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  1. In regards to score I had planned on going for six to twelve rounds. Otherwise a point for every 5 soulstones in the starting crew sounds about right, just off the top of my head. I've also been thinking about adding a Goalie Mechanic. Select one figure to be the goalie. This figure may not be moved or pushed out of the starting zone. If any enemy figure with the ball attempts to enter the starting zone the goalie may immediately make a charge on that figure. If it is in range the attack is calculated normally. Damage flips are made but no damage is done. Instead if the att
  2. Malifaux Soccer Rules The object of the game is to score points by carrying the ball into your opponent’s goal. The “Ball” is a figure that uses a 30mm base, if using random events more than one ball may be needed. The “Goal” is any non-friendly crew’s starting zone. A figure may pick up and carry the ball as it would the treasure in treasure hunt with the exception that a figure may also use a single (0) action to pick up the ball, or a (1) action to do so as well. The game board is set up as normal with the exception that no terrain may be placed less than 2” from the center. After
  3. At some point if you're doing that you may want to just have the two sets on two tables, and keep in mind the ceiling heights of the sewers... HT 2 Ceilings might pose problems to a HT 3 model.
  4. She is a master she has a boxed set coming out.
  5. Oops. Sorry Silver Chocobo, I meant for people to put a number beside their vote the 1st 2nd and 3rd Original in their opinion. If that's too complex you can just give your first choice for each field.
  6. I am wondering why Malifaux seems to be so Japan-centric with its non-European(Descended) figs. The old west had a far larger Chinese population than Japanese. Also other than Marcus himself there are no other non-Europeans represented, with the possible exception of the Ortegas which are still European descended.
  7. Overslept, so I don't have time this morning to check for anyone left on the other thread. I'll try to do it late this evening/early tomorrow when I get home but can't promise anything.
  8. Wasn't hope left in the bottom of the box?
  9. You can vote if you entered. You cannot vote for yourself.
  10. Ok Here is the voting thread. Please post your final finished entries here before Midnight the 16th. Anyone may then on the 17th post their votes for the winner. For your vote put your TOP THREE choices for each category Game Balance, Originality, Creativity, Theme and Fun. You can't vote for the same entry twice in the same category but you can vote for them in different categories. Balance 1. 2. 3. Originality 1. 2. 3. Creativity 1. 2. 3. Theme 1. 2. 3. Fun 1. 2. 3. Note: I will try to go back and add the posts from the pre
  11. I prefer a mix actually. Marshals have their uses. They are better at range and are a little bit tougher (Guild guards are good too). For my 25 point battles I've been going with Samual, 2 Witchling and 2 Marshals, and the last four points generally depends on the opponent and what I feel I need.
  12. Nah. In fact I have an "enhancement" plan for the tots. First make a log of green stuff...
  13. Nice Japache. I may end up making an actual entry thread for people to post their "final" version. Remember you also need to write up the fluff background material too. I kindo think of the game as being judged by five faction judges. Guild judges on game balance, Arcanists on Originality, Ressurectionists on Creativity, Neverborn on Theme, and Outcasts on Fun.
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