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Rotten Harvest 2019



Heya Wyrdos,

I've got an exciting painting competition to announce!

Autumn grows closer; the air is beginning to cool and the nights are growing longer. As the leaves turn color and fall, we want to celebrate this spookiest of seasons with a painting contest!

Round about the paint pot go. On the palette throw
Royal blue and blood red. Thirty-one Days of Dread;
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and paint pot bubble.

That's right, it's Rotten Harvest season! Miniatures can be submitted any time during the contest, though none will be showcased until the day voting begins. Submissions will be accepted from October 1st until midnight EST (UTC -5) on October 31st, 2019. Submissions after the cutoff date will not be accepted, no exceptions. Your entry will not be visible until voting starts. If you need to make a change upload the image again and inform @Kimberly via PM on the Wyrd forum to remove the old file.

The voting polls will open on November 4th and remain open until midnight EST (UTC -5) on November 10th. The winner will be decided by whichever entry receives the most votes. Every forum member has 1 vote. In the case of a tie, Wyrd will have an internal vote to decide the winner.

As a reminder, the miniature cannot have been displayed in any forum elsewhere on the internet or published mediums such as magazines. All contest entries will be displayed anonymously so as to give no one person an unfair advantage (this isn’t a popularity contest) and thus there can be no signatures or watermarks upon them. This includes naming the photo or file. No announcing on forums, webpage, blogs or any other type of medium about the type of miniature that you will be painting, nor concept or WIP photos.

For the complete Wyrd painting competition rules, please see the attached PDF. 



This year our theme is Ghouls and Gourds - The entry will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Undead or Ghost/Spirit model
  • Incorporate some form of Autumn gourd, like a pumpkin! 


1st Place: $150 in Wyrd webstore credit

2nd Place: $100 in Wyrd webstore credit

3rd Place: $50 in Wyrd webstore credit

1 winner will receive a prize as Staff Favorite Wyrd Model, voted on by the Wyrd Games staff!

All participants will receive a forum badge.

Painters, get your pallets and brushes ready!

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