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Found 11 results

  1. Hey there, if I get an SS Bonus in Shifting Loyalties, do I get to keep the unused SS? Are sold units rounded up? Plus: if , let‘s say, I sacrifice a Steam Arachnid, is it annihilated or does it flip for injuries? Thanks 4 the help!
  2. sue has a trigger on his attack that kills totems and peons if they do not discard two soulstones. my question is this i attacked a malifaux child and got the trigger. Since it is a peon can they send soulstones to negate the effects of the attack? My follow up question also is using greed against a similar model, would they be able to spend a soulstone if it was a peon/minion?
  3. Assume it is the Initiative phase player A flips a 1, player B flips a 2. Both want to spend a stone to refip. Player A must choose to spend a stone first, but I'm not sure when player B makes that choice. Which is correct? Sequence 1 Player A spends a stone to reflip. Player A flips a new card. Player B decides whether or not to spend a stone. Player B flips if they elected to. Sequence 2 Player A spends a stone to reflip. Player B decides whether or not to spend a stone. Player A flips a new card. Player B flips if they elected to. We've been using sequence 2, both player decide before either player flips, but I'm not sure that is correct.
  4. I'm looking for some models that can generate Soulstones in game for a TT crew. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is what I have so far... Misaki with Cutpurse upgrade McCabe with Glowing Saber upgrade Dismounted McCabe's Loot ability Peasents Ronin (Merc) Desperate Mercenaries (Merc) Greed (merc)
  5. This came up when I was looking over my Greed and Executioner cards. Both have an attack that requires a model to discard soulstones. am I right in thinking only masters can discard soulstones? if so this means I can target my friend's minions and always hit them for 4 dmg with Greed.
  6. Similar to other FMs and players here, my group has encountered some issues which I've figured out some fixes for. But there is one issue I'm still mulling over. To start, the issues which I've found "fixes" for (there are definitely limitations, but they generally fit with theme) Darlin Theories being unappealing due to breaking focus: Since this theory is sold as a crafting theory, the easiest fix to nuke TNs down is to take the Increase AP immuto. Since I rarely see people animating constructs or limbs in the middle of combat, there really isn't much of a problem with those spells taking 3, 4, or 5 AP. Though this doesn't fix the issue of whether or not the focus' cost is the book listing for cost, or the 25% cost of construction. Soulstones mostly being useful to non-magic users using Critical Strike: Utilize the Extra Suit immuto. This is a nice way to drop a spell's TN by 2, and it can definitely be (ab)used for more than just making soulstones useful. For example: Dabbler 1, Graverobber 1, Specialized Skill (Sorcery, Tomes), and soulstone could have a spell with the suits of TCTT. This example doesn't even have to cheat to guarantee the casting, so really if your player has a high card in their hand they could apply Extra Suit one more time. This gets you a total of -8 to TN, which allows for some powerful augmenting immutos (like four applications of Fire to get Burning +4.) The other issue with soulstones is cost, but everything in the book is supposedly as a Guild marked up value, so why not assume the same of soulstones? I imagine the listed value is how much they sell for across the Breach, but in Malifaux (especially in soulstone rich mines) I expect they are much easier/cheaper to come by as long as you don't buy them from an official Guild storefront. Now, going with the standard 25% value still doesn't quite make the full stones as efficient as dust (assuming dust doesn't get dropped in cost), so there is still more adjustment needed (but as a Fatemaster you can technically set the prices at whatever you feel like, so...) But now the issue that I'm still having. Outside of house-ruling the limitation I can't think of a way to keep a grimoire themed in its actual application. For example, if I want the players using the awarded grimoire to only be able to affect living targets, so I include the Living immuto, there is no reason for them to just not apply the immuto to something like Elemental Strike if they want to smack a construct. As stated, we can always just house-rule the thing, but I am finding it rather awkward from a RAW perspective. Any responses to my proposed FM fixes as well as ideas for my continued problem would all be appreciated.
  7. Come join Sitting Ducky and Dunni for M2e action! Join us for a Hobby day at Hypno comics! We will have paint stations set up for your mini needs. Out community has many talented artists to seek advice from. They're friendly and love helping out. We also provide piles of supplies as well. Gaming? 30 SS game boards set up to go. Need a demo to shake off the M2e dust? We'll have those too! Help build a local community for the game. Come hang out and meet some good people and hopefully make some new friends. Where: Hypno Comics 1803 E. Main St. Ventura, CA. 93003 (805) 651-9767 When: Saturday August 16, 2014 Noon-5pm
  8. When a duel is occurring between two masters (or henchman, or whenever both sides can use Soulstones), how many opportunities does each side have to change their duel total? My question derives from the somewhat unclear wording of part ( of the Strike Duel. Book 1.5 p. 40 B. Change Starting Totals or Pass. Starting with the losing model, each model may use either or both options below (Cheat Fate; Use Soulstones), in the order listed but can use each option only once. A model may choose to pass and not use either option. If both models pass changing their totals, move on to Step C below. I could give a long explanation with explanation with examples but I'll try to make my question as simple as possible: Do you only get one chance to change your total; i.e., you pass, or cheat and/or use a Soulstone and that is your final total? Or (how I learned it) can the losing model cheat, let their opponent cheat, then use a Soulstone, then let their opponent use a Soulstone?
  9. I would guess this has been covered, but I cannot find anything really related so I'm posting this to either get it clarified or to get a link to an already cleared thread. This question relates to Guild crews with Guild Hounds and to The Dreamer-crews, perhaps others that I may have missed. I know the Max Soulstone Pool is only to be considered when building a crew, during the encounter there is no maximum. But when you take Guild Hounds in a guild crew you get one bonus soulstone for each two hounds you hired. The wording reads "at the start of the encounter" but also states that "the Soulstone Pool's maximum number of Soulstones remains unchanged". So the wording "at the start" is really what makes it confusing. It could be just before it starts, or just after. The same goes for Dreamer-crews, who get one bonus soulstone per nightmare model hired, up to max 5. Wording is the same, except that the second part about maximum isn't there. Basically the question is, can you go beyond 8 stones with either of these abilities? Can you hire four hounds and save 8 stones to star the game with 10ss pool? and can the Dreamer really start the game with 13 stones?
  10. Is it possible to go over the soulstone limit for your type of encounter during a game? I ask this because I played with Colette the other day and with her powers I accumulated 9 soulstones while playing a scrap with the limit of 8 soulstones. Thanks for your support!
  11. Hey guys, I've been lurking for a bit and have decided to jump in. Can Marcus use Howl + Feral + Alpha to control enemy Masters, assuming all appropriate duels and spells go my way? I can't see anything in the errata, rules or posts I found via search that says I can't. There are posts saying that it is ok to do this to enemy models but it seems a bit too much to do this enemy casters... That being said I REALLY want to do it them especially since most will have a WP or 4 or less... Whose your Alpha daddy!:slap: Once I have Alphaed an enemy model is ok to use them to harm themselves with Strikes or Spells? Once a model is Alphaed it is considered friendly right? If so: Do I get any cards it should be able to draw? (Yes?) If it has use soul stones, it can use MY soulstones right? (Yes?)
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