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  1. About Bad Ju Ju: I am still waiting for my extra models to arrive so I have had a moderate amount of practice with the starter box. Initially I was pretty underwhelmed by Bad Ju Ju, but with some practice have come to rather like the big steaming pile. Here are my 2 guilders on the subject: Eternal Dixie Cup Unless the other crew has Slaughter he is a total recyclable dixie cup. Use once throw away, use again throw away etc. Although I have yet to Eternal him more than twice. That being said, since he is such a big beat stick its nice to throw him back into the action. Plus its demora
  2. Don't worry about it, plenty of other people are working on a cure for cancer. Heck for all we know maybe malifaux will wind up being the cure. So far nobody I know who plays malifaux has died of cancer... Maybe I am on to something here.
  3. Levi is all about changing your guys into SPA and SPA into abominations. Since SPA only have 3 wounds and tend to travel in a tightly packed herd, using an area affect on them would be very handy especially if you can get an alpha strike in before they get to morph. So for that the Ice Golem would work. Another way to go would be to devour (ala Hoar Cats or Cerebus) the SPA instead of killing them, that way Alyce couldn't re-vive/animate them. Of course just killing Alyce will prevent that from happening too. Having something fast that can hunt Waifs is also a good idea esp
  4. As new malifaux player who started with Zoraida, I am really looking forward to the second half of this. So far I have been using only the starter with an extra Doppleganger once in a while. So far my only real problem with playing Zoraida is the vast irritation of not having a voodoo doll totem in the starter box grrr...
  5. I love the terrain, paint jobs, tokens and scenarios! You guys really get what it is all about. Please grace us with more when you have time.
  6. It sucks that Marcus has no spells for her copy either. The argument about her lack of CA doesn't really factor in as she will be in Beast form whenever she is in melee unless you really drop the ball in that regard. The ability to heal beasts when shapechanged is almost meaningless because it is unlikely to succeed due to suit requirements in any form except sabertooth or hoarcat, in which case you need a very high ram card to pull it off. So either you get a magically gimped beast or an extra healer of beasts... Until I found out that she couldn't change into the shape of F
  7. As a potential Marcus player, this thread has been super helpful! Thanks guys
  8. Thats kind of what I was thinking, but since the Alphaed model returns to the original owner at the end of the turn it is also not unreasonable to assume that the summoned model would return to the other player as well. The idea of Sebastian summoning a hound then companioning it only to have it maul another model before he gets it under control (when he returns to his players control) is pretty amusing Of course if it doesn't return to Sebatians players control (ie it stays mine) that could represent "a bad batch of zombie puppy", with the caveat that a "a good batch" would be a fair
  9. So if I Alpha an enemy model and use it to summon something, is that model now mine? Or failing that at least mine until the alphaed summoner returns back to his faction?
  10. Well just stomp all over my jackalope parade why dont you Looks like I will need to photo shop a new Jackalope card and tell people its in the "new" errata
  11. Oops I failed to notice that Howl is a (1). Still even without Howl, I really like the suggestion of Feral + Stare Down + Alpha. You don't need a student of conflict and have more range than the shillelagh option... I just realized that a handy dandy hoppy Jackalope could also Howl for you, in addition to the above. The reason why I like the Howl is it should make a Sabertooths Roar quite effective.
  12. Hey guys, I've been lurking for a bit and have decided to jump in. Can Marcus use Howl + Feral + Alpha to control enemy Masters, assuming all appropriate duels and spells go my way? I can't see anything in the errata, rules or posts I found via search that says I can't. There are posts saying that it is ok to do this to enemy models but it seems a bit too much to do this enemy casters... That being said I REALLY want to do it them especially since most will have a WP or 4 or less... Whose your Alpha daddy!:slap: Once I have Alphaed an enemy model is ok to use them to harm themselves wi
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