make gamble your life an attack action again, make the damage uncheatable 3/4/6 with no modifiers? Maybe get rid of lucid dreams across the keyword, is that the real sticking point? This would make GyL a true gamble, with the same upsides. Just drop the damage to 2/4/5? Make gamble a once per activation? It's usually used once anyhow
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